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161 Shiina Ringo - Japan

look at her solo and Tokyo Jihen - ronluna

162 Syaharani - Indonesia

She come to music industry in the same period with Reza Artamevia, Krisdayanti, Denada Tambunan, However, she choose in genre that is very niche which is Jazz and she hold very strong idealistic to little bit move away from commercial aspect

Jember East Java is hometown, the city that created many amazing female singer like Emilia Contessa, Krisdayanti. Jazz is her musical soul

She has a very sexy Jazzy vocal that is very scarcity in Indonesia. She could be not as shinny as her colleague in her generation like Reza Artamevia, Denada or Krisdayanti Lemos but she has the quality that is far more elegant than them.

Jazzy Singer who come from Jember East Java has sexy voice, as well as cute face. She often represented Indonesia in European Jazz Festival with Krakatau Band Dwiky Darmawan

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163 My Tam - Vietnam

The best singer in Vietnam. She is known as a queen of V-Pop

Top female singers Vietnam

Best singer of Vietnam

My Tam is a superstar in Vietnam. She have a beautifull voice! I love her!

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164 Patti Kim - South Korea

Should be number one. Everybody else here sucks

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165 Aya Kamiki - Japan
166 Angelique Martha Pieters - Indonesia

When she performed at David Foster and Friend Show in Jakarta as a Suddent Local Guest Singer, David Foster said that he found Angel in the same way he founded Charice from Philippines.

She was a Runner up Indonesian Idol Cilik session 1 an learning vocal in Elfa Secioria Music Studio. She performed at David Foster and Friend Concert in Indonesia at 2011 together with Putri Ayu.

She was a Lead Singer When Elfas Children Group Vocal won Gold Medal In 2010 Olympiad Group Vocal in Busan, South Korea

167 Hadiqa Kiani - Pakistan

Pakistani singers are the best...

Hadiqa Kiani is the best pop musician!


168 Lala Karmela - Indonesia

Up up up... She's beautiful singer. I love her perform with her acoustic guitar. So cute.

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169 Zaneta Naomi Sutrisna - Indonesia

Zaneta along with Putri Ayu is still 13 years old, but they have a beautiful and melodious voice, they've won many vocal competitions. And after attending a David Foster and Friend 'The Hitman Returns' concert in Jakarta, zaneta will participate in a vocal competition 'Born To Sing Asia', in this competition, the winner is chosen by David Foster. And the winner of this competition are entitled to participate in David Foster concert in Las Vegas.

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170 Chihiro Onitsuka - Japan

What? 45th? Hey, she is the best singer in the world with full of emotions. She beats everyone here. Anyway, in my opinion she's the best, I love her music so much!

171 Hibari Misora - Japan
172 Kana Nishino - Japan V 1 Comment
173 Googoosh - Iran

My love for ever

She's amazing

She was the best singer in 1970s.

Proud of her...she is amazing and of course,beautiful...even though I can't understand Persian,but my grandma's an Iranian...and I've been to Googooh's live performances with granny... she is a full package...dancer & singer & actress...AWESOME...

174 Mytha Mamamia - Indonesia

She was the winner of Mamamia Song Festival held by Indosiar T.V. station. Her strength is sexy jazzy vocal typical Elfas Music School Alumni.

With cute face and sexy voice, she enter industry music after winning Mamamia Indosiar Song contest

Elfa Music School Alumnus who won Mamamia Indosiar Song Competition Sesion 1

175 New - Thailand
176 Maiya Rahman - Indonesia
177 Indah Dewi Pertiwi - Indonesia
178 Rini Wulandari - Indonesia
179 Raina - South Korea
180 Nana Kitade - Japan
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