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1 Arabian Arabian

I've worked with Arabs for several years. This breed is very versatile and can do any discipline you want to. Maybe not the best but they will compete in every event you try. The breed is VERY intelligent and usuall they can outsmart their owners/riders. The breed has an average height range 14-16 hand high. All the Arabians I've ever met we very gentle and really fun to ride.

Arabians are also very pretty. They have dished faces and less veritbrae making their tail seem high set. People say they are crazy and hard too ride. Well It's the people that make them that way. Whether they are heavy handed, or use too much aids Arabians are just as gentle as any old Quarter Horse. The horses just seem so excited constantly, because they are bred to be high spirited for flashinss

They are gorgeous, elegant, graceful horses. If you were to race a thoroughbred, quarter horse, and arabian, for the first part a the quarter horse would be in the lead. After that the thoroughbred would be in front. After that the arabian would be in the lead. I think that is what makes the arabian great.

Those horses are all built to run differently. You can't race them all together. For example, the arabian was built and created for endurance and yes, would go further than a quarter horse or thoroughbred. But the thoroughbred was specifically built for speed. And the quarter horse for speed going a quarter mile. The Arabian was not built for speed like the thoroughbred. Therefore, would not be faster or win in a regular race. But I agree that the Arabian is gorgeous, elegant, and graceful. - turnandburnbaby_1026

Arabians are the Ferrari of the horse breeds. They are fast and sporty. But the thing about them that's amazing is that if you can ride an Arab, you can ride anything. though you probably won't cause everything else feels "half dead". They are amazing at meddling personalities with their owners, and become an extension of your own being rather than a mount. They become part of you and who you are because they are so amazingly smart. Also they have huge hearts. And can learn anything. If you can handle the fire in your Arab with respect, they will respect you in return and you'll both be tempered into something better. I wouldn't ride anything else. On top of that they are gorgeous! And can do anything. They can show, jump, run barrels, do trails... They can do anything and everything. They're perfect in my opinion


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2 Thoroughbred Thoroughbred

Fast, powerful, strong & brains who could ask for anything more, I mean what more proof do we need than all the famous race horses or maybe even the ex-racehorses that didn't make and turned out to make GREAT companions to their owners! And the eventing horse, the elite athlete.

Thoroughbreds are marvelous breeds. Everyone thinks they are hot headed and pushy, but they are so sweet and loving, I have a 10 year old mare off the track, she's had four foals and I am now retraining her to be a hunter and jumper horse, I can take her on the trail and she does great, I am only 12 and she takes great care of me as I do with her. Thoroughbreds are one of the sweetest breeds out there and I'd definitely say they're number one.

They are defiantly hot headed my instructor is trying to retrain an of that track race horse that only came out of the gate 15 times and she got bucked of and she nearly broke her back and she has been riding for longer than you have been alive

They are beautiful, kind, obedient showstoppers! I think they are the best cross country jumpers!

They are good for just about any discipline. Strong and muscular, and a crowd pleaser.

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3 Quarter Horse Quarter Horse

I ride a quarter horse and I love it they are beautiful horses with speed for barrel racing and other western sports

In my personal opinion, the Quarter horse is the most responsive to rider as an individual. This breed can pick up on different temperaments of individuals, as well as styles of handling. They feel more relaxed with someone who will reward them and respect them, than they do with someone is a harsh handler and does not thank the horse for a job well done.

I grew up as a kid in Arizona in the 1950s and 1960s and our horses would move cattle and take us for rides through the landscape and into town. Great companions and workers!

Most versatile, most intelligent and most good minded happy horse on the planet.

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4 Friesian Friesian

The Friesian is an ancient beautiful breed originally regarded as a powerful all-around utility animal. Throughout history it has been used as a war horse, having the strength, agility and sturdy bodies to carry armored knights into battle, and in every sort of farm work and riding purposes. In the last few hundred years Friesians have gained a reputation as a fine saddle horse and as an excellent harness horse because of its active trot. They are also intelligent horses. Their predominant colour is black. THIS IS AN AMAZING GORGEOUS HORSE! VOTE!

Great - ElSherlock

I think this is a beautiful horse and a strong and fast one.

I love these horses they are so beautiful, fast, strong, and intelligent, also very loyal to anyone.

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5 Mustang Mustang

I have a mustang and he still has his wild streak and He is so sweet and I love him so much

I am presently working with my first Mustang Filly. She is amazing and never ceases to amaze me with her intelligence and desire to please!

I am a very happy owner of a mustang. Dante is an amazing boy. He takes complete care of me when we are riding. When a mustang bonds it is truly one heart and one mind. I would recommend anyone to take the step and adopt from the blm

I have mustangs of my own and once you get their trust they are they are very smart horses. I've had other types of horses but after I got mustangs I will never go back to another type of horse, because to me they are the best horses out there.

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6 Paint Horse Paint Horse

I like the name

The paint horse is the first horse Breed I ever learned and I have loved them since then even though I have never met one or rode one they are amazing!

Tobiano paint horses were brought to North America in 1535 and are the first real American breed. These horses descend originally from highly trained Spanish War horses and are more versatile than most other breeds. They excel at western and english pleasure, trail, roping, working cowhorse and are a mainstay in the reining horse industry with sires like Gunnatrashya, Spooks Gotta Whiz and the leading sire Colonels Smoking Gun "Gunner".

A paint horse is the same thing as a quarter horse, except colored. Same personality, same build. Both beautiful wonderful extremely versatile breeds. The paint should be right up there with the quarter. More people need to recognize that they are pretty much the same thing

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7 Appaloosa Appaloosa

It's a very fast and beautiful

I think it is beautiful

I have 2 appalopsa and they are such a wonderful breed very strong legs and powerful runners at the start to the end great show ponies all around my number 1 pick plan on breeding my 2 to hood stallion...

I think Appaloosa horses are great horses, considering their strong back legs, speed, and intelligence! Although I have never owned a Appaloosa horse myself, I have visited many Appaloosa horses and think that they are very responsive to the rider/owner.

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8 Standardbred Standardbred

I think these are really cool horses and I would love to have one

Standardbreds make excellent beginner horses especially geldings and anyone who wants a safe care free ride would choose a Standardbred as they have amazing people friendly nature and since most are broken to harness as well as saddle they are so use to being handled and so accepting and I've never seen any of my Standardbred riding horses spook or getting worried about anything. Trust me after 20 years of experience in horses and owning Everything from American Miniatures to purebred Arabians the Standardbred is a winner. Like what most standardbred owners say I wish I own one many years ago. Biggest kept secret in the horse world the Standardbred horse. thanks Darryl

Quite beautiful beginners horse. Mostly known for the amazing cooperation. A mans best friend. Very willing and very good for endurance working. They have got the face on an angel

Lol BRUH onlY nOOBS ride this lol bruh the cores are so low bruh it has 4 speed and 6 acceleration with the best stirrups bruh get a Ardennes bruh - Gojirasuccdicc

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9 Gypsy Vanner Gypsy Vanner

I ride gypsy cobs (That's what we call them) and they are the sweetest! They have never left my side and all of them love cuddles! They are just like big puppy dogs! They work hard to please you, and despite what some say, they can jump, very well! Both me and my pony are new to jumping and she is already quite good with it! I love them, all around amazing!

Love the horses

I was shocked at how versatile the Vanner breed is and, yes they can jump. I have watched them jump a four foot fence flat footed (big engines) and know of one who jumps in competitions. Pam Fowler Grace a 2008 Olympic Contender in Dressage once said to me,

"he is one of the most extraordinary horses of any breed I have ever ridden in my life " Pam was talking about The Gypsy King, one of the first two Vanner stallions to ever enter North America.

They are amazing horses, I have a 3 year old mare that is a great rider, I'm training her into jumping and hopefully I can compete with her in a few competitions in the future! I guaratee this horse is the better side of every other horse.

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10 Morgan Morgan

The Morgan horse is foundation stock for the Walker
the Standard etc..
Because it's the best of all the other bloodlines to come along since Figure, Justin Morgan's stallion
The Morgan is descended from the Arabian, the Andalusian

Morgan style bruh moment - Gojirasuccdicc

Ok I use this horse for a bit because Hosea made me buy it but bruh bruh this horse is small and got them weak cores but look at them feet damn - ArthurMorgan

The Morgan can do anything that any other breed can do. They are highly intelligent and can compete and win in every discipline from riding, driving, jumping and can pull weight as well as even the big draft horses. They love people and show that love by bonding with there human partners to form a team that can't be beat,

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11 Andalusian

Best horse to ever come out of Europe bar none!

One of the most ancient breeds in the world possibly even older than the Arab.

Easy to work with and train, learns quickly, affectionate, charismatic, energetic, classy, elegant, proud, strong and many more adjectives come to mind when describing the PRE. One would need hours upon hours to properly type the perfect description for the PRE!

Most beautiful horse in the world!

Very kind and trust-worthy horses.

No other horse can be as majestic and hardworking. They may not have the strength of a shire horse or the stamina of a thoroughbred, but what other horse would work until he drops for you.

The best

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12 Dutch Warmblood Dutch Warmblood

I have a million it feels like! My Daddy always says you can never have too many!

I have a dutch warmblood, well, 2! And they are perfect! The loves of my life. they are so powerful and great jumpers, but both are so sweet around the barn. they love what they do and really have fun jumping. great breed

These are such good horses! Great temperament, smart and beautiful!

They are bred for jumping, and that's what they do! They are huge, beautiful animals, hard to beat in any way...

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13 Hanoverian

Definitely top ten, well-rounded horses in multiple disciplines, very capable, calm, collected. I have ridden multiple Hanoverians (5-10), and generally they're lovely, learn easily, incredibly attentive and sweet. Talented both in dressage and show jumping, perfect hobby and beginner or junior horse, I would even recommend as a house pet. Very diverse in size and shape, but largerly an elegant, proportionate horse with great moves and an all-around sweetness to them. I've ridden them from when I was a child to now, and as all horses, they all have their hangups, but are generally agreeable and soft in the mouth, responsive.

Definitely should be in the top 10 because they are so well behaved, beautiful and willing to please their riders. I just lost the best horse I ever rode due to a sale and I miss her so much. She was so graceful and wonderful at dressage. She was even hard on herself for things a person might be, such as stumbling or mis-stepping. Such a good girl.

Should defiantly be in the top ten! I own three of them and they are amazing! All the Olympic riders have this horse!

A real life noble steed, seen in three day events and also Excels in show jump get and dressage.

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14 Tennessee Walking Horse Tennessee Walking Horse

In a barn full of show and lesson horses I have the only Walker. You can hear me tell him "Pick your head up. You're a Tennessee Walker not a Quarter Horse." Lol. When we ride, everyone watches him. His movements.
Smart and outgoing personalities that will wrap any human around their hoof. They love having a job to do and are easy keepers.
Their smooth gait, loyal disposition, and confirmation makes them my choice if you are looking for a partner.

I don't know bruh mine only has 2 speed and 2 acceleration - Gojirasuccdicc

Umm it’s A Tennessee Walker? Dumb dumb - ArthurMorgan

I absolutely love this breed! I have riden quarters my whole life and when I first got on mine I was so amazed that another breed could be as good or even better than a quarter. They have such smooth gaits and have very different personalities. Mines kind of spunky but she is one in a million. Very pretty and powerful breed. It is quite remarkable to get them going in their gait for the first time, the most memerable ride of my life. They are very sweet, gentle, and trusting horses. They can become your best friends after two rides.

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15 Brumby Brumby

Brumbies, much like mustangs, do not have a standard genetic disposition. As with all wild horse "breeds", they draw from a wide genetic pool. No two populations of brumbies will have the same conformation. For instance, in the neighbouring Toolara and Tuan state forests, the Toolaran brumbies show significantly more draught horse breeding than their lighter Waler-like Tuan counterparts.

However, for all their physical conformation difference, brumbies share the same wild spirit. They do not trust easily and will be quick to shy away from human contact. Once these initial barriers are gone, however, brumbies invariably prove themselves to be very capable and responsive horses. Most trained brumbies will always keep their wild spirit to some extent and try to remain largely independent of their rider, but they are quick and willing to respond to a rider's instructions.

With a brumby, a rider needs to be aware that the wild horse has a better understanding of its ...more

Brumbies are fantastic but I've heard they are really hard to gentle. Still, I love them and maybe it's their wild, independent nature that makes then great!

I naturally pefer a horse with a wild instinct. They seems more wise (and more intelligent) than other horse breeds, knowing the basic area around me better. Also I just love them in general

They are so cute!

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16 Clydesdale Clydesdale

Gorgeous tall horses, great for me as I am a tall person so it is like my spirit animal.

Because they are pretty and fun to watch

I have a Clydesdale and it has the best temperament in the world and it is so affectionate if you where to buy a horse ou should buy one of these amazing beautiful stunning animals, they are so stunning and breathtaking, I could never have chosen a better breed also fell ponys are the best they rock xx

Beautiful Big horses!
They are very famous for commercials mostly beer commercials because they were saved by them.
Great for hauling huge stuff too!
Wish I had 1 though :/

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17 Warmblood Warmblood

Warm bloods are strong and gorgeous looking great jumpers

Love em. No more.

Beautiful, great quality horses!

Beautiful and awesome horse

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18 Paso Fino

Paso finos are the best! I've worked with 2 paso finos (both rescues) and they have the best gait, not to mention a cute size and GREAT TRAIL HORSES!
do your self a favor and get a paso fino

Best breed in the world. Smooth willing trusting horses you can ride with no saddle!

Have owned 3 and love them dearly.Smooth gait and tremendous mind.

Has a temper but once you bond and get to know them, they will be the best horse you ever owned!

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19 Shetland Pony Shetland Pony

Cute - ElSherlock

Shetlands may have a bad reputation for having bad temperaments but it all depends on the horse itself. I known quite a few people who have Shetlands and I think they're sweethearts.

I have a shetland pony named rusty and he likes to follow me. I for sure think they are the best horse breed because they are sweet and are good for riding.

I have a shetland pony and she is the smartest, cutest, and sweetest thing ever. Everybody loves her and wants to ride her. For a young and beginning rider I would prefer a shetland pony. You'll be happy if you get one!

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20 American Saddlebred American Saddlebred

One of the most versatile horses in the world! I have worked with them for over 40 years, and I have bred horses that are now top jumpers, dressage horses, police horses, barrel racers, cutters, and so on! I have sold a saddlebred to almost every discipline known to man! The saddlebred is know for its natural beauty and grace, a top competitor with the Arabian. I believe the arabian is only favorite because nobody has seen the movement and beauty of the show horse, the saddlebred! Not just beautiful, they are powerful! These horses will take you on a journey that you will never want to leave! Best know in their performance of saddleseat, saddlebreds are NOT sored for their gaits like with TWH And the Big Lick. Every dicipline has it's abusers, but saddlebreds are worshiped for their strength, beauty, and of course, their living companionship. Give a saddlebred your heart, and he will stand by you through thick and thin.

"If its not a Saddlebred its just a Horse"By far the superior horse in any discipline in the World!

American Saddlebred's are amazing horses. I ride a few and they are just great. They are kind and gentle and love you to bites no matter what you do with them (as long as it's not anything bad) but they are just great to have around and are good for shows

One of the most intelligent, people loving, athletic, beautiful and versatile of all breeds. I have ridden various breeds of horses and why they are not listed among the most intelligent of all breeds is nothing, but ignorant breed prejudice.For many years they were the top breed for movie and televison performances. See Mr. Ed, Fury, Giant, National Velvet etc.

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21 Icelandic Horse

Best horse, period.

I love these ponies they are hard working and unique. Each of them have a great heart.

I love their character, willingness and spirit. Having very soft additional gates does not spoil either.

Intelligent, courageous, funny, moody and no two are the same. The only horse breed to have 5 gates. A lot of diversity in their color.

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22 Lusitano

They are the real warhorse, brave yet sweet, really hot but sweet and with real personality. Jumping, Bullfight, dressage, working equitation champions due to their sheer quality, athleticism and agility, cattle horses with real cow sense, and come from the greatest and most perfect equitation tradition in the world: Portugal. What can the others do to compare?

Amazing and very versatile horse... especially in bull fighting...

Very Beautiful and Powerful Portuguese Horses, They Were used as War Horses in the conquering of South America, they are also used in Bullfight, they have a Really very powerful apearence, very strong neck and hindquarters, I Love them, seen them in action, here in Portugal, wish I had one.

I am sorry... It is amazing how this breed is not placed at #1

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23 New Forest

I look after a new forest and they are a hardy, fluffy ponies

These are very popular in England!

I live near the forest so woo!


24 Akhal-Teke

A very versatile and beautiful breed, descended from the extinct Turkoman horses. They are hardy, versatile and very beautiful and have a range of coat colours and beautiful shiny coats due to their special hair structure.

The most beautiful and thoroughbred horse in the world!

Its called the golden horse, it should be in the top 5

Most beautiful horse ever seen in my life.. It's just too much

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25 Anglo-Arabian

The Anglo-Arabian or Anglo-Arab is a crossbred horse that now also has its own status as a horse breed. It is a Thoroughbred crossed with an Arabian so two of the oldest and favourite horse breeds ever. The best examples of this breed inherit the refinement, good bone, and endurance of the Arabian, as well as the speed and scope of the Thoroughbred. They are powerful horses and are good at most things, The breed ideal is for a horse to have conformation that more strongly resembles the Arabian. They have a long neck, prominent withers, a compact and strong body (sturdier than the Thoroughbred), a deep chest, and solid bone. Anglo-Arabians should have small, fine heads, similar to an Arabian, but they should not be overly "dished" in profile. These are Amazing animals and have both speed and stamina from the Thoroughbred and have the elegant, graceful and intelligence from the Arabian.

My two favourites crossed together! Wow! My whole life has been a lie! 🐎

26 Connemara

Connemara ponies are brilliant jumpers & crossed with a thoroughbred, they can jump even higher! They are very quiet, easy to ride & handle & are good doers, so much so that if they overfeed or are overfed, they can founder. I saw a great car sticker once that said "Jump on a Connemara pony".

I like horses

number 1

How are Connemara ponies are not in the top tens! Seriously they are amazing they are calm, gentle and nice But they are still really good to ride and safe and great with children they will love anyone who treats them well! I have seen them at shows. They rock and are amazing to ride I suggest them now and I always will so GET ONE!

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27 Marwari

It is a purebreed of horses that is found in Rajasthan India. It was bred by the Rajputs of India who took care in ensuring the breed's quality. It was also used by the British during their rule of India and was regarded by them as a breed at par with any they had seen. The breed has suffered in the last few decades due to poor management which has resulted in a drastic fall in its numbers. Also a few genetic bottlenecks have been found in some of the Marwari horses when none existed, as late as 1989.

I've been breeding Marwari for years and they are some of the most unique horses versatile for any sport and adventure amazing human connection faithful and brave to try anything

Marwaris are often crossed with Thoroughbreds to produce a larger horse with more versatility. Despite the fact that the breed is indigenous to the country, cavalry units of the Indian military make little use of the horses

Best horse to ride with unique features!

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28 Australian Riding Pony

I have a 10 year old riding pony she's 12hh and she's the best thing that ever happened to me she helps with my anxiety and depression

This is best horse ever! They should be the number 1!

Best for your first riding poney

29 Hackney

A great pony for whatever discipline anyone wants to do. The pony I first learned on and learned the most on was a hackney pony. They can be a bit fiery, but also are gentle. They are known for a high trot and are beautiful to watch.

This horse is fabulous. It should 100% be on the top ten list!

This is a fast and friendly horse.

30 Trakehner

Of my 5 favorite breeds 3 of them are in the top three, the 4th one was not to far down, so I gave the Trakehner a vote to help them out.

My favorite breeds: Arabian, thoroughbred, quarter horses, gypsy vanner, and the Trakehner

Amazing horses, and beautiful jumpers. Loves everyone around them. Will win every show jumping competition.

I own a Trakehner and she's beautiful! Great jumper and runs gorgeously!

31 Haflinger Haflinger

Their character and intelligence is hard to match with other breads!

The Haflinger, also known as the Avelignese, is a breed of horse developed in Austria and northern Italy during the late 19th century. Haflinger horses are relatively small, are always chestnut in color, have distinctive gaits described as energetic but smooth, and are well-muscled yet elegant. The breed traces its ancestry to the Middle Ages, and there are several theories for the breed's origin. Haflingers were developed for use in mountainous terrain, and are known for their hardiness. Their current conformation and appearance are the result of infusions of bloodlines from Arabian and various European breeds into the original native Tyrolean ponies. The foundation sire, 249 Folie, was born in 1874, and by 1904 the first breeders' cooperative was formed. All Haflingers can trace their lineage back to Folie through one of seven bloodlines.

This horse is favorite and I am getting one soon

I have a Haflinger named Sugar and she tries every thing she can to get out of work if you even look off to the side she will stop and turn back around to go find something to eat. All in all though she is the best and calmest horse I ever ridden.

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32 Norwegian Fjord

I love Fjords THEY ARE SO CUTE!

I have a Norwegian Fjord and she is so sweet! I think she is one of the most beautiful and cute horses in the world. She is literally like a giant shetland pony, lol! If you get on their good side they will do lots for you up until the limit of their nap-time. They can be a bit lazy and stubborn but, I have heard they can also be gentle. Anyway, I LOVE Fjords (my username for Youtube is Fjord Horse Lover)! - Leopardspirit

Fjords are the most wonderful breed.l! I didn't set out to get one, but stumbled upon the breed and have been so grateful. They're smart, typically have good brains, sturdy, hardy, sure-footed, versatile, sweet, and personality plus. They may not be tall, but they can have spunk and torque. If you give them love and kindness, they will give back to you in spades. Owning my Fjord has brought me a sense of pride because my guy is always respectful, a good citizen, low maintenance, and the barn mascot. He's the horse my friends want to ride to regain their confidence after a fall. Everyone should try a Fjord once and see what I mean.

I love fjords so much

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33 Welsh Pony

I agree with the person below mine they are very fun and do try to outsmart you, the Welsh Pony I ride is 11.3 hands tall and is a very good jumper and has a sweet temprment, they should definitely be in the top 10 category!

Welsh ponies should definitely be in the top ten. My job at my barn is to train all the young welsh ponies. There are 7 of them. They can get a little excited but man are they fun! They are adorable jumpers and amazing movers. One of my ponies is only 12.3 and he gets horse strides when jumping! Once they are finished with training they are bombproof for anyone to ride them. One of the ponies I trained is sold and doing 2'6 hunter courses with his new owner! The welsh pony will try their best to please you, even though they will try to outsmart you.

My welsh is cool.. She is 5 years old and 13.1 and she is marish sometimes but she is sweet. You can see her on my Instagram, I'm @my_chestnut_yummy. She has awesome Hunter confirmation, a good temperament, and she is smart. Also a very easy keeper. These are common traits of a welsh

Welshes are the best ponies that ever lived. They are such easy keepers and love to learn. Love attention, love people. Great ponies! All around amazing ponies, and the can also pull carts!

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34 Shire

Lol Dutch rode this horse bruh - ArthurMorgan

I love big horses they are great and big and cute and I love the hary hoves I think it's so cool

I think shire horses are beautiful horse. They are friendly and big.

Gentle Giants, strong/powerful and easy to work with, I had a rescued shire and loved him with all my heart but if I chose to have another horse I would defonatly have another shire.

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35 Exmoor

They are so sweet I was looking to buy a horse but then when I saw the cute little Exmoor foal. He was cute and I finally got him to a good rank with training. Now he is one of my champions at the stable. They are really just stunning horse. When you are looking for a horse he is a great choice. They don't have a problem with kids. I have a 4 year old and he rides my Exmoor!

An extremely tough, sweet, cute, and awesome horse. Willing to do most anything you ask.

I rode a ex or and had a great experience


36 Canadian Horse

I keep hearing about how this is the most sociable horse breed. And who doesn't want that? I haven't owned a Canadian so can't say whether it's true or not, but considering their history, it would make sense. These horses have only recently have been bred with sporting in mind, previously having been bred to work on the farm. It would make sense to presume farmers would have focused on breeding them for good tempers, as opposed to how high they could jump or how fast they could run.

I have a Canadian mare and she is just the sweetest, kindest horse ever. Strong, easy keeper, able to do nearly any task. The Canadian's history is a fascinating one and they were used during war as war horses, particularly during the Civil war.

This is the little horse that could. Toughest horse ever, puts up with all types of weather and great at all tasks.

I have a Canadian...He is the the most even tempered, willing and loveable horse I have ever owned...Canadians are the Golden Retievers of the horse world ( only smarter)

37 Connemara Pony

Versatile and a great jumper

How in the world is Connemara Pony at 49?!

My Connemara x cob is seriously clever! He has gone from not being able to walk in a straight line to doing his INTRO C DRESSAGE in just 6 weeks! He is hardy, he is brave! Phenomenal!

38 Missouri Fox Trotter

The smoothest gated horse for long distance riding! I love getting off my horse after a long ride with friends and I'm feeling great but my friends are all complaining about how sore and tired they are. This breed is really the best for long rides.

My Foxtrotter mare is the sweetest horse I've ever met, but she knows what she wants. Overall a great breed.

My Foxtrotter mare is wonderful with kids, my gelding not so much. They are lively and fun horses, with wonderful gates.

I have a Missouri Fox Trotter named Abby and she is beautiful. Her gait is so automatic that you just click. Her temperment is 7/10 and is not for everyone, but she is one of that fastest Fox Trotters that I have ever met.

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39 POA

All my life, I've had POAs, they are the most loyal, loving, and willing to please horses I've ever met! I'm hooked.

These horses are awesome


POAs are amazing. They are so smart and they are quick learners. My pony has learned not to bite people in less then a month, learned to smile, bow, hug, kiss, and jump in less then a week. She is also very tolerable and listenes to everyone she meets. My pony Rosie also loves dogs and once even ran up to our new kitten and puppy because she wanted to get to know them. They are just perfect and I believe they should be in the top 3. They have the calmest temperment and even has tought our other horse manners and is so patent when our other horse steals her food

40 Kathiawari

This is a unique breed made for the semi-arid wilderness. They run for a long time without water or food. Their curled ears make them look very different. The breed is loyal to a single rider and has a strong temperament to strangers.

Very smart and I like how their ears curled. Really friendly horses.

I really love their ears and they are really smart horses.

Its another war horse from India. native strong and quick.. even tempered but always ready to go to war..

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41 Percheron

Love mine. Best at dressage and most awesome trail horse ever! What a living companion too!

My horse big dolly is a perchy mare that is both a good jumper and a dressage horse.

Morgan horse gets first place
Percheron horse gets second
Cross these 2 magnificent breeds Γ— and introducing
The Golden Cross
The ideal most versatile,intelligent, gentle
Backyard equine

Percheron horses are steady, calm draft breeds with Arabian ancestors. Vote Perchy!

42 Rocky Mountain

Beautiful black coat with appears to be red hair in the sun light

I had a Rocky Mountain and loved every minute. Beautiful breed and a great experience.

They are great horses

43 Irish Sport Horse

Strong, Athletic, and beautiful.

Love them, amazing at most things, so sweet and intelligent!

There are friendly gentle and fast really they should be the best

Great horse well behaved and genuine. Lovely paces and great all rounders. Have the speed of a TB and the temperament and sensibility of an Irish Draught. Have one and he's amazing.

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44 Lippizan

Best horse ever best temperament loveable great at dressage jumping and cross country and also a good companion love trial rides perfect for little kids and advanced rider

The only horses that can do such dance moves like the Lipizzan, there is no other! ;D Also known as Lipizzaners.

Best horse ever lovely animals sweet kind and gentle also very tricky πŸ’•πŸ‘

45 Chincoteague Pony

Although the chincoteague ponies are wild, it is gentle and calm and makes a ideal child's pony. It usually stands around 13 hands tall, so it is a very good choice for smaller riders. It is also used to live on live food, so it's not as expensive! I love them!

Chincoteague ponies are a very gentle child horse. They only stand up to thirteen hands, so it's great for small riders. They are also used to living on little food, so they're not as expensive as other breeds. They're great!

Although the chincoteague pony is wild, it is very calm and very gentle, so it is a good choice for a child's pony. They stand up to 13hands tall, so it is a good choice for small riders. they are also used to living on not much food, so they aren't as expensive!

This is the best pony. Vote for them, how could you guys let Misty down!

46 Welsh Cob (Section D)

I've owned and ridden several different breeds of ponies and horses and my favorite is my Welsh Pony! She is smart and beautiful like an Arabian, willing and trustworthy like a Quarter horse, and loves to go fast like a Thoroughbred. She is super smart and is constantly outsmarting those who ride her but the trick is to be patient and gentle and she will do absolutely anything for me! My friends hate riding her and they say she is a pain but I think she is just so fun. She has taught me so much about equines!

Fun, cheeky and loving - obviously been mistakenly placed of number 23.

Well what can I say Welsh cob section D's are the best breed you can think of. I have my beautiful boy Utah and he is the best boy I could think of. He plays with me, cwtches me a dream Horse to have

Getting two beautuful black mares next month they are amazing I love welshies

47 Azteca

I love my Azteca. I'll definitely be getting more of these beauties. Great movers with nice quiet minds. Love people.

Great cross Quarter horse with an Ibriean horse

48 Belgian

I have one Belgian and she never go to the vet other then shots

I have one and I love him

In my Experience they are the most powerful strongest breed out there
And Beautiful to

49 Oldenburg

Oldenburgs have great jumping ability and excellent gaits. They are also very tall and beautiful (from my experience). Every Oldenburg that Ove worked with has been willing and kind.

50 Caspian

Caspian Ponies are thought to be the ancestors of the Arabian... You can thank a Caspian for your Arab! Also, Caspian ponies (if an ancestor to them)are one of the oldest breeds alive. Thumbs up to you if you vote CASPIAN!

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