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The domestic dog is a wolf-like canid in the genus Canis, and is the most widely abundant terrestrial carnivore.


Man's best friend! Will always be there for you, eager to obey, loving, loyal. If you want a pet to be part of the family, no animal can take the dog's place. Horses and other farm animals are too big to live 24/7 in the house with you, caged/tanked animals like fish, birds, reptiles, etc can't always be with you when you're watching T.V., going for a jog, at night curled next to you, etc. Cats are pretty darn close, but when it comes down to it, it's really the dog that shines as the most family-type pet.

It's funny how the guy has all those reasons why cats are better, but really he/she is just some person raging because cats aren't number 1.

-dogs are far more loyal than cats are
-dogs show love and affection way more than cats do
-dogs can learn tricks quicker and learn more tricks as well
-how are are cats exactly cuter than dogs?
-dogs also appear in anime as well
-dogs can be protective of families when something happens
-dogs can be trained to become guide dogs for the blind
-depending on which dog breed it is, they can be used for sled racing
-there are also dog shows to see the number of tricks dogs can learn.
-cops also use dogs to track down crooks, drugs, and many other things
-there are even dogs that intimidate wolves and cheetahs and other strong animals in the wild.

There are many things a dog has over a cat. And I am not saying that I hate cats. I am just pointing out the advantages dogs have over cats and why they are so ...more

Cats are number 1. See the stats. There are more cats in households then dogs. - Catsarah123

My best friend is a poodle. He is so cute and loyal, and my favorite game we play together is chase, he runs while I try to catch him. Sometimes it's the other way around but mostly this way, it's more fun that way. I really wish I could have a dog. I have a wall of dog pictures and breeds. I'm trying to learn at least 100 different type of breeds. Dogs are just amazing, you simply can't "not like" dogs. They're un-unlikable. They are so loyal and trusting, protective and kind, friendly and funny, and cheer you up when your feeling down. And they actually LOVE you. Cats don't love you, only food, and sleep. And all they ever do is eat, sleep, and poop. MUch less than a dog can do. The only tricks I managed to teach my cat was "sit". He's so dumb. once he tried to eat fake flowers!

WHY DOGS ARE THE BEST: Dogs are loyal and lovable. There are dogs for the blind, herding dogs, rescue dogs that save people's lives (a lot of dogs saved people's lives when they were in trouble), there are dogs who sniff out bombs, drugs, and guns, there are therapy dogs, there are dogs for disabled kids, and much more. Dogs are very protective and they have a lot of stories that involve people and saving their lives, literally the people would not be here today if it were not for the dogs. Dogs are so helpful! YOU CAN TEACH EM SO MANY TRICKS! They help in military help stress relief with depression and sniff out illnesses, they also help inmates! - missyweirdo

I love dogs. I own a dachshund that is so very cute. So loyal, loving, and always there for me when I need her. She's always ready to obey, and whenever someone knocks the door, she freaks out in an attempt to protect the family. I find this very cute. Also, cats can be very nasty, and they are barely ever home. Sure, dogs take a bit more responsibility to care for, but they are more loyal, and in most cases, friendly, than a cat can ever be. Its worth the effort of the extra work when taking care of a dog.

This is what people don't see for 1 dogs do clean themselves I've seen it in my own backyard, cats do wake the neighbors so do dogs but dogs do this because either a cat is wandering around in there Territory or because the cats are fighting one another. This is what people don't understand cats and dogs aren't that different in behaviour except in loyalty, my dogs are very protective of the backyard especially against cats and dogs don't wander the streets like some cats do (not all cats but some)

Dogs are better than cats because they pay attention to their owners, are always willing to play, you can take them on walks, they sleep less, feel affectionate toward owners and if you love them, they will love you back. Cats just exist. In other words they don't care about their owners, feel no affection, loyalty or friendship toward them, you also can't really play or bond with your cat. They basically just live in your house

Honestly though the way a dog looks at you is just breath taking, the love they have in their eyes. I have an Australian Shepherd, he is talented and smart. If you're not committed however the don't get a dog. When a dog bonds to someone it's unbreakable so don't get a dog that you're going to end up putting in the shelter. Dogs are number one for being the most loving and protective of animals.

They are called man's best friend for a reason.

For all the dog haters, you don't have to take them outside. Train them to bark at the door when they need to go, and just let them out, and they'll bark when they want to come in again, and let them in. Dogs are friendly, loving, and loyal creatures. Some dogs may be mean or shy, but that's only because they were probably previously neglected or abused. Sure, dogs require responsibility, but they really love you for what you do for them. - benhos

Who doesn't love dogs? Losers I guess. They are so loving and fun and make you excersize. They are actually good for old people because they can help them. IF A DOG IS EVER MEAN, it is because of the OWNER or the way the owner trained it to act. It also could because of bad moments the dog has had in its life. Dogs are so nice and protective. Dachshunds (Hot Dogs) are one of the best dog breeds. They are loving and live a long time. Boxers, greyhounds, and pugs are also awesome dogs but don't live that long. Boxers are very protective and are "guard dogs" and very loving. My boxer lived to 14 years old and that is very long for a boxer.

I have the cutest chihuahua mix and she's great, very playful, and cuddly! Absolutely LOVE DOGS. And there was someone who said that cats are better than dogs, but that's not true, I mean, I love all animals, and that's including cats, I mean I love them, a lot, but I don't think their better than dogs. Dogs are WAY better than cats. Whoever said that is a moron and they need to shut the hell up.

Dogs are so much better than cats. And yes, cats DO hurt when you play with them. Dogs might, then they feel bad. Cats don't even care. Dogs bark to alert their owners that someone is knocking on the door. Ever heard of a barking cat? Dogs are just cuter and they are loyal. DOG spelled backwards is GOD. CAT is TAC. And taking dogs out for walks isn't necessary, it's beneficial for the owner and the dog, that's why they do it. So face it DOGS RULE CATS DRUEL

Just an interesting observation:

The comments about dogs in this poll are generally "dogs are great and lovely because..."

Yet comments about cats are literally all "cats are better than dogs because..."

It's just interesting to see how cat people and dog people have personalities that reflect their animal choice.

I Love dogs ;3 they are so friendly+loyal, gotta love them. I got a dog, and he always guards me+my family:-) they are also very energetic+fun to play with so they are good for kids+active adults. Every one loves them for their amazing personality, and cute. If you treat them well hey will be your best friends

I could think of millions of reasons
- dogs are by far better than kids
-dogs are more living and loyal
-once you take care of a dogs they will love you forever.
-dogs come in small medium and big sizes.
-they help people everyday whether it is helping the special need or disabled.
-how the heck are cats even cuter?
-dogs help you be healthier by doing a daily walk.
-dogs are just plain more fun than cats cause you can train the.

If you want a dog I'll consider a lad, Doberman, and Rottweiler

Dogs are also loyal and smart like k-9s and huskies but they are sorta big so just start with small or medium then big when your little or medium dog dies! But having a dog can really change your life! It can be good and just sometimes a little difficult so ask a grown up or teenager to help take care and now you know more about dogs!

I personally prefer cats for someone who likes to play here and there, but does not want something super hyper just ricocheting off the walls.
But dogs have there good traits too. Science has shown that dogs can understand how you feel based on your tone. As puppies, they are super playful, and the teething is very annoying though. The puppies tend to like ice, and as they grow, you can bribe them a little and teach them tricks like sit. But, as I have already said, you may not want something sued crazy in your house, so in the end, neither can necessarily be better than one another because one person may not be as "puppy ready" as the other person, who has tons of energy. Therefore, all of it depends on your personality type. But truly both are great, so if you are trying to pick a pet, choose wisely.

They are simply THE BEST. Man's best friend, you can't take that away from them. Much more useful (you don't get police cats for example) and will always love you unlike cats. MUCH more cuter than cats as well (and I should know, I got a dog too). Loyal, loving, protective, useful and generally underrated.

! that person with the list of why cats are better made a list that isn't even true! Dogs would never kill a person only if they are threatened. My dog nibbles on my arm. She is the cutest thing in the world. Cats don't clean themselves. They lick their paws. And your little brother isn't everyone else in the world who thinks dogs are awesome

I have two, and my puppy is very protective, he will bark at anyone who he feels is a threat to me. Dogs are the best

I hate how everyone is writing stuff about how one pet is so much better than the other. I guarantee you those people don't have the pet that they are insulting. I wont be a jerk about cats since I don't have them and I can't really argue. But please don't insult pets you don't even have.

I have a dog he has been abused all his life, yet he still loves us and is loyal. I hate cats simply because (most) of them are lazy and will scratch you. Dogs will guard you if you train them like that, I have never seen a cat give a crap about guarding humans. This is my opinion not fact!

I have lived with dogs all my. And I can only say they are clever and beautiful and loyal and so much more. They are a great friend and pal for life. They have an easy diet. And playful attitude, they will always be there for you. And so you should do the same.

I had a Yellow Lab named Palmer and he was the best dog I could ever ask for, he was always friendly and could make any one smile, I loved him more than anything in the world. He was 14 when he died on Nov. 15th 2011 and because of dogs like him dogs are number one.

Dogs are amazing. There loyal, smart with the exception, cute, fun and obedient. I've had dogs all my life and never for a moment stopped loving them. I would advise every one who wants a pet to get a dog because you can do so much stuff with them. You'll never get bored of a dog!