Top 10 Best Fursuit Makers

if you're looking for the perfect maker to bring your furry persona to life, you've come to the right place. Fursuits are intricate works of art, combining creativity, craftsmanship, and a whole lot of personality.

But with so many amazing fursuit makers out there, how do you even begin to choose? That's where this list comes in. We're showcasing some of the most talented artists in the community, each with their own unique styles and specialties.

Whether you're searching for a cuddly cartoon character, a hyper-realistic animal, or something fantastical and out of this world, there's a maker with the vision and skill to make your dreams a reality.
The Top Ten
1 Made Fur You Specializing in custom costume creation, Made Fur You offers unique fursuits tailored to individual specifications. Their work is recognized for its vibrant designs and attention to detail.

Some people on here say that the prices are too high, but I disagree. I've browsed through many professional fursuit creators and Made Fur You had the lowest prices. Their fursuits are great, have good quality, and they are the perfect company to look up to if you want a fursuit.

I love their fursuits! They offer good prices and quality on their suits. They seem really nice, so I'm planning on getting mine from there in a few years probably.

Strong features. Clean-cut suits. Flawless detailing.

Most suits I see have rounder/softer muzzles, but MFY has a gorgeous, original, canine-like jaw design that I love.

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2 Don't Hug Cacti With over 15 years of experience, Don't Hug Cacti stands out for their high-quality, hand-crafted fursuits and mascots. Their costumes are known for their visual appeal and performance durability.

I love my suit. They were very easy to work with, and my suit was completed early! It's so soft and cute, and I have already fallen asleep in it. Thanks, DHC. I will be getting my next one from you in a couple of years.

Don't Hug Cacti is a great maker. They're very kind to their customers, but if you nitpick or agitate them, they'll supposedly be "snappy." Plus, the quality is great. Quality takes time.

I have a DHC fursuit made in 2015. The entire suit is comfortable and fits well. It is durable and looks very nice to boot. I have worn suits from other makers, and my DHC is the best in terms of ventilation and field of vision.

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3 Beetlecat Beetlecat Originals crafts semi-realistic fursuits, drawing inspiration from real animals to create expressive and unique characters. Their use of diverse materials results in one-of-a-kind costumes that stand out.

She is awesome. Easily the best I have ever seen.

Great fursuits! They are so cute and have good style.

I really want a fursuit from Beetlecat now!

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4 Beastcub Creations Beastcub Creations is known for its custom creature costumes and offers artistic liberty projects year-round. The studio celebrates over a decade of costume making and provides a unique opportunity for clients to claim characters made from specific furs.
5, also known as Fursuits by Lacy, has been professionally creating custom fursuits for over 15 years. They are renowned for their exceptional quality, style, and the use of custom-produced fur colors.

These are some of the most artistic and durable suits out there. My friend has owned one for years, and the quality is really top-notch. The heads look great and are super comfortable. I will be coming to them for their next opening.

Their customer service and quality are some of the best out there. They're a big name and stand behind their work.

This is a legacy maker. I've seen their suits for years, and the quality is perfect. They produce beautiful suits.

6 Kilcodo Costumes Kilcodo Costumes is known for handcrafting fursuits from scratch, using a variety of techniques and materials. They offer a two-year warranty on their custom-made fursuits, highlighting their commitment to quality.

The quality is outstanding! I've owned 4+ fursuits, and the quality of Killy's suit work is beyond amazing! The style is a bit cookie-cutter but still amazing.

They are so kind! Also, their fursuits have great quality and a reasonable price. Awesome!

Amazing style, build quality, customer service, lots of experience, and full suits start at only $1,900. It's a no-brainer!

7 More Fur Less Known for their distinctive style, More Fur Less crafts one-of-a-kind fursuits that are both comfortable and durable. They provide a personalized experience for each client, ensuring their character comes to life.

I love their style, options, and quality. Prices are comparable with everyone else in the market. Where they really lead is with their options, such as movable eyebrows, bendable ears, and interchangeable tongues of different lengths, among other things.

The suits are very well made. I love the cute style they have! The paws look adorable, and the follow-me eyes are incredible. I usually watch Pocari Roo, and she has a More Fur Less version of Pocari. It would be a dream come true to get a suit from them. I'm planning to get a partial from them soon!

8 Stuffed Panda Studios Stuffed Panda Studios produces high-quality custom fursuits and parts, allowing clients to either purchase ready-made items or commission unique pieces. Founded in January 2011, the studio has a reputation for realistic and toony fursuits.

Their suits look amazing, but price-wise, they are really expensive. I'd recommend them if what you want is realistic and of good quality. But if you need lower prices, they're not for you.

There's so much to choose from! I just browsed on their site, and this is the person I want to commission.

9 Kodimade Kodimade specializes in custom furry fursuit creations, offering a personalized experience to wear your character. They have been serving the community since 2006 and require a small deposit to start on a new commission.
10 Mischief Makers Fursuits Operating out of California, Mischief Makers Fursuits is celebrated for their creative and playful fursuit designs. They take pride in becoming a part of their clients' mischief-making adventures.

I love everything about Mischief Makers, except for the fact that their paws aren't big and puffy. If I were to get a fursuit, it would have to meet that specific requirement.

They're actually pretty cool! I don't understand people's problems, but I'm not being rude or anything. The point is, I really LOVE their absolutely ADORABLE suits!

Mischief Makers have always been my favorite suit makers! Their style is so cute and unique! I wish they'd open commissions up more often, though.

The Contenders
11 Koshka Fursuits Koshka Fursuits dedicates itself to bringing fursonas to life with high-quality, toony fursuits. They focus on comfort and support for clients, from the commission process to post-delivery.

I've had my fursuit from them for over a year and have had zero complaints. The head has good airflow, great vision, and still looks as good as the day I got it, with no signs of wear and tear.

Yoshi's work is exceptional. Beyond the fact that her style is extremely adorable, her work is of great quality for the price, and she's very communicative throughout the entire commission process. She constantly looks for feedback and ways to improve her work despite it already being amazing. 20/10.

I just want to say, they are severely underpriced. For fursuits of that quality, they should be priced higher. I recommend getting a fursuit from them once they open, as their style is unique and their prices are low.

12 SkyproFursuits SkyproFursuits has been creating custom fursuits for over a decade, offering a variety of options to suit any event. Each costume is made with care, ensuring client satisfaction with every creation.

I love their suits. They do an awesome job when making Dutch Angel Dragons! I would recommend commissioning them if you want a Dutch Angel Dragon.

The prices are expensive but extremely worth it. If you want a real Dutch Angel Dragon fursuit made by the creator of them, then I totally recommend SkyproFursuits.
-- Oakley Goes Meow™ / Narcissistic Bastard

I have never seen a better fursuit maker out there. Their work is gorgeously done and without flaw. I 100% recommend them.

13 Fur the Win Studios Based in Québec City, Canada, Fur the Win Studios is a fursuit building company that emphasizes quality and client happiness. They offer open commissions and a range of fursuit styles.

I tried to find reviews about FTWS before but wasn't able to find many. Still, the reviews were nice. A few of them used their warranty. When I received my fursuit, there was something wrong with the feet. They were too heavy for me and too big for my shape. They asked me to send the feet paws back, and they sent me a new pair, smaller than the first. I was thrilled because I didn't have to pay for the shipping, except for one trip back to them. Great customer service!

Flexible in their style, they did exactly what I wanted and gave it the right look. I asked for a fursuit in another builder's style, and they got it right, never argued about it. Great customer service. Their designer was on point too. Free ref sheet when the contract is signed. I loved everything. Their waiting list is long, but worth the wait.

14 AlieTheKitsune AlieTheKitsune is a fursuit maker with a gallery showcasing various works including fennec fox foam bases and husky fursuit heads. Registered since 2011, AlieTheKitsune offers commissions for custom fursuit parts.

I just love this person's suits. Just because she isn't famous doesn't mean she's not good.

I love her suits! I'm planning to buy one soon.

15 LavaFox LavaFox is a fursuit maker crafting partials since 2008, popular for their affordable prices and standard sets that include a head, tail, and hand paws. Many of LavaFox's suits are pre-made and sold on eBay, catering to a younger audience.

LavaFox's fursuits are unique. Many features in the fursuits are much different from others: the eyes are slanted, and they are slightly larger and usually contain bright colors and big eyelashes. The snout is longer, and the expression seems more realistic and moodless. The original design is beautifully done. The fursuits are of really good quality and are perfect for younger furs. LavaFox only makes partial suits, which means she only creates the head, paws, and tail. The prices are listed on websites and are unofficial, making them very affordable.

16 Beauty of the Bass Beauty of the Bass creates unique, quality, expressive costumes and operates as a freelance costume creator, performer, artist, and DJ. Based in the UK, Beautyofthebass has a diverse portfolio showcasing a range of creature creations.

Beauty of the Bass is incredible. I've seen her suits! I don't personally own one, but they look like the best suits you could ever find. Her demonic animals are my favorite.

Though I have not bought from this person, I have seen one of their fursuits, and they are very detailed and impressive.

Why isn't this higher? I mean, think about it. Beauty of the Bass creations include a working speaker in a fursuit.

17 Lemonbrat Lemonbrat offers custom fursuits, kigurumi, hoodies, and backpacks, with a focus on high-quality materials and one-of-a-kind designs. Since 2015, Lemonbrat has been crafting fursuits and providing a variety of premade and commission options.

The quote was free. I saw other fursuits from them, and they were phenomenal. I did my estimate with my added features and then looked at another maker. They were $500 less! I don't have the money right now, but once I get it, I will definitely order one. Plus, the shipping time is only a few months, whereas the other site takes 8 to 12 months.

I've submitted a quote for a partial to them. They look very professional, and their fursuits are amazing!

They are a lot cheaper than other fursuit makers. There's a wide variety of items they sell. When I get the money, I will purchase a custom backpack and hoodie.

18 Sycho Creations

She's so friendly. Her suits are great for starters and are extremely affordable, with starting prices ranging from $80 to $120.

19 FUN furrys

Thrilled with our fursuits from FUN furrys!

20 One Fur All Studios One Fur All Studios aims to build outstanding costumes and fursuits with attention to detail and expression. With over 11 years of experience, they offer handcrafted costumes tailored to individual needs and ensure each character is given special attention.

One Fur All Studios makes such cute fursuits and some of the best follow-me eyes.

Great suits! They are super cute, but they do suffer a bit from "same face syndrome."

21 Clockwork Creature

Definitely one of my favorite fursuit makers. Their suits pretty much made me fall in love with realistic fursuits. Their suits capture every detail of the animal, and all thesuits are different and unique. Their site has a fursuit estimator, which won't be accurate but is still very useful and something I haven't seen on many other company sites. The only downside is that their fursuits are very pricey, but they are worth it for the end product.

I was lovingly accosted at Clockwork Alchemy Con in 2015 by the Krampus-suited character made by Clockwork Creature and loved every second. The quality and craftsmanship are exquisite. I highly recommend them.

22 The Phoenix Nest

Super cute fursuits and amazing quality! I would love to buy one after saving enough money. I totally recommend them!

I LOVE their suits! I'm definitely going to commission them at some point as well.

24 Raniewolf Fursuit

I tried to commission them and then learned that they had shut down. I love their style. It's super toony and cute. However, they should take down their website so as not to confuse people.

25 SparkyCanDo

They're expensive, but SparkyCanDo makes some of the most amazing fursuits I have ever seen.

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