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21 Hedwig

Hedwig is such a beautiful and sweet owl. It's so upsetting when she dies, it almost feels like you've lost a pet of your own.

I love Hedwig and everything but... Hedwig is an owl. That is a pretty big problem because owls cannot speak, and that limits her personality greatly. She cannot have conversations with other characters, she cannot develop, and she cannot be a very complex character of high literary merit. I'm having a hard time seeing why she's so high on the list... - Ravenclaw

She was there from the beginning (almost) and was one of the saddest deaths.

Hedwig died? - Skybreeze

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22 Horace Slughorn

He should be higher. Definitely in the morally gray area. - Ravenclaw

I am not theft sure but he is good.

Cool Professer. Just the give him WAY too much screen time.

23 Kreacher

He's not my favorite character (<3 Snivellus) but he deserves the top 20: he's so complex and underrated! That might be because of the movies, that completely eclipsed him for the main plot: getting the locket. But he, like Bellatrix, appeared only in the fifth book, and what an appearance for both of them. They both killed Sirius, but while Bella did it to "cut off the bad branches on her family tree" Kreacher actually had a good reason. Not just that, his relationship with Regulus was so deep, and seeing Sirius be like "Yeah, my brother, total loser! " he had so much compressed anger inside of himself. You see him in Deathly Hallows, when they're planning the assault of the Ministry, he's so happy just because Harry Ron and Hermione treated him decently, and gave him Regulus locket. His motivations are really complex, which makes a complex character that not so many people can enjoy!

Kreacher is one of the most complex characters in the entire series. At first, he puts on an evil/mean persona around others, but once the trio begins to spend more time with him in DH, he reveals what a flawed and emotionally damaged character he really is. Kreacher for top 20! - Ravenclaw

I was so sad when harry hermione and ron had to leave him in the 7th book with death eaters! I was so relieved when I knew he was okay later in the book


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24 Fred Weasley Fred Weasley

Why is Fred so low on the list? He should at least be in the top 20! He was an awesome character and his humor always made me laugh.

At least this time they didn't put them together, even though they are supposed to be, but after all they are just different persons and with (even slightly) different personalities, but I really expected him to be higher up though...

I hate how in the books how Fred and George have identical personalities. I mean, twins usually have some similarities, but seriously, it's kind of unrealistic that they have the exact same personality. If J.K. Rowling had bothered to give them some differences in personality they would be perfect.

I love Fred! He should be higher on this list.

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25 Newt Scamander

We have had too many extrovert male leads, I agree. Newton seems like such an amazing character that would just need more getting to know. Hufflepuffs don't seem to get a lot of love and I honestly think Newt deserves the love. He did cause quite a bit of disaster, but he did of course put in plenty of effort to fix the problem(s) he caused. His history in Hogwarts really shows what a great person he is, displays his kindness, his selflessness he displayed which resulted in his sentence for expulsion when he took the blame for Leta Lestrange's experiment that risked another student's life (The experiment involved a Jarvey). He really suits the Hufflepuff label he carries around. I see him as especially an amazing inspiration for others to do what they love as he did, despite it disappointing his family. He is the wizard form of Steve Irwin, doing what he loves.

Some people don't like this guy because he is too introverted or unmasculine. WELL ITS ABOUT TIME WE HAD ONE OF THESE MALE LEADS TO BE INTROVERTED!

He was so awesome and funny in the new movie! He's officially one of my top 5 favourite characters in the franchise now. - Goku02

Far less of a Gary Stu than Harry Potter

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26 Fleur Delacour Fleur Delacour

I was fully expecting Fleur to be in the top 30. She is my 5th or 6th favorite in the series and she is the most underrated character of anyone. Her arc in the final two books is amazing. She proves Ginny wrong, and Ginny is shown to be jealous of her and judges her by her looks. She still loves Bill even after he becomes a werewolf and she proves to Molly that she has more depth than just her beauty. Amazing character that is far too low on the list.

Fleur needs to be higher! There is no way that you'll ever convince me that Seamus Finnigan is a more complex character than she is. - Ravenclaw

How the hell isn't she in the top 50 at least

Would've loved to see a Harry/Flyer pairing. I guess that's what fanfics are for though...

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27 Cho Chang

From the beginning, I knew she wasn't going to end up with Harry. All of a sudden she just popped up in the fourth book, practically out of nowhere. She seemed really nice, but she took Cedric's death way too dramatically. Harry was not going to end up with someone who cries over their last boyfriends death every damn second of her life.

I like Cho. I liked her in the whole fourth book, even though she didn't go with Harry to the Yule Ball. But in the fifth book, she started going crazy. She went on a date with Harry and sobbed about Cedric?! Oh come on. Who normal does that!?

Cho didn't get Dumbledore's Army caught. In the book, it was her friend and all Cho did then was stick up for her best mate. Though yeah, she is kinda sappy in the fifth.

I have a crush on her

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28 James Potter

He was a bullying toerag as a child to quote Lily, but he was also extremely loyal and loving friend to those he cared about, and would do just about anything for his loved ones. And most importantly; while he was an arrogant jerk sometimes as a child, he /grew up/. He grew up and became a man worthy of love and a fantastic role model. I am sure he was a marvellous father while still alive. James had a lot of flaws, and as young really needed to step down a peg and stop bullying people, but even while horrible to some he was still a wonderful friend. And like I said, he matured and became someone Lily could be proud of and love. The fact that Lily married him is all the evidence we need that he was a good man, and we've got more than that, even. So yes, James had a lot of flaws, but in the end of his life his good nature and redeeming qualities more than made up for them.

He's just such a dork in the most adorable way and he does his hair thing and the marauders are just on point always.

I love him. I'm shocked Lily didn't like him from the beginning. I mean the hair thing, him playing with the snitch... oh come on. I know he was a total jerk to Snape, Lily's best friend, but seriously? He's so handsome...

Ok I know that he is Harrys father but he bullied severus! And that is wrong. He only did it for Lily's attention and I bet that Lily would love James even more if James did not be cruel to severus

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29 Narcissa Malfoy

Yes, she is a Death Eater, did some terrible things, and is flawed. But despite that, she loves Draco. She doesn't care about pureblood ideology as long as her son is safe. I love antagonistic characters that deeply loves something more than anything in the world and is willing to save it at all costs.

Narcissa is my second favourite death eater. She could do anything for her son Draco. She cared for him so much! Motherhood is eternal...

She was so nice when she risked her own life and lied to voldemort when harry was falsely dead in the last movie. She lied to him to save her son DRACO MALFOY

Really like her character

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30 Seamus Finnigan Seamus Finnigan

Seamus is the best character ever! He and Dean Thomas should have had more screen time! I liked how we see his temper in OoTP. We should have at least known who he ends up with! My choices are: Dean, Lavender or Hermione!

Yeah I know right he's the funniest

Finnigan should not be on this list

SOS 29

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31 Tom Riddle

I think this option means Voldemort's dad: Tom Riddle Senior. - Ravenclaw

Tom riddle is the same thing as voldemort

He is my favorite character... unless this means his dad

I hate him!

32 Rowena Ravenclaw

Ravenclaw is the best of the four!

Ravenclaw is the best house.

Absolute greatest house.

Interesting life story

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33 Katie Bell

I'm sorry but Katie Bell has no business being at #26.. She didn't contribute much to the series, and she was usually just mentioned during Quidditch games/practices. - Ravenclaw

Exactly. Buckbeak is lower and cedric did more and they are below her.

34 Petunia Dursley

I guess when they finally clicked in book 5 people started liking her

She's such a good character. She should be higher than #102

Why is she on this list?!?

WE are almost to 100

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35 Lily Potter

Lily and the marauders for that matter are only talked about for a small part of the books yet are so influential and I think the most intriguing part of the books. She is such a great character and is so loving and caring and I wish I could see more of her character and her life at hogwarts with James, the Marauders and Snape!

I love lily potter, I love that whole era I think they're so neglected! Lily Evans had sass. She stood up for her friends but she also wasn't a push over and she stood up for what she believed in. She sacrificed herself for her son and without her we wouldn't have HARRY potter

WHAT? She should be in the top 10. It was her, who saved Harry. She tried to save Snape from the Marauders. She fell in love with the most adorable jerk anyone ever saw.

Lily was the one who put the charm on Harry so Voldemort could not kill him.

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36 Kingsley Shacklebolt

Kingsley is Awesome and kind and brave!

37 Buckbeak

From Prisoner of Azkaban He is awesome ABSOULUTELY Brilliant

I love buckbeak! He is so cute and sweet!

Buck beak is so cute he is like an eagle with a horse that what he is I love buck beak he is so nice and I am so glad the Harry and hermione rescued him!

I thought his name was outbreak
I'm so wrong

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38 Scorpius Malfoy Scorpius Malfoy

Scorpius is number 42?!?! He is my total favorite character after Luna! He has a very important part of the plot, and he is basically the main character in The Cursed Child! How could he be number 42!?!

Coolest character I think he absolutely shows the true example of the quote by Albus Dumbledore "It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be! "

The Cursed Child is terrible, and its characters should not be included in this.

BEAN - RebeccaDarking

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39 Bartemius Crouch Jr.

He fooled literally EVERYONE for an entire year. Not to mention, the active who portrays him in the films helps as he is well loves but the character himself is just pure evil. He sends shivers down your spine. Who would torture people like that? Who who use the imperious curse on his own father before killing him dead? He is the perfect villainous creation. Also, this character leaves a lot of readers in wonder - was he only on the Dark Lord's side as a result of the neglect that his father had forced upon him for years; the love that his mother got yet he longed for? Or was he just wanting to go to the dark side for ages? He was a pure-blood though, and most pure-bloods became death eaters. The way that he ignore the love that his mother and Winky put towards him, in belief that the Dark Lord is the only one that loves him is a true character back story to lead to the insanity and evil deep within that is just longing to join the darkness. The cleverness of him mixed in with the ...more

Come on guys he fooled Dumbledore Hello? Also played by David Tennant who is amazing.

Oh my gosh he was played by David tennant the actor of the tenth doctor!? That kinda makes me automatically like him

Oh yeah! He is sooo cool! ��"DarthPotter101

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40 Gellert Grindelwald

He did show remorse at the end of his life - lying to Voldemort about where the Elder Wand was located under the threat of death and insulting Voldemort at the same time. Definitely a awful person, but not on the evil level of Voldemort.

"Kill me then, Voldemort, I welcome death! But my death will not bring you what you seek... There is so much you do not understand..." (Grindelwald immediately before Voldemort kills him).

Gellert grindelwald is the most powerful dark wizard of all time second only to you-know-who himself. So yeah my point is that he is freakishly awesome and he should be in the top tens not 20s

He is voldemort but with a purpose

I think he still has good in him. - Goku02

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