Best Issues Songs


The Top Ten

1 Princeton Ave

This is song has such deep meaning and is a great song! - thade126

2 King of Amarillo

Although the band themselves may not be a huge fan on this one, I think it is one of their best.

3 Hooligans

WHY isn't HOOLIGANS number 1 this is there best song in my opinion

4 Never Lose Your Flames

Best off their new album! My opinion

5 Boyfriend

I love this song

6 Mad at Myself
7 Stingray Affliction
8 Love, Sex, Riot
9 The Worst of Them

One of their best song.. this should be on the top three at least :(

10 Late

An amazing pop-sort-of twist to the Issues we all know and love. It is nice to see bands breaking genre borders and taking the risk of trying something a bit new.

The Contenders

11 Life of a Nine

My favorite! You need to hear it

12 Black Diamonds
13 The Langdon House
14 Her Monologue

I absolutely love this song. It's my favorite.

15 Sad Ghost
16 Disappear (Remember When)

One of my absolute favorite songs by Issues. Deserves to at least be in the Top five!

This is there best song to me. Love it!

17 Tears On the Runway Pt. 2
18 Personality Cult
19 Home Soon
20 Slow Me Down
21 Coma
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