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1 Hades

Are you animals? Listening such songs gonna affect you mentally!

Hades should be first the best song kalmah have ever done great solo and just a all round awesome song
KALMAH are probably better then Children of bodom?

This is the trademark of Kalmah. The riffs, melody, solo, vocals everything is just mind blowing. The solo is filled with emotions.

It's definitely the best one of Kalmah.

2 Heroes to Us

Awesome starting... I love this song... This is the best song from kalmah... I think, its better than hades... Get I enjoy the rock...

It's my god damn ringtone!

Yeah! This is the best Kalmah song ever! Awesome intro, awesome riffing. Actually this is the best melodic death metal song I've ever heard! Kalmah are even better than Children of Bodom!

Well That was the first track I've heard from them and from the start this song has some kinda power it has some magic hard to explain though but definitely that track is no. 1 for me

3 The Blind Leader

Best death metal solo ever, purely unbelievable

The song just blew me away the first time I heard it.. best riff best solo in the whole kalmah's song kalmah best melodic death metal band ever

Deserves top 3. One of the best solos. And the pace of the song is unbelievable.

In my opinion their best solo.. Have been listening to them for a long time!

4 Withering Away

Love this song. The chorus and prechorus are what makes this song great in my opinion.

Although I really like Heritance of Berija (especially the violin introduction), I just can't get over Withering Away. It will always be one of my favorite songs. - djh101

5 Evil In You

Best song they have ever performed.

This one is actually has the best extreme power/melodeath metal solo out there you have to hear it

Most epic song ever!

6 They Will Return

This song is quintessential Kalmah, deserves to be higher. One of the great riffs ever.

What its like got the best solo ever just listen to it and you will vote for it right away on of the best melodic death

This is my favorite. The solo is heavenly. The lyrics is backed up by perfectly synced drums. All together give the unadulterated Kalmah experience. Love it. Just listen once!

This song is so epic that it should be the no. 1 kalmah song..

7 Heritance of Berija

The perfect example of perfect balance, great power riffs, the melodic keys, and energy that make you feel the enviroment justo great

Beautiful Masterpiece of Melodic Death Metal. - Flav

8 The Groan of Wind

Awesome intro with melodic guitar and those hair raising vocals... Yup tats kalmah for you baby (-o-).

This is the best song of kalmah all time. Great guitar riff and also great harmony of the song. This is the best song I have ever hear. Kalmah rock the world yee

I love how they show us that we just can not beat the nature. Awesome song by the way!

Much Better than Heroes to us

9 Moon of My Nights

This song is absolutely a masterpiece and very different than your usual kalmah song but that's what makes it great its uniqueness and the guitar melody is great and just epic to say the least. - Solthor

An epic song of kalmah. For these song they deserve to be a melodic dead metal band. - arshesazidornok

I think Hades should be number 1, but this one is my personal favorite. Epic song.

10 The Third, The Magical

Awesome track really.. One of the best mind-blowing melodic death metal songs by the masters of melodic death metal KALMAH! - nooreldeen

11 th are you kidding me!
Its got like the most magical solo ever, Definitely number 1

Not number one but don't deserve to be so low

The Contenders

11 The Black Waltz

Black Waltz is one of the best songs of Death Metal and also one the best what I heard. This is favorite song of Kalmah. You should listen it for vote

Best melodic death song ever, the chorus, the symphony, the Riff and the Solo

12 Seventh Swamphony

This is also a good song by kalmah. The thing that I loved the most was the harmony and main solo that was awesome in my opinion this song is the best GREAT JOB KALMAH

13 My Nation

This song is a masterpiece this song human fates, and kill the idealist, and principal hero are all the best off of that album in my opinion. But I love how this song incorporates piano, and organ to great melodic and rhythmic guitar riffs and gives it an overall sad tone. And the message that the lyrics bring is an eye opener as well. The message about how religion or the crusades between the muslims and christians were in the name of god supposedly and unnecessary blood was spilled for no reason but to use god to justify violence, murder, and war. - Solthor

This song is a masterpiece and probably my favorite out off al kalmah songs it's so different and I never get tired of listening to it. this song human fates, and kill the idealist, and principal hero are all the best off of that album in my opinion. But I love how this song incorporates piano, and organ to great melodic and rhythmic guitar riffs and gives it an overall sad tone. And the message that the lyrics bring is an eye opener as well. The message about how religion or the crusades between the Muslims and Christians were in the name of god supposedly and unnecessary blood was spilled for no reason but to use god to justify violence, murder, and war. - Solthor

Are you kidding me right now this song is the second best kalmah song right up there with human fates off of they will return. it has a great transition from soft piano and sad vocals too all out growling and screaming and then the Oregan is great too very sad and then there's the compelling message that hints about the religious crusades that took place between the Muslims and the Christian crusaders it's a masterpiece and should be higher with human fates as first.

14 Alteration

An orgasm from beginning to end. Some of the best guitar melodies.

This song has the best solo ever

This is right up there with hades... Sick solo...

15 Swamphell

Man this song is definitely about swamplord and definitely is a call out to the murky waters of the swamp and a struggle of identity of who swamplord master was or the man under the carpet of moss the man behind swamplord. - Solthor

Epic riffs. If you haven't heard to this, give it, a try and I bet you won't find a moment where you can stop yourself from head banging. The entire album is awesome

16 To the Gallows

Amazing song! The guitarwork is melodic as hell, which sets the mood even during the most depressing moments.

This is the best song off The Black Waltz. I can't believe I had to add To The Gallows myself. A very underrated song that sets the bar very high for all other melodic death metal bands

I love this song. Every riff is fantastic and the chorus just gives off an amazing feeling, I listen to it almost every day and also have a lot of fun playing it on guitar.
No doubt one of kalmahs best works and a melodeth masterpiece in general.

17 12 Gauge

It's one of the best songs of kalmah from their best album 12 gauge

18 Ready for Salvation

The riffs,the solo,the lyrics
All combine to make an amazing song

19 The Trapper

From the new album

20 Sacramentum

This is best among other songs of KALMAH


Hey guys! You hadnt listen to this yet? It MUST be in top 5! Just listen tu the music... Then youll find out

21 Bird of Ill Omen


Move this up idiots. People and so called fans are only interested in scanning the popular songs. - Vip3r

One of the best metal riffs I've ever heard, and the drums in the intro and outro are godly. I never knew it was possible to even play that fast. Brilliant song and definitely one of their best.

So low, it's the best track off the album., seems like no body even bothered to listen to underrated and beautiful track and instead went on listening to the popular songs only. Real shame.

22 Cloned Insanity
23 Suodeth

Come on this song is underrated it has the most epic intro go I bet you didn t listen to it yet!

24 Like a Slave

Meaningful song... Testit once

25 Pikemaster
26 Wolves On the Throne

The best song from their new album Has such an evil haunting melody.

The best song from the album, such a nice melody

27 Outremer

Outremer is the best song of Kalmah in my opinion. I used to hear the song every time when I was about to appear any exams. The variation of music and the keyboard work is too awesome in this song.

28 Kill the Idealist

This Is the best song of this guys, I think It must be first in list, I just love this song and can listen it over and over

Eargasm! I love Kalmah.

29 Hook the Monster
30 Dance of the Water

Totally underrated. It‘s clearly top 10 for me. Very melodic, great guitar intro, great outro. Not sure why this so low (currently #34) seems like totally flying under the radar for no good resson

This one should be in the Kalmah top 1 slow bpm songs. And I think it's the best (melodic) intro solo of their whole disco

31 For the Revolution
32 One From the Stands

Very underrated. It was the first song that caught my attention. I just can't stop listing to it, and feel that it is already a song I with favor when it comes to this band. Though I have not listened to all of the songs within this list, I know for certain this will remain a favorite.

33 Defeat

Wonderful song. Deserves to be within the Top 15 if not 10

Awesome dueling guitar vs keys solo

34 Hollow Heart


35 Time Takes Us All

The lyrics are amazing and the music is epic. I like how this song has more growling than high pitched screaming. The intro = mind blowing.

36 Deadfall

Can't believe this one was not even in the list... I thought everything after the black waltz was a joke, but this song changed my mind, just listen to it once and vote for it!

37 Hollo
38 Tordah
39 Swampwar
40 Using the Word

I am literally shocked to see this down at this bowels of hell like can any human not feel struck by the melody in this song.

This must be no1 song once listen it and u will know y

41 Bitter Metallic Side
42 Burbot's Revenge
43 Bullets Are Blind
44 Windlake Tale
45 One of Fail
46 Black Roija
47 Principle Hero
48 Black Marten's Trace
49 Wings of Blackening
50 Human Fates

I can't believe I had to add this one on here that's sad as hell man this song right here is what got me into kalmah the organ and the interesting guitar effects are amazing, not only that but it has a sad tone and mood especially when the organ starts playing very dark and menacing. Then there's the awesome guitar melodies and riffs that go very well with the overall instrumentation of the song but that organ part is really what made the song great and the vocals too. The lyrics and the message are very relatable to anyone. - Solthor

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