Stacy AF6 - Malaysia


Being a great artist is not just about having an awesome voice, but also having an absolutely amazing talent in performing, especially in LIVE PERFORMANCE. Stacy managed to do both and be very very good at it. You are capturing the heart of a million by what you presented to your audience and that is what makes you a gem on the eyes of your fan. You can do like what other legends, like Michael Jackson, did.. You are on your way to a great success. Kudos to you, stacy! All the best~ love you much!

The first singer who I believe can sing and dance very well at the same time here in Malaysia. She chooses her owned genre and dare to challenge herself. She believes in what she does but still considers others opinion. She is a true performer on stage. She owns the stage and always give the best to her fans. No one else could replace her in my heart... Go STACY!

Everyone in Malaysia know Stacy. Just ask Malaysian who is the Queen Of Dance in Malaysia? , for sure the will say it was STACY ANGIE @ STACY AF6. This girl is humble, friendly to all her fans and will do the best on stage for her fans. You will not regretted it for being Stacy's number ONE fans ever!

Stacy always do the best on stage.. She never disappoint fans of each show on stage with energetic performances so small wonder STACY nominated on BEST FEMALE SINGER IN Asia I will support you till forever..

Best singer ever in Malaysia!.. She can sing dance and act multi talented!.. She work very hard to get where she is now... Keep it up Stacy!

Stacy angie the best..
Stacy make me crazy when I saw her first time..
Stacy my everything
She my heart, my dancing queen, my cutest girls..
Keep it up stacy... Love you so much..

The singer that never forget where she came from
The talent she have never been wasted always using it and give until the fullest whenever performing..
And what I like the most is she always keep trying to improve herself in whatever situation.
Stacy no one can beat you...

Really need her in Malaysia industry, multi talented, hardworking girl... She really give an effort in every song she sings.. More good music from her please.. Keep up the good work Stacy!

She so talented, sporting, good dancing and have power voice. At the same time, Stacy can sing with dancing. She is the real super star. Stacy is the best and I'm proud of Stacy Angie. She is Malaysian Pop Star. I Love STACY ANGIE! Stacy is SUPERB!

greatest singer & dancer! she is like Britney spears & Cristina aguilera.. we believe you stacy!
Keep on your energetic dance and powerful voice

She's great ma... Nobody can challenge her when Stacy perform on the stage.. What else do you need? Want to see how great she is? Just go to YouTube la... SUPERB!

Her performance is stunning and powerful.. Keep ensconce your vocal and your dancing skills Stacy!

She is the best performance female singer. Stacy not also can sing a pop or electropop song, she also can sing a ballad song. Stacy can sing a pop song and a ballad song. The very perfect female singer. She deserve at a top 1 chart female singer...

You are the best! Keep on your energetic dance and powerful voice... we believe in you Stacy!

You are the best, stacy! I will support you whenever you are... There's no one in Malaysia that can replace you in my heart... I love you!

She a good singer n dancer. So cute like her so much. Example for young youth never give up till you gain what you want. Go baby go.

She the BEST... Dancing Queen Come from Malaysia... People always said that she is cloning Agnes Monica from Indonesia.. But for it's not True... Because STACY got Her own style...

Very super dancer ever. She can sing even though she dance like crazy women. All her song I knew as well. Go stacy go!

She deserved to win at this award... She can sing and dance very well... She do not miming as another artis that top but their like to miming in their performnace.. But stacy is original in her performance.. She has a very good energy.. I love her very much.. GO STACY GO...

Love stacy, can sing, can dance, I like their dance skill, love her very very much, hope she will be winner..

Love stacy very much, real singer, she is the one and only best singer dancer in Malaysia.

she is the best.. her voice is very powerful and her dancing skill is very amazing.

she can sing and dance well.. nobody can touch her

Malaysian pop princess...

One of a kind. She's still can sing while dancing

I Love her...
She's amazing
I'm proud of her
she can SING WELL while dancing