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1 Haro

Thanks to haro I learned how to do a bunny hop they could make them a little lighter but I really do like my haro and I can't wait to get more parts

Great bike for all levels if you pay attention to model specs. Love Haro!

That is the best bike

I've had tons of bikes in 42 years and I still ride my 24" Harp daily! Love Harp!

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2 GT GT GT Bicycles designs and manufactures road, mountain, and BMX bicycles - originally in the United States, and now as a division of Canadian conglomerate, Dorel Industries, which also markets Cannondale, Schwinn, Mongoose, IronHorse, Dyno, and RoadMaster bicycle brands; all manufactured in Asia.

I've got a gt its sick for stunts and everything

I ride a gt bump 2014 I is the best

I've rode a gt for. 3 years till it was stolen best bike I ever had light frame

Great bikes

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3 We The People

When I got my 2014 we the people Envy, I was surprised at how light it was

I've had a lot of we the people bike parts and there great!

This is the first at the top 10 lists of the best bmx brand

Love all the wethepeople products I have bought. Never broken them. Awesome lifetime warranty.
WTP is my favorite for sure.

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4 Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Bicycles is a manufacturer of high end mountain bikes based in Santa Cruz, California. They sponsor the Santa Cruz Syndicate, a downhill racing team.
5 ─░nspired

Great bike should be #1

6 Mongoose

MONGOOSE: time tested classic with a curriculum vitae to keep it solidly in the TOP TEN... not to mention its extraordinarily great value!

I have an old mongoose all chrome with the rims that have holes all around had it since 89/90, I did freestyle and racing on it..

Mongoose is the best bike. It's frame is light. It is the best bike ever in my opinion. So if you don't have a mongoose bmx bike get one now!

It's smooth ride

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7 Yeti Yeti
8 AGang

It is a good bike

9 DK

My very first freestyle bike was a DK Six Pack. I loved it. My father had gotten it for me and added some of the best parts you can for it. It was really lightweight and was perfect. Unfortunately it was in a fire and it literally melted the rims and my grandpa threw it away (Not happy). Right now I am saving up for a new one. Can't wait

Honestly the best for pro jumps. It's light and has great weight distribution.

My friend has one and he really likes it is really light and brakes work great

It is really light and you can do a lot on it

10 NS Bikes

I like your bikes man very good

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11 Snafu
12 Redline

The RL20-ii model was the best free style bike in it's day, and most nostalgic free style bike ever made. Period. There is a reason they bring so much money if you can find one nowadays.

13 FIT
14 MirraCo

I got a MirraCo Essex as my first bike, and it's not light, but not heavy. It's a good brand for beginners, especially younger beginners.

I got one now its just perfect


15 Schwinn

Awesome shoe brand

16 Premium

Nice strong and good looking

The best for ramps and tricks

17 Sunday

It's just a all round good bike

18 Subrosa

Best bikes ever

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19 Stolen Bikes
20 Giant Giant Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer that is recognized as the world's largest bicycle manufacturer.

Giant should be number 1

21 Radio
22 Cult
23 Kink
24 CCM
25 Felt
26 Thruster
27 Free Agent

Best bike I've had so far out of 100 bmx bikes I comstantly have them so when onebis done ill grab another

28 FlyBikes
29 Verde Bikes
30 United Bike Co
31 Fiend
32 Everyday

Everyday is a great bike I have one and I've had it for 3 years and it's durable I suggest you guys try it!

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33 MCS Magnum

Some of the lightest bikes in the world. Great for tricks!

34 Schwinn Bicycle Company
35 Scott Scott

Best brand ever. I own a sub cross tour, it is so darn comfortable. such a smooth ride. I really appreciate the efforts of the man who built it!

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