Best Female Singer of Japan

Solo artist or leader vocal of a band, if she has a career in Japan and you think is the better, put her here.

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61 Anna Tsuchiya

love her and her voice, also her apearence is nice. love her (:
she should be at top ten

Her lyrics and voice are very touching and real! ( Not a high pitched fake voice)

More people should know her, her songs have a meaning. Give it a try people :))

Anna Tsuchiya is an amazing singer! She deserves higher place!

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62 Rie Fu

Her technique. The way she actually CAN spell English words. Her voice. - saaarsdej

63 Momoe Yamaguchi

The best Japanese female singer in the 70's

64 Aya Kamiki

Amazing voice and amazingly beautiful

65 Jyou (Exist Trace)

She has such a beautiful voice! Melodic but powerful at the same time, plus with her talent she made exist trace one of the few j-rock girl band worth mentioning

66 Kiroro

Very love it kiroro song - vlovita

67 Airi Suzuki

Very beautiful and charismatic singer with an impressive voice

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68 Mayumi Itsuwa

Time passes by, her beautiful music remind us the carefree days!

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69 Haruka Tomatsu

Not only is she the voice of Asuna from Sword Art Online, but she has a very great voice for her songs too. Yume Sekai for Sword Art Online's first ending and Courage for Sword Art Online II's second and third opening. Pretty good to know how Asuna would sound like if she ever sang.

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70 Olivia

She's so amazing! Pretty face and beautiful voice! She's cute and wild at the same time! Love her!

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71 Akino Arai

Her voice is so Calm and comforting and clear I love her!

72 Nana Kitade

She has a natural voice while most of these sound like they have a different voice.

Nana Kitade has way better voice than Nami Tamaki, Nami Needs to Practice more.

73 Megumi Nakajima

Wonderful voice. I will listen to her all my life.

I love her! Kyah! I really love the way she sung Lyra's song in Fairy Tail, ITS SO NICE!

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74 Yuki Isoya
75 Rie Tanaka

She is the singer of the the anime chobits! My favorite song by her is shiranai sora!

The voice of Lacus Clyne...the voice of a Coordinator...Fields of Hope was the song that ironically gave me hope...despite its melancholic mood. ^^

76 Miho Fukuhara

Miho Fukuhara is a very excellent singer and songwriter. She has an impressive vocal range and the best tone in Japan in my opinion. Her technique is as good as Mariah Carey. Miho Fukuhara live compared to the studio is Far more impressive today.

I SO LOVE HER! The soulful voice~ it can be soothing yet can be so powerful! She may not be that popular but once you got to hear her, you just can't get enough!

She may actually be the best!
People vote based on personality and songs they like... But if you vote basted on true vocal strength ability ans stability, then Miho beats 99% of all J-pop singers

77 Yo Hitoto

Yo Hitoto is truly a very good artist... I love her because she doesn't have to take her clothes off or sing about inappropriate things to get attention, she sticks true to her music and her music is very relaxing, creative, touching, and fun

Love her so much! Her music gets me through some tough times...

Yo Hitoto is just so beautiful and truly a good artist her songs are so touching and relaxing


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78 Kana Hanazawa
79 Seiko Matsuda

My number all-time number one.

The eternal idol of Japan

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80 Aiko
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