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1 Google Chrome

Google chrome is so fast

Very best for pc

Nice and Simple Search Engine...

Google chrome is simply perfect...

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2 Mozilla Firefox

Firefox crashes and I keep getting "Firefox Not Responding" messages.

It should be more faster

Fire fox - is user friendly - with option of more addons

Now faster and more stable

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3 Apple Safari

Real quick when server slows down. But covers a lot of space as compared to other browsers.

4 Maxthon Browser

Cool and so fast

I also like this browser

5 Opera

Every server etc. Does not work with opera. But it�'s WAY faster that chrome or any other web browser!

I have used opera it is faster than chrome its my own experienca

Opera in the latest version is so more compatable with the diffrent servises and sites
It's become a complete browser

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6 Rockmelt

One of the best Browsers... as always happen the good things just stops... no more updates and now I will have to decide between the bads one...

7 Avant Browser
8 Deepnet Explorer
9 Internet Explorer

Worse in comparison to other browsers.

I think the new version is OK

It is the best


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10 SeaMonkey Browser

The Contenders

11 Spark
12 Epic Browser
13 Vivaldi

Cool Browser

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