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61 St. Jude

I find it impossible to believe that this is ranked so low. I LOVE this song! The lyrics and the vocal performance is mind blowing. It's so different from all her previous works and its such a powerful song.

Her best vocal performance yet! For the haters who say flo is screaming, listen to this

I am a fan of FATM and I love lungs and ceremonials, especially ceremonials and I was waiting for years for new album. And yesterday I listened the st. Jude and I am really dissapointed. Songs like OIFAN, shake it out, what the water gave me, never let me go, no light no light, spectrum, DDAO, rabbit heart, blinding, cosmic love, drumming song are masterpieces! St. Jude, What kind of man, third eye and HBHBHb are not mastepieces just good songs, unfortunately!

62 Various Storms & Saints

Flo did it again! Magic song and so different! Love it! Congrats Flo!

The Flo version of Adele's Someone Like You! Great song!

63 Hiding

Great song! Even the bonus tracks are masterpieces!

64 Caught

The less special song and easy forgotten from the new album. Not a good choice.

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