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1 Tigress

I can relate to her a lot. And in the first movie can you really blame her for being angry? She seemed to be chosen and would finally make her Father proud for once but then a panda comes out of nowhere landing in front of you being chosen

Tigress is one person I can compare to. She can be courageous and strong but at the same time she can be defensive and nurturing. I understand her backstory was a tragedy, but we've all been through a loss and have gone through life with ups and downs. Tigress is my favorite because I can compare to her and I loved tigers before Kung Fu Panda came out :3 now here is it.

I loved how shes changes from the first movie to the second, from at first being resentful to kind and understanding. Hated her in the first movie, but she is the best character by far in the second. One my favourite Dreamworks female heroines.

I really love Tigress, mainly because I can relate to her. We share similar characters and personalities, which is enough for me to put her at the top of my list.

2 Po

Po Is the best. He is funny and very strong. He is not only the Dragon Warrior he is also the big fat panda

He is the strongest character and main character in kung fu panda series

I love po because he is funny and defeated kai and oogway is the one whom I cannot forget in movies

The character everyone can be. Transformative. Inspirational.

3 Tai Lung

Who would vote for Tailung, Oogway said Tai lung has Darkness in his Heart, Why does every people on earth pick and judge the characters by there Strength. We could never judge a people with Physical Abilities but never a Dark Special Ability. We can't, So would we want this guy to go back and destroy once again? No. If he returns out good on Kung Fu Panda, I would say this thing "A Vase is Once Broken, Then a Vase can return its Pieces as a Vase but there are still Cracks we are never sure of". I just don't understand why people choose bad characters with strong abilities. It is just like choosing Power over Responsibility. But this Movie is only fictional though, But Many Times Today People in Reality Prioritize Strong People, No Matter what there Appearance is. Remember Right is Right, Wrong is Wrong. Let us say a Superhero has cool abilities and many people liked him even though he is evil, Many People rely on him, So can we trust him, Yes I know in Reality, Nobody would do that ...more

Tai Lung was the best villain in the series he was intimidating even when he was calm he was complex and unpredictable Tai Lung was just a beast the only people that could defeat him was Po and Oggway...Tai Lung destroyed the Furious Five without a sweat and almost killed Shi Fu I also felt for Tai Lung and how tragic his story was all he wanted was to make Shi Fu proud and did everything he could to impress him

I have so many questions about this character, but what is the most interesting about him us his history. Like what was he like before he tuened bad? Why did he wanted the dragon scroll? And, how was it that he wasn't the dragon warrior yet still had a lot of skill in Kung if. I seemed that he was practically born with it.

The most underrated character in the franchise and yet, he's one of the most interesting ones. I do hope he does come back in the future, maybe not as the antagonist but join the heroes because, let's be honest, he was one when he was young. Wouldn't that be cool!

4 Lord Shen

Lord Shen needs a spin-off movie where he survive and he move to Japan.

He found redemption and he will protect Japan.

He was the most cunning and complex villain in the series. Also one of the most beautifully animated

Speaking of birds, make a top 10 bird villains list featuring all movies were birds are villains

Smartly written villain with an actually reasonable motive. Also sleek and intelligent.

5 Master Oogway

Master Oogway invented Kung Fu. He was only barely defeated by Kai who had the had the chi of like 11 master warriors, so it would have been like a fight of 12 to 1. The only reason Po is able to beat Kai at the end is with the chi energy from the villagers, which was like 50 pandas (who have powerful chi-harnessing capabilities). Also, we already know Master Oogway is stronger than Kai because he defeated him and sent him to the spirit realm in the first place.

He is the creator of kung fu trained master shi fu and stopped tai lung with one hand! Now if that is not enough Master Oogway had the wisdom to predict what is going to happen. Lastly he never turned dark after training Master after Master who became evil.

Master Oogway probably is the best character that this franchise has ever seen and he is at the top of the master hierarchy and deserves to be #1, not to mention this guy is the smartest man I know. people think sometimes: "what would Jesus do" but I think "what would master Oogway do".

Master oogway is the best overall, he knows all and knows everyones weakness's. He can connect with the spirit world and has no fear. And everyone has respect for him. And master Oogway unraveled the mysteries of harmady and focus at the pool of sacred tears also the birth place of kung fu.

6 Master Shifu

As Po said in legends of awesomeness, shifu is the greatest and most powerful kung fu master in all of china (but maybe after oogway died).He should be number 1!

A really good character development, I'm sure there are many people like shifu out there

In kung fu panda 3, Po described Shifu as a legend to his biological father, Li.

He's so cool, he just teleports everywhere in the 2nd movie

7 Kai

He his the best of all and he was able to defeat viper, mantis, monkey, crane, eagle, crocodile, porcupine and he almost caught po half but due to the finger print and the dragon helped po. Kai fought the dragon as well as po

I say kai is the best because I like him and he fought master shifu and won

He is really really strong and has 2 blades

He is the strongest because he defeated master oogway

8 Monkey

I love Monkeys. That's why Master monkey is my favorite character of Kung fu Panda.


9 Viper

She is such a sweetheart. She is really nice to her friends, of course. That's why I like her.

Why is she so low? She's a great kung fu master and a real sweetie

She is da best so caring. She would never throw someone under the bus. She was so nice to Po at his time of need.

Not my favorite but really cool I like her style a lot

10 Crane

Crane is my second favorite Kung Fu Panda character ever.

I have always love Crane he is my favorite in Kung Fu Panda

Crane is definitely my favorite character

Crane is awesome!

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11 Mantis

Classic Seth Rogen So Gunny

12 Master Ox
13 Mr. Ping

He is daddy material

Mr. Ping Rikes Nooders and Roves Chickan Frie Rice

Rikes Nooders and Roves Chickan Frie Rice

14 Grand Master Oogway

Oogway got little to his name before the 2nd movie. Sure he was cool and all but not much was known of him, in the 3rd movie he gets a HUGE role as well as being in Secrets of the Scroll. He also had a role in Secrets of the Masters. By the end of all this he ends up being very fleshed out, powerful and also rather amusing.
He deserves to be in the top 3 or 4.

He should be on the list surely, he is a grandmaster

He is do very powerful he should be number 1 he is even more powerful than po

I agree with you

15 Master Thundering Rhino

He is the greatest in the Kung fu council.

He has a cool suit

double dad defence

He defeated Shen

16 Po's Dad

Don't you mean Li Shan?

17 Master Chicken

Master chicken is the coolest chicken out there. With his awesome feather blades, and his unbelievable courage, I think that Master Chicken is the best character in Kung Fu Panda 3 (Even though he might be a bit fat.).

this is a line from the 3rd movie... even master chicken is going in there and he's a chicken

18 Yijiro
19 Master Yao

This guy mastered all of kung fu 100 percent and he defeated temu Tai and his army without moving a muscle. His chi can put every kung-fu master combined to shame. P. S. he has a higher rank than celestial Phoenix.

He is a great master as he is the only one who knows five seactreats of kung fu

20 Fenghuang

Fenghuang is the coolest. She beat the furious five and master shifu. She is the strongest in the past furious five:-P

I wish we could see more of her. She was a fantastic villain.

21 Ke-Pa

Ke-Pa an actual dragon that knocked out po, the furious five and shifu with easy! he,s the Real Dragon Warrior

He easily took care of everyone

Know what? Ke-Pa means 'scary in Chinese.

he defeated oogway tho

22 Wolf Boss

It's a shame that Shen was his killer.

23 Master Chao

He is awesome he trained with junjie and shifu even though they are on the same level both treat him better.

24 Jindiao

Even though this character is not to known since he has only been seen in the kung fu panda paws of destiny T.V. show, he is still awesome after you get to know him. Except for him being extremely powerful in his dragon form, he still has some pretty good villain traits. He is ready to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goal. Also, he does not care about his allies like jade tusk. Classic Villain!

birdy dragon

25 Temutai
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