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21 Einherjer
22 Skiltron Skiltron Skiltron is an Argentinian folk/power metal band formed in 2004 by Emilio Souto. While a fusion between heavy metal and celtic music is common in many parts of Europe, it is uncommon in South America, and especially in Argentina, Skiltron being pioneers of the genre.

Totally underrated band. Epic mixing of bagpipes with complex guitar solos. Definitely one of the best.

23 Mithotyn
24 Niburta

Best balcanic metal ever. :) Check out their new album. Vocals, instruments and power of their songs are killing from the first seconds! Damn good piece of music!

At least not the 'typical' folk tunes from the icy North, but from the Balcan!
Nice guitar riffs (a bit similar to Eluveitie or somethin'), catchy tunes sung in so many languages: worths listening anyway.

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25 Falconer

My favorite folk/power metal band.

Best Filk Metal band without question!
Mattias (singer) has that perfect Bard type of voice.

26 Amorphis
27 Schandmaul
28 Nordheim

These guys kick many multitudes of ass

29 In Extremo
30 Winterstorm
31 Skyforger


32 Varg

One of the most underrated folk metal bands.

33 Bucovina

Guys, Bucovina is the best folk band from Romania, and one of the best folk bands in the world!

Because of them I started to like folk metal. I would deserve at least a place in the top 10.

Bucovina is amazing

So underrated

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34 Metsatöll

There is just something in this, the band has that raw feeling, which makes it feel a little more authentic than other folk metal.

35 Suidakra Suidakra

Oh man, I don't believe! 41th? Are you crazy guys? SUIDAKRA RULES! Since The first √°lbum!

36 Trollfest
37 Svartsot
38 Heidevolk

Perfectly beautiful music! The guys' voices are sexy and the harmonies are amazing, not to mention the great instrumental component. Definitely my favorite!

Unique vocal style with two bass singers, great variation from soothing folk instrumentals to thundering anthems, well-researched mythological themes.

The best live performance I've seen in years. Absolutely amazing music, from the instrumentals to the duo'd vocals.

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39 Wilderun
40 Wolfarian
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