Definitely the best controller, great button layout and triggers, the second control stick isn't the typical "exact same as the other one" type, but it was also used differently for most games. In terms of games, they took many of the greats from the early 3D era, polished them so perfectly, and improved on the gameplay to the point that they are my favourite games. When I think of my favourite game from most Nintendo series, I look to the Gamecube releases. Nothing shows this better than the obsessive detailing that went into Melee. Yes Star Fox diminished, but I believe no other Zelda game fully grasps the sense of adventure on an epic scale than Wind Waker, with a much more compelling, personal storyline. Metroid was revived in spectacular fashion, Double Dash brought simple stats and differences to make the most in-depth character choices in Mario Kart (along with fantastic gameplay). F-Zero GX was more than solid, Sunshine was just joyous and fun, still felt like tight ...more

Gamecube, has very popular games like, melee, zelda, mario party 4 to 7, sunshine, animal crossing, hit and run, and finally, THE TEEN TITANS, just kidding, mario baseball. Anyway gamecube brings back a lot of childhood memories. Mainly Mario, Link, Sonic, my point is the fact this gives adults and kids to go back to some of the BEST games from your parents' childhood. I've been trying the emulator so I can go back to the old games and enjoy them. Final note: GAMECUBE also I'm your local nintendo fanboy.

I grew up with it and it had some very great games such as Paper Mario 2, Smash Bros. Melee, Kirby Air Ride, Mario Sunshine, Mario Party 4, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and list goes on.

These were the days. N64 was my first console, but GameCube stands out in my memories more (could just be because I was a little older). Great game library with an incredible varied selection (007, animal crossing, super monkey ball, resident evil, super Mario sunshine, Wind Waker) and this was the console you needed if you wanted Nintendo's incredible exclusives. I wish Nintendo would go back to making consoles like this. I never got into the Wii. Just gimme a plain old controller.

By far the greatest console I ever played on and I miss you I miss playing on this because I had a bunch of great games before the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit but she's one of my all-time favorite game and even though I can get on other consoles I don't like him because it's not it felt the best it was the best and by golly it's the best

One of the most underrated consoles of all time but why? It hat great design one of the most comfortable controllers of all time and a giant library of games that fits everyone I have had my gamecube since the release and it has never had a single problem and I still play it to death alone and with friends.

This system was the absolute peak of gaming. It was powerful, attractive, inexpensive, and had a ton of great games. Even the third party games that were released on other consoles felt most at home here. Not to mention this console had THE best and most comfortable controller of all time.

Nothing better than this console. For its time, it is the most powerful and most advanced console ever. Nothing beats it. I still have my first Gamecube from 2001 and it runs like it's out of the box. I have put tens of thousands of hours into it... Maybe even hundreds of thousands

This console is awesome. This is the console that also proved that Nintendo wasn't always for kids, with games like Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Resident Evil 4, and the best remake ever, the remake of Resident Evil.

The best console ever made also has the best controller ever made, how cool is that? This console has many perfect games with breathtaking graphics that are just so damn fun to play! Unfortunately, even if it's the best console ever made, it certainly isn't perfect because it is quite the unreliable console... Thanks god the Wii is compatible with GameCube games or else there'd be almost no point to own one!

LOVED IT. A perfect childhood of gaming was created by this console. If I had one request from any company it'd be to ask Nintendo to make another GameCube. The reason being, that this console held an immense collection of genres, had a PERFECT controller, and even though these games came out starting about 10 years ago I still play them! They were just all so unique and interesting, even the game hub was fun.

Millions of good games, great controller, well known intro, great menu (it allows you to play games you have data on EVEN IF it isn't inserted! ). I grew up with this console! It has to be the BEST console I have ever played!

The GameCube was my first console back in 2010 when my cousins gave it to me when they got their lame Xbox 360 and you just don't get games like you did on GameCube anymore! Anyone remember Shrek Smash And Crash Racing?

Best console no argument
Had best games to go with it including Luigi mansion, super Mario bros melee, Mario party 4, 5, paper Mario 2, Mario cart double dash, super Mario sunshine, Kirby air ride, super monkey ball, sonic games, and you could keep on going

I honestly was suprised the Xbox One is so low on this list... I love that system to be honest it's my favorite along with the 360 but the reason I voted for gamecube was this: It was the last REAL console Nintendo ever put out. It had a normal controller, amazing games (I was a sucker for Super Smash Bros. Melee and Mario Kart DD) and I think it was cut off WAY too early. There was also that gameboy player that I never owned but it makes me want to go out and get a gamecube because I sold mine back in early 2009 :(

I can only describe it in one word awesome. Mario Kart Double Dash was my favorite Mario Kart game in history. It added a new concept with the two people and special weapons. I wish they would do that again.

Nintendo perfected everything! GREAT GRAPHICS! MUCH SMALLER! MANY GAMECUBE ONLY GAMES ETC! This is a console which, in my opinion, will mean Nintendo will live forever!

It has the best games overall. Pikmin, animal crossing, metroid prime, wind waker. Other consoles have great games too, but none have such consistent quality

Had some of my favorite games, such as Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash, Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Sonic Adventure 2, and others.

Should be #1, awesome graphics! Awesome controls! And awesome games! This is the BEST console I have ever played in my life!

The GameCube was the peak of console perfection. Recently, developers have focused less on game-quality and more on the consoles themselves. While I can understand the appeal of things like the Dreamcast, Wii U, or Xbox One, I more enjoy game-focused consoles. With countless exceptional titles such as Super Smash Bros Melee, The Wind Waker, and Metroid Prime, the Purple Lunchbox easily tops the shelves in terms of game quality. - Mangocave

The most classic game system in the world. The game s that are playable on it are some of the best in the world

Tales of Symphonia (my favorite game EVER), TLoZ The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Super Mario Sunshine, Strikers, Super Smash Bros Melee, Mario Party 4 and 7, and many more. The Gamecube is also my childhood and was my first videogame console. I love it, and the design is pretty cute, too... It's a cube! Lol. The graphics are also perfect and they don't look old. I know graphics don't matter for a game to be good, but it's still a nice touch.

Wind waker and Super smash bros were game changers in graphics and game quality at the time

My favorite game on this console is Super Smash Bros. Melee! And I personally think the Gamecube is the best console!