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61 PSP 3000

Pah pah what a skills

62 Atari XEGS
63 Game Boy Micro

The micro is a work of genius. Bright, clear screen that's far better than the previous models despite being smaller, elegant design, 8 hour battery life, detachable face plate, and some of the best games on any handheld: Fire Emblem 1&2, Advance Wars 1&2, FFVI, Zelda Minish Cap ( my fave Zelda game), Sword of Mana. This console does everything right and doesn't promise anything it can't deliver. I have 3 of them but don't tell my wife!

This is super underrated!
Stylish, portable, Customizable faceplates, Better backlightling then gb advance sp, better resolution then gb advance sp, 2 hours of charge means 8 hours of battery life.
PROVIDING THE BEST GAMES published by Nintendo. Honestly what more could you want?

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64 Home Pong
65 Intellivision
66 Alienware Alienware Alienware is an American computer hardware subsidiary of Dell, Inc. Their products are designed for gaming and can be identified by their science-fiction-themed designs.
67 V Smile

My very first gaming console, was my childhood. Loved this thing, had a ball playing the games it offered.

68 Xbox 360 E

I like it

69 Bally Astrocade
70 Sinclair Spectrum

The games for the computer are great, of course making a game for this computer is a challenge when you are limited to 6 colors, but check out what Russia does for the ZX Spectrum by pushing its limits with "Chaos Constructions" demoscenes, Russia and ZX Spectrum are perfectly combined. check out these demoscenes like Power Up, TechnoGen, ARTe, KPackU. - ClassicGaminer

71 Neo Geo Pocket

It doesn't have to follow you, you'll take it yourself

72 RCA Studio 2

What this console is dumb

The reason it's 2 is because the prototype was the studio 1 crappy controls what are you thinking people a number pad!? At least it was the second console to use interchangeable consoles it blocky black+white graphics to small game library led to quick failure

73 Supaboy
74 Power Kracker 2013

Are you serious? THIS CONSOLE SUCKS. Not sure if you're a troll or a retard

What the heck this should be number 1 million it sucks so much

75 Leapster

OH MY CHILDHOOD! Typically, education isn't fun. But I remember having a BLAST with this thing! The games are so fun! I remember how they appeal to everyone. They have batsman games, sonic, spongebob, princesses, dogs, etc

76 New Nintendo 3DS

It's the same as ds but 3d to be honest only the new XL is worth it -tcplay

Here are the differences;
You can now view 3D content from every side! The new buttons are the C-Stick, and the ZL and ZR buttons! It's still backwards compatible with the aging 12 year old DS hardware! The CPU is stronger, and the battery life is better! The game slot has been relocated to the base. The camera has even better 1080p quality! It even now has built-in Amiibo and NFC support! Nintendo is the best!

77 Atari 7800

2600, 5200, and now 7800

78 PSP 2000

Wait...This was a thing?!

80 PocketStation
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