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Lupin's death made me cry the hardest. He was always my favourite along with Tonks. So disappointed and mad that Teddy wasn't in the movies and that Lupin and Tonks' role and story was reduced so much. If anyone deserved a happily ever after, it was Remus. Because of his condition, he was lonely and hated himself, thinking he wasn't worthy for Tonks, but he couldn't see just how warm, brave, inspirational, selfless, thoughtful and caring he was. He deserved so much more than what he got in the movies. It just shattered me every time I thought of how he was ashamed to be around those he loved because he thought he wasn't good enough, and that Teddy'll never get to know this great man, this legend, this hero that is his father.

WHY DO THE GOOD ALWAYS HAVE TO DIE YOUNG?! Remus lived a life of loneliness and sadness as an outsider,constantly being discriminated against and unfairly treated until he found tonks and even then he had crippling self- hatred and shame. He was a warm aura of wisdom and love and support, staying strong and maintaining his kindness and thoughtfulness nature towards others despite almost everyone shunning him. He didn't deserve to die so soon after a whole life of being shunned, laughed at and hated and feared, only having found love in the last few years of his life.

This guy is a WEREWOLF! I mean, how much awesomer can a character get! I prefer him over others because he can keep his cool so much (Except when he's a wolf), and he is friends with an assumed killer, and admitted he was a werewolf. I would like it more if he was a kid about 3 years older than harry, so then Harry would have to help a werewolf.

Remus, who stayed strong and optimistic despite his condition. Remus, who lost every last one of his friends on one night yet still didn't give up. Remus, who got used to the idea that he was dangerous and unworthy of love. Remus, who was the best DAtDA teacher ever and so kind to his students. Remus, who got his best friend back only to lose him again in just two years. (This quote from OotP breaks my heart: "Remus turned away from the archway as he spoke. It sounded as though every word was causing him pain") Remus, who so nearly got his "happily ever after", with Tonks and his baby son Teddy... only to die. Remus, who remained brave and kind until the very end, is ranked only ninth? Please, vote him up. He deserves it.

This guy was basically the last conection harry had left to his parents and was more like a brother, a father to harry than a teacher. He was always there for everyone, meanwhile bottling up his own insecurities and self-shame, convince he wasn't good enough. I would've given anything for Remus to have lived, and to be able to say to him, "Remus, you're so much more than you realise and you deserve your son, you deserve every single bit of love, admiration, and sadness people (especially Tonks) felt towards your life and death. Rest in peace.

Everyone has already commented pretty much what I feel about this guy, so I will say a couple things only.

Great guy. Seriously. Do I have to explain?

He made me sad. Not, I'm not joking. It made me sad that he thought so low of himself, that he didn't think he was worthy of his friends, and he felt himself unworthy t have Tonks, and then freaked out again when she was pregnant. He gets some hate for leaving for that bit when she was pregnant, and while I don't approve of that, I can totally understand.

Also, something to think about. That one part between Lily/James' deaths and Prisoner f Azkaban when he was ALONE AND HATED HIMSELF DEAR GOD WHY JK ROWLING HOW COULD YOU DO THAAT

Remus is amazing. Ever since his childhood he has struggled with his self image, due to lycanthropy, just like me. (No, I am not a werewolf, but I do have a low self esteem.) I think that he is so strong that hasn't given up, and he is so kind to everyone he meets. He is intelligent, humourous and a very good teacher, who really inspired his stundents. In the very same way, he inspires me to feel better about myself, and I have realised how alike we are. He has also become the friend that I never had, the thought of him instantly calms me, and I would seriously (haha) let him adopt me, I wouldn't doubt for a second. He is almost like a real person, a friend to me, and I love him for that.

Remus Lupin doesn't get enough attention. He has to face so many difficult situations. Imagine the first time he saw Harry on the train. Imagine him thinking about what would have happened if James and Lily had never died. In another life, he'd have been Uncle Moony

Lupin was an amazing character. He's kind, brave and loyal, and never deserved to die. If it wasn't for him, Harry wouldn't have been able to produce a patronus, meaning he, Ron, Hermione and Sirius wouldn't have a soul. I was so happy when I found out he did marry Tonks, they were a perfect match. As I said before, Lupin never deserved to die, especially since Tonks had just had a baby.

Underrated character. He was charismatic in his first film, and that's quite some acting! He then went on to become a serious guy, and with great acting from start to finish! Whoa, babe!

Why are you all going so crazy about Remus? He was ONLY the BEST father, the BEST husband, the BEST teacher and he was just simply the BEST. I just love him for that

Best character ever! He was so kind to the three and always was smart, kind, brave, and usually funny. He even got bitten by a werewolf and lived to tell to tale!

Love this character so much I miss him so much because he died and married an amazing woman

I love love love love him. He's so sweet if I was in Harry Potter I would so have a crush on him.

Besides all the horrible defense against dark arts teachers were there. I think it is kinda refreshing with a relatively nice and intelligent guy. - Chatsa2

I love him, he is such a strong character. He's been through so much, and is still kind and pleasant.

I love Lupin. He can show so much love and caring to others, yet he loathes himself and cannot bear to bring his 'burden' on anyone. He's wise and rational, but so damaged and flawed. That, to me, is true humanity. And I believe that more than anyone else, he deserved a happy life.

Why is Lupin only number ten? I love him so much! I think he deserves to be higher up on the list

He's kind, intelligent and powerful.

Remus Lupin is a very amazing character. He is a trusting man and and a very brave man. I always admired the group of four, other than Pettigrew (Wormtail). I think it was sad that he left but very great of him to resign on his own choice because the students wouldn't be safe.

He copes with being a werewolf so well! He ignores Snape's passive-aggressiveness. Best of all, he's married to Tonks!

Remus Lupin is great. My real favorite character is his son Teddy but he's not on here.

He may be a werewolf but he is still is loving and kind Harry's best dark arts teacher

Remus Lupin's character is just so raw, complex, and believable. Love him.

I would marry him if he wasn't already married