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101 Teresa Teng - China

Sappy, sentimental and boring. I billion fans (all Chinese) How is she or anyone else on this list above Patti Kim

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102 CL - South Korea CL - South Korea

And I'm CL,
The ONE and ONLY THE BADDEST FEMALE - blacklotus08


103 Tanya Chua - Singapore
104 Andien - Indonesia

I love her voice.. and her song's are so inspiring.. one of the best jazz singer in Indonesia

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105 Kit Chan - Singapore
106 Momo - Indonesia

Vocalist Geisha Band that currently as a hitsmaker with the Pop Mellow Genre Song. Her voice very smooth, clean like 80s Type Singer without any acrobatic voice but very melodious though.

I like her voice, she's got the charracter just like a legend after all

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107 Bae Suzy - South Korea

She has wonderful voice from South Korea...

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108 Astrid - Indonesia
109 Vina Panduwinata - Indonesia

She had a hoarse voice characteristic but tunable, she nicknamed "Si Burung Camar". At her prime she was a lot of hits that generate a lot like the teens. Beautiful songs, light but of good quality

110 Sheila Majid - Malaysia

She rules the Rock and Blues genre of music and her songs still on the air at this very moment. In radio, hotel lounges and gatherings her songs will always be selected by deejays. Her voice suits the Rock an Blues Genre perfectly and till now in my opinion I don't think any other singer are as good as her when you talk about RnB.

111 Jayanthi Mandasari - Indonesia

Mellow and sweet face with sweet, powerful and beautiful voice. She won National Teenage Singer Competition in the mid 80s

Winner The Teenager Song Competition in the late 80s, who had good looking and sweet mellow face

112 Dira Sugandi - Indonesia

With her big and high voice, every song become spectacular in her voice. Ever duo with Andrea Bocelli sing the same song that Andrea duo with Celine Dion.

113 Sharifah Aini - Malaysia
114 Puspa Dewi - Indonesia
115 Maudy Ayunda - Indonesia

Such a gorgeous singer

116 Toc Tien - Vietnam

Her voice is so beautiful, she is beautiful, her personality is great as well! One of the best singers in the Vietnamese music industry! She is from Vietnam but scored a scholarship to America for Medicinal studies! She deserves the best! Love you Toc Tien

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117 Alyah - Malaysia

- Her song "Kisah Hati' wins theBest Song Award in Planet Music Award in Singapore, last December
- With her stylish personality, her sweet voice and deliver the song very well especially on Ballad song.

118 Ita Purnamasari (Indonesia)
119 Jing Chang - Taiwan
120 Rafika Duri - Indonesia
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