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21 Black Heart Rebellion

My favorite by insomnium it has an awesome blast beat and never gets boring.

Chill-inducing beauty. Must Listen.

22 Devoid of Caring
23 The Primeval Dark

THis one is from their new album, "Shadows of the dying sun"..

This song got me listening to them...

24 The Promethean Song

Has a really catchy solo throughout... Love the way the chorus and how it talks about having no hope in the purest way possible...

25 Lose to Night
26 Shadows of the Dying Sun

Greatest of Insomnium and from 2014!

27 Revelation

Lyrics are so strong that it plays in my sleep

This one should get a better plc

28 Decoherence
29 Only One Who Waits

In my opinion the best song of Insomnium, it's melodic like all the Insomnium's song but this one has something that really makes it better than the other ones.

30 Bereavement

The intro is simply one of the best I have ever heard, it is powerful and sets high expectation for the rest of the song - and it doesn't disappoint. The song's lyrics express deep, raw emotion which are complemented beautifully by the music itself. In my opinion, the best song Insomnium have produced to this day.

31 Song of the Blackest Bird

Song of the Blackest Bird is in my opinion the most emotional song of all. It's able to make you feel empowered, angry and regretful, not sure if combined or one at a time.

Sad themed song. Great melody. Deserves to be in top 10

32 Collapsing Words
33 Shades of Deep Green
34 Inertia
35 The New Beginning
36 The Lay of Autumn
37 Weighed Down with Sorrow
38 Regain the Fire
39 Black Waters

Personally this is the best!

40 Lay the Ghost to Rest
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