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1 Drunken Master

Jackie chan you are real super star

Movie salute this movie

Super movie and number 2

Best action comedy... you are the best jackei chan

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2 Rush Hour

It was best buddy cop action-comedy martial arts film in the history of hollywood

This is very good movie. I like this movie.

It's the best ever! Carter acts like and idiot but he's so funny and chan is the king of of spy movies and Kung fu

Superb action

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3 Rush Hour 2

Jackie your movies r the best movies of the world! I like your all movies...

Tucker and Chan r outstanding, unbelievable.
I saw the movie more than 1000 times. Not at all boring.
Salute 4 you guys.

Dis movie is simply awesome...

4 Rumble in the Bronx

A great flick about crime in The Bronx in New York and how the new immigrant Jackie Chan has to deal with them - roblist

Jackie chan is outstanding his stunts amazing what a movie to be watched.

Did you actually bleed from those bottles

Movie shantanu thanks

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5 The Legend of Drunken Master

Drunken Boxing is ultimate...Jackie you r awesome

They fact that all of his truly best movies are all under all the not one but all three of the Rush Hour Movies is extremely depressing The Rush Hour Movies are not better than his Classics: Fearless Hyena, Snake in Eagle Shadow, Young Master, Project A, Armour of God, and Police Story; also this movie should be in the number one spot or at least number 2

Jackie chan is the best there is and ever will be

What? Number 7?

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6 Rush Hour 3

The conclusion of the Rush Hour Series - roblist

This movie so comedy that I forgot my sadness it's a very good movie

Great and funny

I think Jackie doesn't need a comedian but 4 this both r awesome.
Marvellous performance guys.

7 New Police Story

This movie is fantastic (emotional and action). I really love it

What an action movie

Come to think about it... This is one of the strongest performances of Jackie's career

One of the best movies

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8 Kung Fu Panda 2
9 Police Story 3: Super Cop

Even for Jackie the action in this movie is insane. The train scene alone makes this movie worthwhile

Wounder full action movie I like it

Nice story

I lot of love j c he can't afraid every scence.,

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10 The Karate Kid

It was the #1 movie in America, until dumb Toy Story 3 came along. I think Kung Fu Panda should be on here though. (I know Jack Black played Po, but Jackie Chan was still in it. )

Jackie Chans latest movie about a man who teaches a wimpy teenager how to fight and learn discipline in the skills of Kung Fu - roblist

The film has loads of information and especially every children may like this movie. The one of the best martial arts movie is the karate kid.

Why is every character Asian

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? The Lego Ninjago Movie


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11 The Forbidden Kingdom

Jackie chan is a best actor in all world and I am a big fan of jackie chan or I am a pakistani

Jackie is best in all world

He is the great actor

The Best Jackie Chan Action Adventure movie..

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12 Kung Fu Panda

Kung fu panda is very funny

And this

13 Robin B Hood

Its awesome movie, showing the light side of the great JC awesome emotions n stunts...

It's a comedy, action and fully entertainment movie

This is great movie and great story of a child

Great touching story

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14 Police Story

A story of Jackie Chan who must locate a missing warhead - roblist

The original and
Masterpiece in his extensive catalogue
A treasure just like
Dragons Forever
Meals on Wheels
Crime story
Young master
Armour of god
Project A

15 Chinese Zodiac

Great movie full comedy action

I have to watch this

The best movie of jackei chan

Good Jack

16 Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

Amanda Grimm My Book Jackie Chan is a Boy who is used as a Janitor at his kung Fu School. Jackie Chan can't fight and is Always getting Bullied by the Teachers and Pupils. one day an old man helps Jackie train Jackie create his owe Style and Mixes it with the Snake's fist. his Style is based on the movement and actions of a cat. one day the old man is trouble by a man who dose' the Eagle's Claw' and Jackie helps the old man

This movie is the best on best movie

Best Jackie Chan movie ever

Strong comical debut with iconic fight scenes, even if the movies is a little bit outdated, that is also the charm of it.

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17 Shanghai Knights








Chon Wang and Roy O Bannon go to England and end up in a lot of historical events, with a lot of laughs and stunts from Jackie Chan in the Sequel to Shanghai Knights - roblist

It is one of the best comedy and action movie of chan

Great entertainment

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18 Operation Condor 2: The Armour of God

This movie has one of the funniest fights in history when they were underground with the planes so hilarious.

After Drunken Master. This is it Very Nice

Attaboy Jackie!

19 Jackie Chan's First Strike

This should be in the top 5

Wow rush hour 3 is ranked higher than this what is wrong with you people

How can it be on no 17

He is famuos in my conuntry, Libya

20 Who Am I?

The Best stunts and a great story. Who could ask for more out a Jackie Chan movie!

He has lost his memory due to a terrible fall in South Africa and cannot remember his name and recent events, - roblist

Nice film, nice action, nice jackie

My favorite

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21 Jackie Chan's Police Story

Shame it's not in top 3! Funny, almost full of action, probably Jackie fought the most in this movie, the stunts, his character...everything fits.

Deserves #1

Come on this should be on the top spot cause its the best martial arts + action movies for its raw stunts and fight scenes which sets the bar for any wannabe action stars.

22 Project A

One of the best stunts ever..
The fall from the clock tower..
This movie should be higher in list

Best movie of Jackie chan but not in English

One of the finest!

23 Young Master

Its just the best Jackie Chan movie ever

Two thumbs up

24 The Spy Next Door

It's the best movie I ever saw and I am a big fan of chan

I will like to see you in real life

It is good film as per the comedy it was on level of the pacifier

Best movie it's a do watch

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25 Mr. Nice Guy

Jackie Chan is battling evil in the streets of Melbourne Australia - roblist

This is the one of best movie of jacky chan.

26 Operation Condor
27 Wheels on Meals


Good comedy and nice story

28 Kung Fu Panda 3
29 City Hunter

I like city hunter because in this movie jc is so handsome, sweat guy I love city hunter [incredible]


30 Shanghai Noon

One of my favorite Jackie Chan movies! Funny and Intense. The other favorite is Shanghai Knights. Can't believe these two were not the top rated ones. Just such a wonderful mix of story, fighting, and funny.

A western cowboy movie about an Easterner who is in the Wild West, 19th century - roblist

My opinion is this movie is good

This movie was real good! - HezarioSeth

31 The Myth

Most sad and touching movie in the list

Very lovely movie

Love story with rebirth
Excellent and heart touching movie I had ever seen

32 Little Big Soldier

One of the best stories to an action movie I have ever seen.

33 Dragon Blade

Nice movie

Jeki chen hii is the best

34 Police Story 2

Great action jackie

35 New Fist of Fury
36 The Fearless Hyena


37 Gorgeous

I like masked men fighting with jackey, the final part when leaving after the fight


I like it

38 1911
39 The Founding of a Republic
40 Twin Dragons

Super comedy and super action

41 Skiptrace
42 Around the World In 80 Days

It is also a nice Jackie Chan movie
and different from the others

Nice movie for scientists and interesting story

43 The Medallion

The best movie which unleashes all the powers that you want to see in a perfect hero like Jackie Chan. Perfect movie.

Its a very good movie to watch..

Sub-par movie that is very forgettable great for the children - germshep24

Nice story and cool movie

44 The Tuxedo

Can't believe that this one is last on the list. Funny story with plenty of action and the Chemistry between Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt ( which proves that she's a great actress. Many well-known actresses aren't able to starring next to Jackie Chan ) works as a charm.

Good movie, nice action, stunts and an overall great performance by Jackie Chan. Should be in the top 20...

The most disappointing movie since he got famous, there is very little action, some of the comedy is cringeworthy, it fails at almost every level. Jackie Chan has done many good movies he is allowed a few turds and even the worst movie will still have its fans it is Jackie Chan afterall - germshep24

45 Thunderbolt

I'm surprised this wasn't up there. It's one of his better ones.

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