Best Hogwarts Houses

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1 Ravenclaw

I’m ravenclaw ;-;

MY HOUSE! I love all houses except Gryffindor, even though my best friend is in there. We have wisdom and wit. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Team Ravenclaw! Smart and slightly crazy, that's a good mix.

I’m a Ravenclaw! :-) - Misfire

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2 Slytherin

Slytherin is an awesome house! My favorite after Gryffindor! It should stop getting such a bad rap just because a few bad wizards. Not EVERY bad wizard was in Slytherin. Quirrell was in Ravenclaw and Wormtail was in Gryffindor. Slytherin is a cool house. They're sly, resourceful, determined, cunning, ambitious, and good leaders. They work hard to achieve their goals.


SLYTHERIN. It's the house of cunning! How could anyone NOT want to be an edgy slytherin? Even though we have our share of Dark Wizards, it still goes to show that A Slytherin pretty much strives to get what he/she wants! And if that isn't enough, MERLIN HIM SELF WAS A SLYTHERIN.

Slytherins are amazing. They're smart, sly, cunning, attractive, AND JUST AWESOME. How are they not 1st place

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3 Hufflepuff

I love Hufflepuff! Why do people hate on us so badly?

Hufflepuffs are great people,they care for people and have respect,time and consideration for others.that's why I believe our house is truly the best.

Hufflepuff is seriously underrated! Everyone hates on it! - AnnaOfArendelle332

Love hufflepuff, Tonks was in it and it’s so cool

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4 Gryffindor

Don't call Hufflepuff Lame'o'puff
It's the house of the main character in the story.
Its called Harry Potter and the
Not Potterheads and the

O_OHow is Gryffindor the worst on this list?

How come Gryffindor is losing to Lame'o'puff?!

Griffiindor and hufflepuff should be number 1 or number 2. Slythern is even worse!

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