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101 Spike in My Veins

76 what the f? You know this song exists, right everybody?

Top 20 song at least!

My favorite song. #1 baby.

102 Black is the Soul Black is the Soul

This song will definitely become a classic in few more years. Epic riffs, and memorable moments. I love the new album, but this might be in my top 3 list.

This song deserves to be in the top10. Easily the best track of the new album. JUST GIVE ME BACK MY LIFE!

First song that I listen from Korn and still can't get enough from it. Good riffs and perfect vocal deserve to be respectfully in the top 10

103 Camel Song

This is a very underrated KoRn Song! I wish they would play this live!

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104 Porno Creep

My favorite instrumental song ever, better than metallicas instrumentals - EliHbk

105 Break Some Off

Well there are tons of badass korn songs but I would really like to see this one higher. I mean the hatefilled growling in this one is really quite cool and one of the better moments on take a look in the mirror. of course we can all say freak on a leash is the very best thing korn has put out and rightly so but its important to show appreciation for the pieces of the bands catalogue that are less known. korn is truly one of the finest bands

Johnathan David's growls in break some off are pretty bad ass, if people would take the time to listen to Korn less popular songs, people would learn to appreciate music more, like listening to the album as a whole, instead of three or four songs out of the whole album.

This needs to get bumped up higher. This one does a really great job of combining their soft sound and they're pissed off I'm gonna kill you sound. Plus some of the best growling I've ever heard!

106 Ever Be

This song is so underrated and it gets really intense for the last half

Awesome song! Slow pace and different, but still great.

107 Counting V 1 Comment
108 Throw Me Away V 2 Comments
109 All in the Family

A funny, great song that thrives despite featuring Fred Durst. Not an easy task.

... Where your father had your mother
Your mother had your brother
It's just too bad your father's mad
Your mother's now your lover

This song cracks me up every time. I love Jonathan's rejoinders in the background to Fred's taunts.

Great song, it the ending is pretty weird

110 Innocent Bystander

Can't believe this isn't higher. It has such a haunting and catchy chorus! It's awesome!

111 Earache My Eye
112 Take Me

This is one of their newest songs so some people probably haven't heard this song yet. This song is really cool and even though it's not their conventional style it rocks

This video just came out if your a KoRn fan you'll love this

113 Wake Up Hate

Need to be in the top 20 or 30

Should be at least 30

114 Play Me (ft. Nas)

Gotta love this song, especially JD's part, it's AMAZING!

How is this so low? This song is great!

115 Eaten Up Inside

Very nice song. Should be higher then 83. Vote this up!

This song is amazing. Give it a try, listen it and vote it up.

116 Reclaim My Place

How could you? Reclaim My Place is one of the best songs of Korn and you know it!

How is this not in the top 10's?! This is one of my favourite Korn songs of all time

How the hell is this 110? Best KoRn song if you ask me.


117 Fuels the Comedy

Are you guys serious? Why this not on here This song is addicting, I love it.

118 Silent Hill

Awesome song. I want this type of song more in future...

Best song by korn. I want this types of songs more from there next album... Mohaiminul Kabir AMIO, Bangladesh, Dhaka... Mobil:880201674711167

119 Starting Over

Guys come on! Are you f'ing serious, this is like the most mind blowing song ever! You must give it a try before overlooking it like this!

I can't believe that this song is at 114! It absolutely deserves undoubtedly a much higer place.

120 Sean Olson V 1 Comment
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