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1 Ravenclaw

Team Ravenclaw! Smart and slightly crazy, that's a good mix.

Wise, but quirky with it. Represented by a beautiful blue! And eagles people, eagles!

Here's some Ravenclaw wisdom: 'Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure'. - datrandomguy

Ravenclaw forerver!

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2 Slytherin

SLYTHERIN. It's the house of cunning! How could anyone NOT want to be an edgy slytherin? Even though we have our share of Dark Wizards, it still goes to show that A Slytherin pretty much strives to get what he/she wants! And if that isn't enough, MERLIN HIM SELF WAS A SLYTHERIN.

We get the best jobs and have some of the most powerful wizards

I know slithering gets a bad rap but this should still be the last.

Obviously slytherin is the best, the are determined. Hufflepuff is a wannabe syltherin, we are determined they are just dedicated. we have bad wizards but ravenclaw had professor quirrel. and griffindor are just Favorited. Dumbledore got our hopes up that we won the cup then gave it to them, at least give it to them straight away! when they break the rules they are credited but we are just 'classic slytherins'. slytherins are at least honest about their dark side unlike the other houses, we want success and are happy to show it

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3 Gryffindor

I mean who wouldn't pick Gryffindor, it was the protagonist's house and the other houses weren't fully detailed in the books as much as Slytherin and Gryffindor.

This is a crappy list there's only four choices really guys);

We rule by emotion,and fight for what we believe is right! Sometimes we aren't rational when we follow our heart, but we're happy, which is the point of life, isn't it?

Gryffindor should be #1!

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4 Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff is seriously underrated! Everyone hates on it! - AnnaOfArendelle332

Back when Harry Potter was in I was the only one that loved this house at my school. Seriously? He fleury is so underrated.

Of course Hufflepuff is last...I think you're forgetting we're particularly good finders - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

Hufflepuff is awesome and very underrated...the House of Cedric Diggory, Nymphadora Tonks, Newt Scamander, and many more. The House of the loyal, determined, and kind (ignore Zacharias Smith when I say that). My [amazing] second favourite House. - LuanTheHetalianRavenclaw

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