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141 Mafalda Hopkirk
142 Dennis Creevey
143 Piers Polkiss

Piers is dumb

144 Roger Davies
145 Igor Karkaroff

I think he should be higher. He's way more important and interesting than many characters above him.

I actually really like Igor as a character. I don't know why he's so low. - Ravenclaw

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146 Millicent Bulstrode

Arnold the pygmy puff should be in this list. Purple in the book, pink in the movie. They have been known to sing on boxing day, you know? I want one so bad, it's so fluffy I'm gonna die :-)

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147 Grawp

Grawp is an amazing character. He has fierce loyalty towards Hagrid. He is extremely kind and sweet. I love him.

I really like Grawp. Everyone claims they're Potterheads but can't even remember who he is and I've read the series only once. He' so kind and sweet for a giant. And partially also because he's Hagrid's half-brother.

148 Hugo Weasley V 1 Comment
149 Astoria Malfoy

She's the only Malfoy to not care about blood purity, please vote her in the top ten.

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150 Gregorovitch V 2 Comments
151 Professor Binns

Um well he is the master of sleep but that's not so bad considering he's um... Dead

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152 Susan Bones
153 Marietta Edgecombe V 2 Comments
154 Charlie Weasley

The series should've been called Charlie Weasley - Cuseman2

It's hilarious how irrelevant he is compared to the other Weasleys... I wouldn't have minded if JK Rowling had written him out of the series.

155 Percy Weasley

He should be much, much higher than #165. He is really ambitious and will put his own needs first, but he develops more than a vast majority of the characters in the series. He is my second favorite Weasley after Molly. - Ravenclaw

I hate this dude. Working for the ministry and going against his brother!


So snobbish and way to bossy and so full of himself

While I do think that he's rather pompous and tend to act like a know-it-all, he is one of the most 'human' characters in the series. Just like any human being, he has many flaws and those flaws had unfortunately made him become oblivious to the corrupted world around him.

I do agree that Percy leaving his family in Order of the Phoenix and insulting them was rather a cocky thing to do. But if you were to look at it in his perspective, he just wanted his family to be proud of him at getting promoted but all he got was,"oh, you're just getting promoted because the Ministry are using you to spy on us". Just imagine how he had felt when he got told like that!

In the end, he was brave enough to do what most of us cannot do-- he apologised to his family. Acknowledging that you have done something wrong is hard, but it is even harder to apologise to the people you had been wronged to.

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156 Hannah Abbott
157 Welsh Green V 1 Comment
158 Chinese Fireball V 2 Comments
159 Aunt Marge

I imagine her deflating and falling out of the sky and blowing up - Catluv50

She is nasty and ugly

Hehehehehehehehe she flew away
Someone tell me did they get her back in the end?

160 Winky

She's not my favorite, but I still love her!

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