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1 Made Fur You

Some people on here say that the prices are too high, but I disagree. I browsed through many professional fursuit creators and Made Fur You had the lowest prices. Their fursuits are great, have good quality, and they are the perfect company to look up to if you want a fursuit.

I love made fur you they make some of the most amazing suits I've ever seen and I can't wait for the day I get my first fursuit because it will definitely be from them

Made fur you is a good website. But the prices are too high. Maybe they can make the prices a little lower the head cost too much and I really want a fursuit

Fur is it so fluffy and I'm only 8 years old I would like a fox head tail and some. Paws

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2 Don't Hug Cacti

Don't Hug Cacti has a great outside, but a horrible inside. Just because they are popular and have a good reputation that doesn't mean they are the perfect company to look up to. Many customers complained of getting headaches from wearing the fursuits. Some of the glue still sticks on the inside. They are very snappy to their customers.

I heard that DHC has an absolutely TERRIBLE Fursuit quality. Like they are to small or to loose, they have holes and seams popping, and tons of other bad things...

Don't hug cacti is a great maker. They're very kind to their customers but if you nit pick or agro them they'll be "snappy" supposedly. Plus, the quality is great, quality takes time.

U said they were snappy to their customers... so don't hug the Don't hug cacti peeps... bad pun.-.

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3 Beetlecat

She is awesome; easily the best I have ever seen.

Cute suits I am actually looking for a fur suit myself

Amazing realistic suits! - RixouCoyote

Love it so much

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4 Furr Happens

Bought a fursuit head from them wayy back in the day... 2005! It's still gorgeous and only needed repairs when I shared it at a party and people abused it. The airbrushed face highlights and colors did fade after 3-4 years... but were easily touched up

Just has a warm stop in my heart. - RixouCoyote

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5 Beastcub Creations

I love beastcub's work! A bit pricey, but beautiful work,

Really amazing! Just wow! - RixouCoyote

The absolute best.

They are cool

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These are some of the most artistic and durable suits out there. My friend has owned one for years and the quality is really top notch. The heads look great and are super comfortable. I will be coming to them next opening

I LOVE their work. Up close and in person their suits are gorgeous!

Their customer service and quality is some of the best out there. A big name and stands behind their work!

They are awesome but there all close:(

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7 Kilcodo Costumes

Super Cute! + Super Cheap! = Happy Me.

Adorable! Just so cute! - RixouCoyote

There prices are low they are awesome quality they are so cute ther price only starts at 900!

These people have amazing work! super cute suits and really cheap prices! looking into getting one

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8 Mischief Makers Fursuits

I wouldn't order from this company because they are very rude to there customers! I tried to order a partial fursuit from them once and they turned me down. They refused to make a partial fursuit for me. I keep changing the order on them and they still would not take what I want to order from them. Sure they make cute suits but not really good on service if you ask me.

I Love everything about mischief makers, except for the fact that their paws aren't big and puffy. If I were to get a fur suit it had to meet that certain requirement.

Mischief Makers have always been my favorite suit makers! Their style is so cute and unique! Wish they'd open commissions up more often though..

They are incredibly rude. I was so fond of them, I made donations to them, commented on their artwork. One of the builders was cool until he blocked me for asking a simple question which wasn’t related to anything negative! Extremely snappy and unprofessional!

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9 Stuffed Panda Studios

Looks the best

Very cute realistic suits! - RixouCoyote

Theese suits look amazing and the part she wrote about her suits is very reassuring

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10 PhoenixWolfSuits

Phoenix is very nice and a wonderful maker. They definitely have more patience than Jax from, however they seem to be in an artistic freedom stage of making suits. That's not bad at all, but from what I heard, they pick whom they want to make a suit for, depending on color and the design as well. But customer service is good, just stick to business and don't annoy her with personal inquires. Especially since she hasn't been feeling good lately -@TovahsTricks from Twitter, Sep. 4, 2017. Rating, 5/5.

I'm thinking of getting my suit done by them, instead of even Mischief Makers. It looks like their suits are very well quality, and I love their style!

I'm definitely getting my suit from them, their work is absolutely gorgeous. I mean, the made Telephone! Amazing maker.

Style is basically the same as Autumn Fallings but it makes full suits and partials, the prices are also a bit cheaper depending on what you chose

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11 Kodimade

Adorable cute toony suits! - RixouCoyote

One word decription :adorable X3

12 Autumn Fallings

No one is actually looking at the inside of the maker... They're really disappointing with customer service.

AutumnFallings is just like Don't Hug Cacti. I recently tried to ask them about their payment plans because they specified by saying that they would only do full-upfront payments. They were absolutely rude and harsh towards me, especially their "mascot" Havik. Completely horrible service to future customers, and just a complete scam. Be warned.

Extremely rude, don't recommend, their suits are nice but extremely expensive. The customer service is bad.

Autumnfallings.. I absolutely LIVE for their style. their suits look amazing and one day I hope to commission them, their suits maybe pricy but it’s honestly very reasonable in my opinion

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13 More Fur Less

Love their style, options, and quality. Prices are comparable with everyone else in the market. Where they really lead everyone else is with their options. Such as movable eyebrows, bendable ears, interchangeable different length tongues, and etc...

Their style overall is just adorable. There's so much with the head, like movable magnetic eyebrows, blush, ears, it's so cute!

I absolutely love their style. Thanks to having movable eyebrows and ears, their suits have a lot of personality.

I love ten they are really good the suit are just so cute

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14 SkyproFursuits

I love their suits they do awesome when making Dutch Angel Dragons! I would recommend commissioning them if you want a Dutch Angel Dragon

I have never seen a better fursuit maker out there, their work is gorgeously done and without flaw. I 100% recommend them

Tele Telephone

Her fursuits are the greatest I recomend her

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15 AlieTheKitsune

I just love this person's suits. Just because she isn't famous doesn't mean she is not good. - RixouCoyote

Her suits look so cool

I love her suits! I'm planning to buy one soon!

16 Fursuit Enterprise

The prices are very affordable, but it is not the style I am looking for. However, I would recommend this to anyone who would like the style.

Love the style! The prices are amazing and affordable, I think it should be higher priced since it's very well made.

So sweet to customers! The style is simply amazing and not to mention cheap! I totally recommend to anyone that might be on a tight budget.

I'm absolutely in love with their style

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17 Lazy Lion Fursuits

Cheeper than normal fursuits

I've seen her fursuits all I'll I can say is I'm astonished by her quality and prices

I love the suits she makes!


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18 Fur the Win Studios

Great prices and amazing quality! They're very kind as well.

Wonderful customer service! Lots of updates! There list never closes so you have a place for sure and the wait is really worth it!

They are well made, good service and keep you updated very often!

The hairs on Mew the Coatimundi! TELL ME HOW! 😱❤️

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19 LavaFox

LavaFox's fursuits are unique. Many features in the fursuit is much different from other ones: the eyes are slanted, as they are slightly larger and normally contain bright colors and big eyelashes. The snout is longer, and the expression seems more realistic and mood less. The original design is beautifully done. The fursuits have really good quality and are perfect for younger furs. LavaFox only makes partial suits, which means she only makes the head, paws, and tail. The prices are sold on websites and are unofficial, making them very cheap.

I personally don't like their style as, in my opinion, they look a little rushed and messy, but I have tried a friends head on and it's so god darn comfy!

I honestly don't like them. They have no uniqueness in their markings. They always remake the same ones which makes buyers outraged that their own fursona is being sold to a random stranger.

My friend has one there very comfortable! I may get one soon

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20 FUN furrys

No way, horrible service and quality is poor

Thrilled with our fursuits always from FUN furrys!

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