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Gojira is an french metal band, best described as progressive death metal. They have released four albums through 2001-2008.

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1 Flying Whales Flying Whales Cover Art

This song just is the definition of a pure masterpiece. The riffs just hit you like bricks, the intro just sets the right vibe. My first time listening to it I didn't expect it to be good, but was I wrong. Especially that breakdown, it makes me want to just mosh like a crazy man. This song is just gold in my opinion.

A song built up of brutal hard hitting riffs, chugging guitars, flawless transitioning, impressive vocal work etc etc..the transition towards the climactic phase was nasty...encompasses every single quality a metal song should possess...speaking about the subject matter it's quite expected from the band as they're heavily into for the interpretation it's quite subjective..

After listening to hundreds and hundreds of metal tracks, I can safely say that this song has THE greatest guitar riff of all time. When it really kicks in at 2:45, you feel such an intense euphoric wave.

The song is not about the riffs or technique! It's about the whales and I could hear and feel them while listening... I could swear I was flying with them for a moment...Thank you Gojira

2 The Art of Dying The Art of Dying Cover Art

Just SICK. Mood set by the metronome in the beginning. Listen loud to hear the layered sounds and screams. Then it hits HARD. Climax in the center with a really thick chorus. The part 2, or outro, allows you come down after the beating you just took. Could easily be in top 3 Gojira songs ever.

By far, one of the most unique modern metal masterpieces. This is the track that plays as hell-bound souls fall into the inferno below. Insanly difficult drums, pounding riffs, and eerie tribal echoing vocals make this my #1 pick.

I have a full blown addiction to this song. Just amazing start to finish. Every time I hear the intro I go into a trance, this song just pulls you in and forces you to listen to every second.

This song not only immensely displays their talents as musician (especially Mario), but also adds their incredible lyrical talents. One of my favorite songs of all time.

3 The Gift of Guilt The Gift of Guilt Cover Art

I'm not a Gojira fan but still I love this song and find it to be their best for sure! The main guitar riff heard right from the start really gets me hooked and I really enjoy the balance between the lighters, ambiant parts led by this great riff and the heavier ones.

Best song from the L'enfant Savage but a long mile. I have no idea how would anyone choose some of the other songs over this one. It's ridiculous man. The riffs and the drums are so well balanced it's beautiful

A sensational masterpiece from the melodic build up right to the death metal climax. It should be at least in the top 5 or even 3 but for me, it's their best song so far

Honestly their most melodic and most epic song and still has that trademark brutal gojira heaviness. Joe sounds very raw and angry in the verses!

4 The Heaviest Matter of the Universe The Heaviest Matter of the Universe Cover Art

Very heavy song. Very technical, and brutal. This song will for sure keep you headbanging along the whole time. This song is in my top 5 Gojira songs, along with Toxic Garbage Island, Embrace the World, Remembrance, the Way of All Flesh, and In the Wilderness.

If I went to a Gojira concert and they didn't play this one I'd feel like I missed out. Where have these guys been all by life! I catch myself thinking about this tune all the time and I'm still only know half the lyrics!

There are few riffs that compare. This song is crushingly heavy. The scientists that argue black holes are the heaviest "matter" in the universe haven't heard this song.

Not only my favorite gojira song but one of my favorite songs in general. This should be higher and heavy as hell.

5 L'enfant Sauvage L'enfant Sauvage Cover Art

If Killswitch Engage's "The End of Heartache" had a more progressive beat, was a little more over the top in guitars and vocals, and focused a little more on the horror of Resident Evil, it'd have to be this song.

You just need to listen it once or maybe even half of it, to vote it as the best of Gojira and one of the best extreme metal song..!

I put this album on when running to hear it for the first time. My run was 40 mins. I listened to Explosia and this song on repeat for the rest of the run.

Its not only one of the best song by gojira, its one of the best metal song ever created

6 Backbone Backbone Cover Art

You sit there in disbelief about what you just heard. That last riff starting at 3:25 mark, that riff could go on forever, it's like I just shot ten litres of adrenaline into my skull.

One of my hardest decisions. This one comes out on top, though, over the rest. Slightly better than Flying Whales, The Art of Dying, Lizard Skin, Heaviest Matter of the Universe, and Blow Me Away You (niverse).

I mean seriously that breakdown at the end The whole song builds up to it and it kicks so much ass. My favorite Gojira song for sure

This is the best song ever! No other song can make u headbang like this one.. Just when the intro starts u start headbanging.. and then they reach the bridge.. and everybody just loses it! BEST SONG EVER!

7 Vacuity Vacuity Cover Art

This Song made me realise why I love Gojira so much. It's a song I could listen to all day, every day.

Dark, Hard, and booming. This song captures the essence of Gojira.

Slow and heavy - real metal monster, very brutal monster.

The second part of this is song is just HEAVY

8 Silvera Silvera Cover Art

My personal favourite off of their new album, so far that is. Gojira really gave it all they had with this track. Bone crushing double guitar riffs, a melodic little solo and atmospheric guitar tapping because why not?

This song deserves to be at the top 5 at least but since it's relativese new it hasn't garnered enough votes yet. The riff though!

Love this song! I actually like Vacuity and TGI a little bit better, but this is the best from the new album.

Great riffs and solos, they deserve the grammy for that track

9 Oroborus Oroborus Cover Art

This is Gojira's masterpiece. This is what they really are, and can play. This song is the very reason I started to listen to Gojira. Truly awesome song.

The intro is beast! Great guitar and vocals, the best off The Way Of All Flesh in my opinion

The intro is just beautiful and the part in the middle in which Joe sings clean is just insane

The tapping in the intro is amazing, as well as the tremolo and slides.

10 Toxic Garbage Island Toxic Garbage Island Cover Art

Man some of the riffs on this track are absolutely disgusting. Filthly fantastic work by these modern metal heroes.

I thought this could be their best song, but damn, it not even top 10. More songs to listen to for me!

First song I listened to. Got me totally hooked after! M/

The main-riff hits you like a truck

The Contenders

11 Explosia Explosia Cover Art

Such an insanely badass song. Not to mention the outro riff / breakdown is one of the heaviest things I've ever heard

There’s better songs but this is too far down the list. Has incredible groove and seamless transitions through the various sections.

Best track on one of the best metal albums ever released

That western feeling in the end!

12 Stranded Stranded Cover Art

Not their best, but I think within the top 5. Not many bands can keep releasing music with such intensity for 15 years, and this song proves that they can, even if they may be focusing on more melodic vocals with L'Enfant Sauvage and this song. I'm highly anticipating Magma's release and a big part of that reason is this song.

Dude! I don't know about others but I am blown away with this song! That riff and his vocals with that main part! I am carying dude literally I am crying...yesterday I discovered gojira and today I love them like anything.

My favorite Gojira song alongside From Mars/To Sirius (I see them as one)

Not their best track but still deserves higher

13 Deliverance Deliverance Cover Art

This song is just straight great technical death I don't know why this one isn't higher up, great stuff from these guys.

Best gojira song ever.

Wait, isn't this an Opeth song?
hehehe you'll thank me later

14 Born In Winter Born In Winter Cover Art

Maybe my favorite Gojira Song. Definitely my favorite from the new album. The guitar work is just SO amazing, and when the song builds up. Brilliant stuff

Love this song! It's my 2nd favorite Gojira song so I'm voting for it, since it's at 12 and my favorite Gojira song is at number 2, so I decided I'd vote for this song.

Fantastic progression of sound; gets you pumped up and does not disappoint when the power pushes through to the front of the mix.

The lyrics and the instrumentation are epic, shows what is possible to communicate with metal.

15 Ocean Planet Ocean Planet Cover Art

How is this song not in the Top 10?! The drumming, the guitar work, the riff, and the vocal perfomance. It's such an amazing song, it was the one that made me love this band!

As an album opener this is amazing! The end of this song gives me chills every time... So passionate and so epic!

This song... While simple... Is effing powerful. Often overlooked. Emotions are vivid among the vocals and instruments alike

Wow, I sort of expected this song to be in the top 10 as its melodic and catchy. Weird...

16 Global Warming Global Warming Cover Art

Every now and then I think Vacuity or L'enfant Sauvage is the best Gojira song... Then I hear Global Warming again and it just hits me with this realisation of how the world is, and I have the same feeling every time I listen to it, even from the first time I did. Best Gojira song, and there should be no questioning.

This song is absolutely amazing. How Backbone is rated higher is absolutely beyond me. Fantastic guitar lines, incredible percussion... gotta love the Duplantiers and company.

How many times have I listened to this already... it is really hard to pick the best one but, I'd pick this one!

The last minutes are incredible it makes me even cry. It's a very deep and a touching song for me.

17 Lizard Skin Lizard Skin Cover Art


18 Liquid Fire Liquid Fire Cover Art

This should be in the top ten HONESTLY how is it NOT.
The lead singers voice goes perfect with the chorus.
Has anyone heard this song should be # 6 or higher!

It has just this epic groovy main riff.

Love those vocals, so sick

First Gojira song I heard
My best gym song and I think it will be forever, increases my output 10 times in the gym

19 Clone Clone Cover Art

This has the best song I've ever had the pleasure of listing to!

This is an amazingly heavy song with a cool sound

It's so raw and fresh. this is really one of gojiras best songs because even back then they kicked masive ass

This is gojira at its heaviest

20 Where Dragons Dwell Where Dragons Dwell Cover Art

This should be on top. The riffs from the very beginning and the breakdowns until the end are so damn heavy that your neck would rip apart

The most epic song from From Mars to Sirius. Love those drums. Easily the best song from the album.

If you walk towards sunset and feel epic, this song is IT. Most underrrated song of theirs by a lot.

Amazing song, best on From Mars To Sirius...

21 From the Sky From the Sky Cover Art

My personal favorite. While not as epic as Flying Whales or The Art of Dying, this song is a metal masterpiece. every time I hear the second guitar play that minor harmony over the opening riff, I get chills down my arms and legs.

First song of theirs I heard, brutal and catchy song with heaviest outro you'll ever hear.

I can never get over how good that intro riff is, and the outro is to die for.

Brutally heavy

22 Planned Obsolescence Planned Obsolescence Cover Art

Second Half of song is awesome! Swimming through depression then pain throws punch in your face. The end doesn't come easily.

23 The Axe The Axe Cover Art

One of my favorite riffs of all time! This song encapsulates the essence of what is a beautiful ferocity of sound. My #1 Gojira track.

One of the best Gojira songs in my opinion. The riffs are killer and the lyrics are meaningful

Main riff is killer. Some of the most passionate vocals on the album right here

Best song on L'Enfant Suavage. I can't believe it is not in the top ten. The riffs from the bridge till the outro are out-of-this-world

24 Of Blood and Salt

One of their best in my opinion. #24 is way too low for a song like this. Sadly this song is not that well-known because it is not on any album.

If Beck Affleck was my dad, that would be really cool. Also I like this song

Simply amazing with the contrasting styles of Joe and Devin

25 Esoteric Surgery Esoteric Surgery Cover Art

FANTASTIC song, from start to finish. The chugging riffs in the first half of the song, and the epic beauty of the latter half. A metal masterpiece

Seriously one of the best, the bridge is just stunning, and the lyrics are so deep...! Outstanding band.

This song got stuck in my head for days... The melody!

This is the best song of gojira

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