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41 Utada Hikaru - Japan

Her songs are amazing and they have a very nice feel when you listen closely. Simple and clean makes you think of the one you love the most and not wanting them to leave your side not even for a second. Sanctuary lets you escape to that safe haven that's always there but more visible when your with the one you love most. Her songs are amazing and so is her voice.

Great voice and singing skills and she has such a huge vocal range. Her talents were shown even when she was very young.

Utada Hikari is one of a kind artist. Singer, songwriter, arranger, composer, music producer/director. Her music is so unique. Her voice can be soothing and yet has an edge to it. You can see it in her performances that she is really born to perform and create music. She may not be as flashy on stage like others, but you know she really can face the music.

I love her voice and songs <3
when I feel bad I often listen to her music, it's always made me feel better :D

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42 Lata Mangeshkar - India Lata Mangeshkar - India

This list cannot be correct if lata mangeshkar is not placed at number 1. But this is possible because of the fact that we do not hear other country's music, nor do we understand the lyrics and the situations in which they were sung. So can't help it. But a voice like hers will never be heard again. I am fortunate to be living in the time when she is still with us.

God of singing lata mangeshkar is a legendary singer.
And I don't think that any one can compared with her voice and nature.
She is known as one of the popular god of Indian "sarraswati" of music.
If one is angry and listen her song he become very relaxed by melodious voice of lata mangeshkar.

No doubt if we count a voice rather then the complete music, no one can mach her. she has only the voice which makes the Indian all time Happy, and the biggest popularity in India she Get.

She is no1 in the world singer at age of 80 she can sing like a cuckoo - dev2279

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43 Ayumi Hamasaki - Japan

The Empress Of Japanese Popular Music, or J-Pop Empress for short. Utada Hikaru maybe well known around the world, but thats because she's made several appearances and music releases in the U. S. A. Ayumi on the other hand has managed to sell well over 75 million records across Asia since 1998, with 50 million of those sales coming in from Japan alone. Plus, Ayumi, like Madonna, is a savy business woman who refuses to have her image and artistry be controlled by anyone.

She may not have the best voice. But as an entertainer, she's the queen in Asia. Good songs, good style, good lyrics, grand concert, and good attitude.

The empress of Japan and Asia! She's the best singer ever! She's a wonderful person, so kind with the fans! I met Ayu in London, she went outside the hotel and she took photos with us!

She's the best singer... The queen of Japan, also Asia

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44 Inka Christie - Indonesia

Start singing from age 10, her voice never changed until now, she has got unique voice, she have been duet with Malaysian rocker star, they album very famous in both of they country

She's one of famous lady rocker in Indonesia, she has 9 album, and she is still active singing until now

Inka is good singer

She low profile actrist, nice, good looking, good moslems, has unique voice especially in high tune

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45 Alka Yagnik - India Alka Yagnik - India

Alka Yagnik is the undisputed Queen of Melody of India. She is one of the best singers of all time. A beautiful human being as well!

She has the voice of an angel. Has sung over 12000 songs to date! Her voice suits all generations of actresses 1!

Alkaji is one of the most versatile singers in the history of Bollywood. She has such beautiful voice modulation!

She made the career of most wasteful Bollywood Actresses.

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46 Jaclyn Victor - Malaysia

Super women. Just give any song.. She will deliver very well.

THE BEST EVER... But never been acknowlegde properly before..

She is gifted, she sings without even thinking. Like we breathe... Ypu don't think before you breathe..

Hope she will be known in worlwithe.. SOON!

Totally amazing and powerful voice..she should be number 1

Malaysian "Whitney Houston"..go search her on YouTube if u doubt eht I'm saying

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47 Ailee - South Korea

Seriously what is Ailee doing so far below? 47? She should be 1! I was a huge fan of Taeyeon and BoA (Both South Korean) until Ailee came along and blew me away! PLease check out her songs and covers, you'll regret it if you don't!

Ailee has a high voice. In her pre-debut days, she uploads her
Covers in YouTube. All in English. She grew in America and she debuted as singer in Korea. I love you Ailee! Hope you'll get into TOP 10! You deserve it the most.

This girl should be at number 1 spot. Fatin can't compare to the AILEE. Although her lower register aren't developed enough, she has a very developed and well-trained middle voice, has a smooth, trued head voice and is able to convey emotions of every song she sang. One of the best in Korea AND maybe Asia~

Pop Jazz R&B excellent a must listen.and she is a looker!

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48 G.NA - South Korea

She is very very beautiful and has good songs too

She's a great singer and dancer! And awesome songs!

G. NA is a talented dancer ^^ singer. She has beautiful and expressive voice that can reaches everyone's heart - Alyosha

49 Mulan Jameela - Indonesia
50 Citra Scholastika - Indonesia

She was the runner up of the biggest singing competition in Indonesia, Indonesian Idol season 6 in 2010. By the age of 17 years, she has a very jazzy sound interesting and admirable, and it's a talent from Indonesia. The first single, "Everybody Knew" tops the chart success of Indonesian music "AHSYAT" and a musical trend in Indonesia. Now introduce the second single "I Can Sure" and pioneered the go International.


Citra Scholastika is very talented singer with her unique voice... GO CITRA! We're love your Voice! Very Jazzy!

51 Sunidhi Chauhan - India Sunidhi Chauhan - India Sunidhi Chauhan is an Indian playback singer. Born in Delhi, she began performing in local gatherings at the age of four and made her career debut at the age of 13, with the film Shastra.

There is only spot on this list where Sunidhi Chauhan truly deserves to be and that is on the very top of this list. Sunidhi Chauhan gave a new face to female singing in India! The time when she started singing was the time of female singers with high-pitched, soft, quiet voices but she sticked with her voice, which was considered very different at the time. Today, singers with big, bold, deep voices are accepted in India and the credit goes to none but Sunidhi Chauhan! Mamta Sharma of the Munni Badnam Hui fame confessed in an interview that Sunidhi Chauhan is the one who paved the way for singers like her. Sunidhi Chauhan is not just a singer, she is a leader, an inspiration! There is not a kind of song that Sunidhi Chauhan is unable to sing and she has proven this through the amazing diverse kind of songs that she has sung through out her career. The most amazing fact about her is that, she is ONLY twenty eight and has been singing in the World's second largest film music industry ...more

The most versatile, most dynamic and most humblest musician! The greatest! She has totally created her own league and path in the music industry!

Sunidhi definitely deserves to be in the top 10! She is currently the best singer in Bollywood Sunidhi has the highest number of hits till date!

Sunidhi lovely face. Her voice is awesome specally halkat jawani, beedi,

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52 Ashilla Zahrantiara - Indonesia

Ashilla is the best..
Good luck ashilla, I believe you is the winner..

Ashilla is a young singer from Indonesia who can play guitar, she has a good voice, she is beautiful girl and she has a long black hair. You are the best young singer in Indonesia shilla... Hopefully a career in the music world as well as the more advanced and successful could go international. SHIVERS always proud to you...

Shilla is more than amazing. She's so pure, so funny, so cute, n multi talented... Indonesia should be proud because we have a beautiful singer like ashilla. I love you sgubby!

She's talented. she has a very good voice

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53 Yuna Zarai - Malaysia

Yuna should go top ten because she is the most talented singer in Asia.. She wrote her own song! And no she is in Europe and try to Express her music to the world!

Why she isn't number 1 or in the top 10? She is the most successful asian Indie pop singer in the US! - Ethnopop

The world adores her... what more to say

Yuna zarai is the best... I like her new song 'sparkle'2012... Don't forget to download her new song, she is the bestt

54 Gita Gutawa - Indonesia
55 Sheryn Regis - Philippines Sheryn Regis - Philippines

. . . she is the Asia's pop belter. . . she had a voice that no one can reached what she have. . . keep up the good work and god bless. . .

uncomparable belter of all time... hanip... keep up the good work.
- jeffreyangcla

Crystal is one of the precious stones on Earth, just like a crystal, her voice is really precious. No one can beats the pure talent that she is showcasing. I am definitely sure that if there would be a world competition for the best singers around the globe she could make it to the top. I give my two thumbs up for her for the amazing talent. Godbless SHERYN go...

Asia's crystal voice | crystal voice of Asia

She hits a high notes with a smile in her face.. she's the only one I've seen doing so..

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56 S Janaki - India

Undoubtedly! Also the legend lata mangeshkar! Simply have captured the listeners for the last 6 decades which is a miracle!

She can make tears rolling down on every listener's face

She is the only singer to dominate southindian film industry for more than 5 decades.S. janaki, the nightingale of south India

57 Nicky Astria - Indonesia
58 Anuradha Paudwal - India

She has the voice of an angel. Has sung over 20000 songs to date! Her voice suits all generations of actresses 1!

She is best singer

Number 1 singer

Appki jai hoo anuradha paudwal ji

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59 Hyorin - South Korea

She has an extremely powerful voice. A great example would be Hyorin's cover of Heeya. Please search it on YouTube. Her amazing voice has won my heart and sould. I've never heard a better voice. Her voice has a great range and she can offer great dancing while singing.

With her beautiful smile and great stage presence, she is easily my absolute favorite performer.

She is a member of SISTAR, a k-pop girl group.

Her voice sounds best live. Please look at her "Immortal song 2" covers. You won't regret it

She is one of the greatest Asian female singer I know from Korea.
With her powerful voice, she have covered many great English songs so that we all can judge her talent..
I think she is the second best female Korean singer after ailee.

I hope hyorin can to be winner, because the voice so good and make me scary if I hear her sing, her is mariah carey in South Korea.

Best singer of Korea hands down! she sings Hello by Adele in Fluent English!

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60 Faye Wong - China Faye Wong - China Faye Wong is a Chinese singer-songwriter and actress, often referred to as a "diva" in Chinese-language media.

She is a highly successful and influential Chinese singer-songwriter and actress who is usually referred to as a diva.
In 2000 she was recognized by Guinness World Records as the Best Selling Canto-Pop Female.
Hugely popular in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, she has also gained a large following in Japan and is to date the only C-pop artist to have performed 4 times in Tokyo's Budokan

Faye is old now, but 10 years after her last album, still no female C-pop singer - whether from China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong or the rest of the world - has come close to her popularity. This is what you call a legend.

Endlessly imitated, never bettered. That's Faye Wong.

Faye Wong and Aoi Teshima are the best female singers in Asia, Their voice is so beautiful and great. - peyman_eun

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