Best PC Web Browsers


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1 Google Chrome

Chrome is best/fastest in my opinion - TreeVainter

Google chrome is so fast

Very best for pc

Nice and Simple Search Engine...

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2 Mozilla Firefox

Its slow and takes awhile to open for me. ( Compared to other browsers) - TreeVainter

Firefox crashes and I keep getting "Firefox Not Responding" messages.

Fire fox - is user friendly - with option of more addons

It should be more faster

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3 Apple Safari

Personally don't like it - TreeVainter

Real quick when server slows down. But covers a lot of space as compared to other browsers.

4 Maxthon Browser

Cool and so fast

I also like this browser

5 Opera

The best of all

Opera is wonderful. My second favorite browser.

Every server etc. Does not work with opera. But it�'s WAY faster that chrome or any other web browser!

I have used opera it is faster than chrome its my own experienca

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6 Rockmelt

One of the best Browsers... as always happen the good things just stops... no more updates and now I will have to decide between the bads one...

7 Avant Browser
8 Deepnet Explorer
9 Internet Explorer

It works. - TreeVainter

Worse in comparison to other browsers.

I think the new version is OK

It is the best

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10 SeaMonkey Browser

The Contenders

11 Spark
12 Vivaldi

Cool Browser

13 UC Browser
14 Citrio Browser

Very much to good browse it.

15 BlueSky Browser

Published by Willpower System. Release date 9/26/2016.

16 Epic Browser
17 Firefox

My favorite Web Browser. Firefox and Mozilla Firefox are different. Firefox is Firefox Quantum, and Mozilla Firefox was before Firefox Quantum.

18 Tor Browser
19 Brave Web Browser
20 Cliqz Internet
21 Waterfox Browser
22 Pale Moon
23 Amaya Browser
24 Falkon Browser
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