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Reading through this list it again shows me how extremely complex this universe is. A majority of the characters, no matter how big their role is, are remarkable people. Many characters have gone through a lot of horrible events in their lives. Some of those events were caused by other characters who had gone through similarly horrible events, but handled them differently. Let us look at three examples: Tom Riddle, Sirius Black and Harry Potter. All three had a childhood you wouldn't even want your worst enemy to have. Riddle developed a strong aversion towards the muggle race and became Voldemort. He completely "cut off" his origin and created his own identity and world he wanted to force on the world. It's an act of revenge on the world that rejected him, of course in and of itself a horrible showcase of racially motivated violence that destroyed the lives of countless others. Specifically, that of Harry and Sirius.

When Voldemort killed his parents, Harry lived his ...more - Martin_Canine

When bellatrix pushed sirius through the veil of death thing, I had to go back and read it several times to make sure I had read it properly. when I finally realized that sirius had died, I literally curled up in a ball on my bed and cried for like an hour. RIP sirius. best fictional character that ever lived.

Something about his struggle made me love him so much as a reader. You truly felt connected and deep sorrow with him as he was wrongly convicted. His relationship with Harry was truly amazing and without him, Prisoner of Azkaban, my favorite book, would not have happened. He made the series amazing and when he died, I cried for hours. Thank you J.K Rowling for making this character.

Very irritating that Sirius was not in most of the books. His relationship with Harry was something that Harry would never feel again, because of Sirius' closeness with James. As loving and caring as the Weasleys are, they just don't have the bond with Harry, the kind that Sirius did. His death was, in my opinion, worse than Snape's, although I loved him too. I liked him because he didn't pretend to be perfect, he had his flaws and weaknesses and he was well-aware of them, even so, he tried to be positive when dealing with Harry. He's such a badass! Look at everything he went through, losing two of his close friends in the same night, then not even being allowed to grieve and instead, being accused and sent to Azkaban, where he resided for 12 years. He leaves Grimmauld Place (which was a stupid move, Padfoot, what were you thinking? ) to protect Harry, not because there aren't enough peopel going, it's the moral behind the concept. Disappointing that he was thought of as a villain in ...more

Sirius has loyalty like no other character. He is so determined to protect Harry at the risk of getting himself arrested or killed. He was one of the bravest Harry potter character. He took lot of risks to help Harry. Harry himself admitted that the person whom he cares the most is Sirius. He deserves to be Number 1. RIP Sirius.

Sirius Black is one of my favorites also. He's such a tragic character, framed by one of his best friends and thrown in Azkaban for thirteen/twelve years. He didn't see Harry for most his life. He was cooped up in Grimmauld Place for about a year. When he died, I reread it so many times to let it stick in my brain. I closed the book and just lay there in my bed, not wanting to believe it for a second. He was always there for Harry, and their bond is just so strong it's heartbreaking when he died.

Sirius Black, the best character EVER! He was a second father to Harry and was there for him whenever, wherever. When he died my life ended. I had to go back and read it again and when I knew he died, I ran to my bathroom and cried for an hour. RIP SIRIUS BLACK! No one could tell the tale!

No other of all these amazing characters' stories was as tragic as Sirius'. Imagine the dreadful 12 years of remorse for misjudging Pettigrew's loyalty, sorrow for the loss of two best friends and dealing with enormous injustice of being found guilty for their death, completely powerless to change anything. And all that under the guard of dementors who suck life and hope out of you. The short period he had with Harry warmed my heart and his death while defending him from deatheaters broke it. I sobbed for an hour over a destiny of a fictional character. Some good writing there, right?

All-around badass. He would've topped the list had he not died, and if Rowling showed a deep back story for him too.

Sirius was someone that even though he wasn't there much you fell in love with his character and got so excited for the moments when he was there. As I re-read Prisoner of Azkaban I'm agonized that Harry thinks it's Sirius because Sirius would never betray James and Lily.

My favorite scene was in the order of the Phoenix when he punched Lucius in the face saying "get your hands of my God-son."

I personally think Sirius should be a little higher than seven. At least in the top five, I mean...As much as I love Luna, he should be higher than her. Sirius was the only father figure Harry could confide in with everything. Sirius Black has flaws, and that's why I love him.

Sirius is definitely my favorite character. He really knew how to take care of Harry and really close too him too, even though Harry's parents died, and that's what made his death in the fifth book so shocking and heartbreaking

It was his death that saddened me the most after reading all of the books. Its because he's Harry's closest thing to a parent and they never really talked much. His death was shocking and I could really feel Harry's pain

Personally I can't see how he can't be your fave. He can change into a dog he SWAM from azkaban to hog warts just out of care for harry! He owned a flying motorbike and went on the run with a hippogriff that should have been executed! And even then he would risk his soul just to catch a glimpse of Harry. He always game Harry advice and was never one of those people obsessed with rules. He was like a brother/father to Harry and Harry was obviously deviated when he was killed (I haven't got over that) Sirius why did you have to die!?!?! Why bellatrix and why jk Rowling didn't you decide to kill off Arthur weasley as planned ���"

He's the best! He's family that Harry still has until the end of the fifth. He's the godfather of Harry and the best best friend of James. He makes up for Harry's dad and does so much. He shouldn't have been thought of evil.

Sirius is so loyal to his friends and would do whatever to save harry he's just the best and the fact that he and harry only met a few times and spend so little time together's just tragic

I know he has his flaws but his deep affection for Harry is lovely. He's also a rebel and rebels are always interesting. He went through a lot with grace

He was loving and caring for Harry skilled wizard and just awesome. Even though he bullied Snape (which I will never forgive him for), he was a very amazing and cool character. I vote number 3. 1 is Snape, 2 is Dumbledore.

I love him. Honestly. The moment I hears him name in 3 I was drawn to him. Once the Shreiking Shack encounter was done, I was in no doubt that I liked him the best. He survived Azkaban while not losing his mind, he cared for Harry enough to risk getting caught. I don't want to write all my reasons here, but I love him. Favorite character by far.

Sirius is an important character. He is the only one who cares about Harry like a parent would because he has a responsibility. He should be number three in my opinion not down here

How is he so low on the list?! His death was the only one that made me cry, and if you're basing him off the movie then you shouldn't even vote on this list!

The first time I watched the Prison of Azkaban, and just when it said he betrayed the family I was fuming inside, when it came to realisation that he was the one protecting his family I regretted everything, he was loyal to Harry Potter and loved him more then a godfather would, he treated him like an actual father.

Sirius is an amazing example of rising from nothing, fighting with all the odds stacked against you, but still doing great things in the end. Also a giant badass.

No one could be as Serious as Sirius he was the best Character in Harry Potter! No one could live to tell the tale!