Alyssa Valdez (ADMU)


Alyssa Valdez... FANTASTIC... One word is enough to describe her personalities, her look, her way of playing and everything she has. Having 4 awards in one season was incredible, don't you agree? It was history when she had those awards. It is kinda hard to imagine that she is able to manage to have an amazing and incredible transition from being a admirable beach volleyball player, which is very hard to an outstanding indoor volleyball player. Her dream was simple, to be a member of the. Philippines' Women's National Volleyball Team. It is also hard to imagine a simple and humble lady studying in college to become a successful person someday while going for matches, practices and those sort of things. She manages her time amazingly. Do you think she is capable of working, studying, endorsing and playing at a same time? We'll see about that! She is not just an amazing athlete, she is also a super star, endorsing products. She is an actress. Visiting some famous T.V. shows in the ...more

Volleyball has never been much better with Alyssa Valdez playing. Her powerful spikes simply take your breath away. Moreover, her athleticism and passion is just radiating every time she gets hold of the ball. PHENOM definitely.

Alyssa Valdez your being a good leader to your team mates and being a good player in this volleyball tournament makes you to be one of the best players not only in the Philippines but also all over the world. We love you and Keep it up.

Alyssa valdez is one of the most amazing player because she have a heart of a true champion, she still play even she's hurt just to make sure her team will fight and win, she's not only a volleyball player, she's one of the din's list and also a student council, what more can you ask for.

Wow, as expected valdez got the top place. I can only think of her when you talk about volleyball. Keep it up idol

Valdez is just not the phenom but the darling of the smile and the MAYOR SPIKER of all spikers...she is simple but she would be the best...

She has proven that even though her opponents are from other country, she can still be very effective when it comes to offense.

VOLLEYBALL means ALYSSA VALDEZ. I was not a fan of volleyball then, but when I saw this girl playing I immediately fall in love for volleyball. Super love this girl. The Team captain, The best spiker, Most Valuable Player and most of all The scoring Machine. Valdez set a record for the most number of points scored in a game. She scored 35 points (31 spikes, 3 blocks and 1 service ace) in the second round elimination game against Adamson University in January 20, 2013. 35 POINTS IN A GAME! ISN'T THAT AMAZING?! NOW, WHO CAN DEFEAT THAT?

Alyssa Valdez Deserves to be the Number one Volleyball Player in The Philippines!

She is the best.. I became a fun of uaap because of this girl.. I was amaze with her every time she spikes the ball... she is really great.. how I wish I can watch her live playing volleyball...

She is a total package. Flexible, responsible and a good leader for the team. Bring more hope to us. Keep it up.. Go ADMU.

My idol my inspiration or simply called the phenom future of philippine volleyball

Valdez remember you are the best volleyball
She is genius you are the best Phenom

Ikaw na sana makita kita sa personal you have a lot of fans that you would inspire please play in shakeys v league not only in beach volleyball

When you think of volleyball, the first thing that comes out of your mind is Alyssa Valdez.

Queen eagle or queen of volleyball

'cause she's totally the phenom of philippine volleyball..

Phenom, student athlete, dean's lister, product endorser, model and student leader... That's Alyssa Valdez. Well known for her captivating smile and humility. She is truly the darling of women's volleyball. Despite of being a superstar in her own way, she remains down to earth, the reason why people from different parts of the country idolizes and love her.

Alyssa valdez deserves to be in number 1 spot, she's an inspiration to everyone b'because despite of her achievements she remains humble that's why she's a good example for all of those youth who admire her. I've been an ateneo fan since fab5 era and what they are now is their reward for being a hard working and very down to earth attitudes that's why God blessed them esp the captain, the phenom Alyssa Valdez, We love you.. We will support the team, win or lose..

Alyssa valdez are the future of our philippine womens vol.. Go alyssa..

You are the best... the one and only! We love you! You are the one in my heart!

The fame and flame for philippine volleyball spread like wildfire with alyssa valdez... There were other spectacular players ahead of her and even now but she's a real stand out and knocker... Plus that very humble character she have even with that popularity that attracts known movie, sports, political and millions of admirers not only here but abroad... A very young promising athlete and an outstanding youth model of her generation... Inside and outside of the taraflex arena... !

I like ate alyssa so much in a way she spike, and I'm happy that she is the one who represent our country, and I love her and she is my number one "IDOL"...ate alyssa is the inspiration of every filipino athlete who also represent our country, but not only that but she also the inspiration of every children who wants to be a volleyball player someday...I always supporting you ate alyssa whenever what happened but you're the one in my heart...

Simply THE BEST! She may come up against a double or even a triple block but she will still find a way... ^_^

I Love Alyssa Valdez... Because she is so humble and she is a real person... I think that she is the best player in the UAAP women's volleyball player