Super Nintendo


The NES should be number one considering the impact it had on video games, but I would have to go with the SNES on this one because of the awesome games. I usually judge consoles by the quality of their games. No decent games=no decent console. The games for the SNES where the pinnacles of their franchise when they came out. Zelda, metroid, Castlevania, Megaman, Mario, and many other franchises saved some of their finest games for this console.

Nintendo proved to people that you don't need bloody gory games to be satisfied! The just throw us some great storylines, an interesting and innovative game and KAPOW! Instant fun! Super Nintendo made great games that are fun for everyone, not just 18 Restricted. - Oreanta

Come on! People today have no respect for classic video games or gameplay! They only care about graphics! Well I got news for you! Graphics don't mean s***! Graphics are nothing without good gameplay! - loganruckmanman

Love this console, first console I ever had, loved it, still have it, though unfortunately the power connector is dead. Love A Link To The Past. - maethordhinen

This list is garbage. Super Nintendo needs to be number 1. Nintendo 64 should be right behind it at number 2. Just look at the games on those systems. What do the ps3 and 360 have? They've got nothing!

castlevania dracula x super castlevania IV legend of zelda a link to the past chrono trigger street fighter II all some of the best games ever and all on the SNES no contest! - alucard


Such an underrated console, thanks to modernists. Super Nintendo is my favorite gaming console besides the NES, SEGA Genesis, GameCube, Dreamcast and Game Boy trilogy.

Okay for people who have been around long enough, you know Super Nintendo is the best console ever. Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 haven't been around long enough to see if the stand the test of time. - lopedogg55

This console is a powerhouse with many excellent games! It also has an awesome controller with no flaws really. The graphics are also some of the best you'll ever see, so that's great.

I'm guessing the N64's higher ranking than the SNES is something to do with the age demographics of this site. The N64 wasn't a bad system, but it was easily one of the worst main consoles in the Nintendo lineup. NES, SNES and Gamecube all trounce it. That said, I can see people voting for nostalgia. For my money, why not have both nostalgia and quality? SNES was consistently fun, still retains a timeless quality, and has more of the best games of all time in its library than any other Nintendo system. - maxlamb1

This system is what got us out of the crash of 83. This was one of the greatest systems ever brings back good memory's. Go SNES

Super Mario world just rocks! I have it on my virtual console and it's the best game ever invented! GO Nintendo guys!

My favorite console that should be #1 in my book. This and the PS2 coming in at second, sorry people, these two that I had mentioned are top dogs hands down period.

Best console easy. For its time, it had the best of every genre, and the graphics still hold up to today. 11/10 Too Much Water.

It has to be first. It can't be anywhere else! The SNES had a library full to bursting of classics from the day it launched to the day it died.

Wow who is actually voting on this stuff? 360 at the top and PS3 behind it? Come on, where are the gamers that aren't like 12?

This was the best console for it's time. If Xbox 360 was downgraded into the retro age it wouldn't be any better!

The Super Nintendo will never be topped. Every other system ages, but the Super Nintendo maintains a it's attractability by having some of the greatest games ever as well as having graphics that are superb. In my opinion no system can even compete.

Best set of Games ever. Super Metroid, Link to The Past, Mega Man X, Super Mario World, just to name a few.

Also had an innovative and revolutionary controller.

Anyone who votes for Xbox360 or PS3 is too young to remember this console.

SNES... really the system people think about when you meantion "Nintendo." And it isn't hard to see why. Its incredible yet simple design gives it an elegant yet powerful appearance. The Super Nintendo truly screams "play me." You always hear of these "Ps3" and "Xbox360" consoles breaking... "oh the eye quit reading the disc." The shell of the SNES could rot off and it would still work perfectly. People these days just don't get it... the beauty of simplicity. I love 16 bit systems and cartridge games... might not be the most advanced but I'll have mine for another 20 years. See if a Ps3 will last 5.

Good graphics, comfortable controllers and a great library of games and a must have console

Why is the Xbox 360 above this?!? It has my favorite game (which is earthbound) and it's got other amazing games like a link to the past! This should be number one!

Anyone who hasn't voted this as the best clearly wasn't born then! Though the NES was a close contender!

Super Nintendo for me is the best gaming console of all time.