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1 Made Fur You

Does not allow you to purchase a fursuit unless you are a good personal friend to the stupid makers

I love their fursuits! They have good prices and quality on their suits. They seem really nice so I'm planning on getting mine from there in a few years probably.

It's Fursuits look AWESOME! So I hope I could get mine their when I am able to get one!

I love made fur you their prices are good for me so I plan on getting mine from there soon

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2 Don't Hug Cacti

I have a DHC fursuit made in 2015. The entire suit is comfortable and fits well. It is durable and very nice looking to boot. I have worn suits from other makers, and my DHC is the best in terms of ventilation and field of vision.

Don't Hug Cacti has a great outside, but a horrible inside. Just because they are popular and have a good reputation that doesn't mean they are the perfect company to look up to. Many customers complained of getting headaches from wearing the fursuits. Some of the glue still sticks on the inside. They are very snappy to their customers.

I heard that DHC has an absolutely TERRIBLE Fursuit quality. Like they are to small or to loose, they have holes and seams popping, and tons of other bad things...

I was looking into getting a fur suit so I came here and I absolutely love them can't wait to order

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3 Beetlecat

Looks the best

This suit maker is PERFECT

Cute suits I am actually looking for a fur suit myself

She is awesome; easily the best I have ever seen.

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4 Furr Happens


Bought a fursuit head from them wayy back in the day... 2005! It's still gorgeous and only needed repairs when I shared it at a party and people abused it. The airbrushed face highlights and colors did fade after 3-4 years... but were easily touched up

Just has a warm stop in my heart. - RixouCoyote

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5 Beastcub Creations

The suits are beautiful!

Beastcub is really cool, she's how I found out about fursuits.

I love beastcub's work! A bit pricey, but beautiful work,

Really amazing! Just wow! - RixouCoyote

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These are some of the most artistic and durable suits out there. My friend has owned one for years and the quality is really top notch. The heads look great and are super comfortable. I will be coming to them next opening

I LOVE their work. Up close and in person their suits are gorgeous!

Their customer service and quality is some of the best out there. A big name and stands behind their work!

I just really like these suits. - RixouCoyote

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7 Kilcodo Costumes

There the cheapest ones I could find

Very cute suits for a reasonable price. Incredibly durable and great sewing.

Cute, strong, fair price, durability, in my opinion they have it all, but it's just my first fursuit

I LUUUV their style!

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8 Stuffed Panda Studios

So much choosing to do! I just browsed on their site and this is the person I want to commission!

Looks the best

Very cute realistic suits! - RixouCoyote

Theese suits look amazing and the part she wrote about her suits is very reassuring

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9 Kodimade

Adorable cute toony suits! - RixouCoyote

One word decription :adorable X3

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10 PhoenixWolfSuits

Super good
Love the outfits because if this I'm now my fursona! I love it so much!

Definitely my dream maker, their suits are the best!

Phoenix is very nice and a wonderful maker. They definitely have more patience than Jax from, however they seem to be in an artistic freedom stage of making suits. That's not bad at all, but from what I heard, they pick whom they want to make a suit for, depending on color and the design as well. But customer service is good, just stick to business and don't annoy her with personal inquires. Especially since she hasn't been feeling good lately -@TovahsTricks from Twitter, Sep. 4, 2017. Rating, 5/5.

I love their style, its very creative and original! :D

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11 More Fur Less

I just checked out this website. It it so far in my opinion the best website/fursuit makers ever!

I just adore looking at the website alone! They seem to be the best ones out there: very friendly; flexible options; decent prices seeing as its FURSUITS we're talking about. I'll definitely be getting one when I can.

One of the few makers that I can pick out from a crowd in a heartbeat from style alone- but they don't have a case of same face syndrome either! I'm looking to get my suit made from them!

I love the style of their fursuits! I also love the fact that you can send in a drawing of your own character and send it to them! They are extremely expensive though. the full suits are around 4,500 dollars. But they are very durable and well made.

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12 Mischief Makers Fursuits

Rudest people EVER! Before an unforgiving altercation, reference design was acceptable but then made false allegations with no documented proof and started to snap for no reason just because of a question regarding concerns if a design was a little complicated. Revoked commissions and banned me. People say they are greatest people to work with, hell no! And for the person who said to stfu, EF U!

I wouldn't order from this company because they are very rude to there customers! I tried to order a partial fursuit from them once and they turned me down. They refused to make a partial fursuit for me. I keep changing the order on them and they still would not take what I want to order from them. Sure they make cute suits but not really good on service if you ask me.

I Love everything about mischief makers, except for the fact that their paws aren't big and puffy. If I were to get a fur suit it had to meet that certain requirement.

I highly recommend! They're so sweet to their customers is unbelievable! The suits have a very high quality and they're simply adorable!

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13 Autumn Fallings

There suits are beautiful but hearing there customer service reviews revealed that they need to up there game with there well...customer service..! I do understand that it can be pressurising making a fursuit but it would be nice if they were slightly kinder? ♡

A bit expensive but otherwise my favorite fursuit maker. I planning on getting a suit from them!

No one is actually looking at the inside of the maker... They're really disappointing with customer service.

AutumnFallings is just like Don't Hug Cacti. I recently tried to ask them about their payment plans because they specified by saying that they would only do full-upfront payments. They were absolutely rude and harsh towards me, especially their "mascot" Havik. Completely horrible service to future customers, and just a complete scam. Be warned.

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14 SkyproFursuits

Best fursuit makers ever!

Amazing work, Takes Time But the end result is worth the while!

They suits are absolutely amazing! And I love how they design Dutch angel dragons


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15 Fur the Win Studios

An amazing maker is been a great customer treat

Got a partial from em, the head was a tiny loose and they repaired it freely and fast (because they have a 1 year warranty). It was really great because they paid for the return shipping and the original shipping was free too. My head is perfect now and I got fast responses when I had questions. Totally recommend


Amazing customer service and amazing suits.

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16 AlieTheKitsune

I just love this person's suits. Just because she isn't famous doesn't mean she is not good. - RixouCoyote

Her suits look so cool

I love her suits! I'm planning to buy one soon!

17 Fursuit Enterprise

Their aesthetic is so nice! I love how their suits look!

I wish I had the money for their full suits! Their shrimp tails look adorable and my fursona is a shrimp wolf!

The prices are very affordable, but it is not the style I am looking for. However, I would recommend this to anyone who would like the style.

Love the style! The prices are amazing and affordable, I think it should be higher priced since it's very well made.

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18 Lazy Lion Fursuits

They look awesome!

Cheeper than normal fursuits

I've seen her fursuits all I'll I can say is I'm astonished by her quality and prices

They ripoff other makers.

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19 LavaFox

LavaFox's fursuits are unique. Many features in the fursuit is much different from other ones: the eyes are slanted, as they are slightly larger and normally contain bright colors and big eyelashes. The snout is longer, and the expression seems more realistic and mood less. The original design is beautifully done. The fursuits have really good quality and are perfect for younger furs. LavaFox only makes partial suits, which means she only makes the head, paws, and tail. The prices are sold on websites and are unofficial, making them very cheap.

I personally don't like their style as, in my opinion, they look a little rushed and messy, but I have tried a friends head on and it's so god darn comfy!

I honestly don't like them. They have no uniqueness in their markings. They always remake the same ones which makes buyers outraged that their own fursona is being sold to a random stranger.

My friend has one there very comfortable! I may get one soon

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20 Sycho Creations

She's so friendly. Her suits are great for a starter, and extreamly affordable ranging from $80-$120 starting prices!

I don't know her can someone give me a link to a commission page for her - Blaze_The_Furry_Hyena


Ugly fursuit, can’t communicate with anyone not even by email. Why is it in the top tens? It looks like cheap fursuit made by a beginner.

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21 FUN furrys

Scammed me out of $2500 for a fullsuit. They should not be on this list at all! Very unhappy that it's listed here!

I tried to reserve a fursuit from them before and they were so rude! Do not recommend.

No way, horrible service and quality is poor

Thrilled with our fursuits always from FUN furrys!

22 Lemonbrat

I’ve submitted a quote for a partial to them. They look very professional at their job and their fursuits are amazing! - SilverstreamSucks

She's makes the beat,s fur suite,s

Amazing quality, could respond faster but over-all fantastic

They have everything!

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23 Beauty of the Bass

Horrifically beautiful fursuit! Love her work!

Suits are freakishly beautiful. I love the detail! Hope to get one, they are a really good price!

Gorgeous suits with a mischievous look to them! Like badass? Definitely recommend!

Why isn't this higher..? I mean think about it, Beauty of the Bass creations put a working speaker in a fursuit.

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24 Clockwork Creature

Definitely getting a suit from here they make quality suits for good prices

Best realistic fursuit maker. Definitely buy from Clockwork Creature if you like realistic suits

I was lovingly accosted at Clockwork Alchemy Con in 2015 by the Krampus Suited Character made by Clockwork Creature and loved every second. The quality and craftmanship is exquisite. I highly recommend them!

Definitely one of my favourite fursuit makers their suits pretty much made me fall in love with realistic fursuits.their suits capture every detail of the animal and all the suits are different and unique.Their site has a fursuit estimator which won't be accurate but it's something very useful and haven't seen on many other company sites. The only thing is their fursuits are very pricey but are worth it for the end product.

25 One Fur All Studios

Love there style! and they are one of my favorite makers!

Takes a really long time and unresponsive, do not recommend

One Fur All Studios makes such cute fursuits and some of the best follow me eyes.

One Fur all Studios has the best suits,Great follow me eyes,They work so hard to make your suit and plus their suits are so goood and its obvious that they worked so hard on it for you so you can wear it for a long time


Amazing suits but pretty pricey

Beautifully executed

27 Raniewolf Fursuit

They shut down, sadly.

Cheaper than most makers


28 Sunny Valley Creations

Everything SVC makes is AMAZING! From the heads to the bodysuits to the feetpaws! I will definitely be commissioning them for my suit!


Amazing quality and I love their style! I hope to get a fursuit from them when they re open for commissions! :D

29 The Phoenix Nest

Great Quality! But Very Expensive...

30 Tsebresos

No seams and beautiful communication



31 SparkyCanDo

Sparky is the bomb look up "Lumunix" and a fursuit will pop up, it looks amazing

so good!

Expensive but SparkyCanDo make some of the most amazing fursuits I have ever seen

Super expensive.

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32 Ya Boy Luke Suits


They make amazing suits! They nailed the hard concept of angel dragons! They are a Canadian fursuit company! CHEAP PRICES! Great quality! They don't make full digitigrade suits on commission yet... But they have parts, partial suit, plantigrade full suits, and heads!

I wouldn't agree about the D.AD.s though. Good though. snout too small but," Hey, it still looks cool! "

33 That's Furred Up!

I have never bought a fursuit from them but from seeing the pictures and reviews they have beautiful suits with a very nice cartoony style and in my opinion they have reasonable prices!

34 Juicysuits
35 Kaiborg Studios

They look cool but too much $$$

If you have a lot of money and your character/fursona is a cyborg or robot. This is the fursuit maker for you!

Kai The Cyborg is probably the maker's fursona

36 Fur It Up

Its wayyy to pricey


Awesome toony and realistic styles, many positive reviews, I would gladly throw money their way for one of these suits!


37 Made by Muttmix

I think that they are super cute and at pretty good prices. Most of the characters look like they have big chubby cheeks.

Great quality in her suits! I had bought a pair of handpaws from them I just love them they are amazing!

38 StormFire Studios

StormFire can make some pretty cartoony to very sexy, and has a very nice style.

Awesome work. Very high quality.

Their suits are awesome

39 Ruffled Designs

I was planning on getting something from them, but I changed my mind to Autumn Fallings. If you look at the back of their heads, you can see where the fur on the neck stops. That looks kind of sloppy if you ask me. This is why I think Autumn Fallings is a much better option that Ruffled Designs. Other than that, they have Outstanding designs

The perfect quality and cutest design! Definitely getting a suit from them.

These people are AMAZING

Absolutely beautiful suits and flawless digi legs! love them so much!

40 CFF Costumes

Prices are really good and they are amazing suits!

AMAZING WORK! And super low prices!

41 Sharpe

Tried buying a product from them and was very disappointed. Was told multiple times it was either sent or on it's way. I ordered it a couple months before an event and let them know about it. They said they would accommodate as the item was ready to be shipped at the time I bought it. I asked multiple times if it had been sent, up until two days before the event. It had not left her house. I will say she was very professional and prompt with the refund, though.

Absolutely amazing suits. They come with so many different options and for not much money. Worth every penny!

Her suits are the best! I've seen her do amazing realistic suits and adorable cartoonish suits as well! She can easily be found on FA (

42 Kemosuki

Cute and kinda unique! I love the colors of them.

Absolutely adorable!

43 Blue-Fox-Fursuits

I have not bought a suit from them, but I hope to soon! They are amazing quality, reasonably priced and even have adoptable characters! I hope to buy from them soon!

Very cheap suits, and amazing quality!

I'm saving up for a full-suit from them!
their suits are cheap, cute, and look amazing!

44 Koshka Fursuits

Really good quality fursuits. They work fast but always keeping the good quality. Also they provide payment plans and one year warranty on their suits! - goatmew

My friend got a fursuit from them and it's amazing! I can't wait to get something from them when they open commissions again, - LollaBun

Really cute toony suits! - MikeStuff

45 Northshore Mascots

They have many positive reviews, have a fair price, and have a clean style. Please commission her!

46 Made by Mercury

Amazing and well crafted suits ( based in the UK! ) They should be noticed more!

I wanna get a kigu here. And sushi. And a zebra meat... 0.o

47 Hidden Treasury

One of my favourite fur suitors. Can make anything realistic, toony anything lots of talent

48 The Critter Factory

Slightly less known but superior quality suits! Recently reopened with new staff and faster turn-around times.

If you want a amazing fursuit, at a good price check Critter Factory out, definitely going to buy one from here

49 Macaronihart

I ordered a base from them on etsy, they made up exuses yet on there instagram they are finishing other bases left and right, then saying that they started on it, and would send wips but they never did! This went for 5 months and I gave up for they knew it was for a little kid and we were on a time limit, so I bought a lavafox (Recommend lavafox! ) for the con I was waiting for and am so angry at them, do not reccommend Macaronihart, they kept lying :( Also did it to one of my friends and they got it in really bad condition and not as quality as promised it looked as if it was rushed to get done.

50 Omegapaw

It's a fursuit french builder and I really love his toony style, I want a fursuit of him, and I'm french ^^

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