Best Human Possession Horror Movies

Possession, one of the scariest genres of horror. Whether it's because you can't control it, or if you believe that it could really happen, this is one of the most terrifying horror genres to ever hit the silver screen. Another facet of the fear of this genre is that so many are "based on a true story"... This List is for the possession of humans, not houses, hotels, etc.

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1 The Exorcist

The best possession movie ever... Period! Poor acting and storyline? Wow, what movie were you watching? I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Still the scariest movie ever! Scared me so bad as a child that I was 40 before I got the nerve to watch the whole movie. No other movie has ever come close!

This is number 1. The most harrowing film I've watched. Never seen a possession movie that came close.

The atmosphere was incredibly heavy, this movie was and is still a masterpiece!

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2 The Possession

This film is incredibly creepy.. For some reason the thought of a demon that pre-dates Christianity seems more malignant, and more powerful. This was a great film, well acted, well scripted, and well executed. - heather

This film was Excellent! Jeffery Dean Morgan did a Great job as expected, as did the girl playing Emily. That little girl creeped me out!

An excellent film. Number 1 on my favorite possession horror movie. - JaysTop10List

More scarier that Negan is in it. And he gets possessed.

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3 Insidious

Not scary! I watched the whole movie by myself at night by MYSELF. I am 10!

This falls as my third favourite horror movie

4 The Rite

Based on a true story, this movie has a fantastic location, cast, and story. This film shows us that no one is safe, and just because you don't believe in the devil, doesn't mean he's not there. - heather

I honestly hated this movie and found it to be boring, however I'll give the movie props for trying.

5 The Devil Inside

Definitely one of the scariest movies of all time. The only film that got me screaming!

6 The Exorcism of Emily Rose
7 Exorcist: The Beginning
8 The Conjuring

Definitely the scariest movie I've seen. I haven't seen the second one yet although I really want to. - Catlover2004

Deserves a higher spot! - Goku02

9 The Last Exorcism
10 Constantine

The Contenders

11 Fallen
12 The Evil Dead V 1 Comment
13 The Shining
14 Ragini MMS 2
15 Demons (1985)
16 Deliver Us From Evil
17 Women in Black
18 Blackwater Valley Exorcism
19 Session 9
20 The Amityville Horror
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1. The Conjuring
2. The Exorcist
3. The Possession
1. The Shining
2. The Exorcist
3. The Evil Dead
1. The Rite
2. The Possession
3. The Devil Inside



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