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1 Don't Waste Your Life

This song it's amazing. I can't stop listening to it.

This song is AMAZING! I can't stop listening to it!

2 Tell the World

This is an awesome song to spread the word of God to the world

The message is awesome and so is the rapping.

This song is so catchy... Amazing - MKinAfrica

3 Confe$$Ions

I love this song lyrical content...confessions of a millionaire...

One of the beast songs EVER. PERIOD.

4 Prayin for You

I dunno, his older music was just better (although his newer songs are good too.) The flow, beat, and twist at the end are just so powerful and beautiful

He has never done another song like this and I just love the twist at the end.

Best message in his entire catalog - dhjin2

5 Just Like You

By far the best! - Eminem50CentFanForLife

6 All I Need is You

This definitely one of my favorite songs.

Come on! You put this Grammy song at 42nd place?!

#14 really you monsters

7 Jesus Muzik

Awesome sound. Extremely relevant topic.

Jesus muzik is crazy I'm back on d grind again dis is hypein

8 Background

Didn't like it at first but I love it now. Absolutely amazing

9 God is Enough

Am really inspired the way you write those lyrics it is helping me do mine too

10 Go Hard

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11 I'm Turnt

This is awesome so catchy and practical.

12 Nuthin

Courageous effort to speak against common cliche and modern world influence particularly in music. My favourite and defintely top 5.

13 Misconception, Pt. 2

Best song on Crae's new album easily. Although it features many artists, I still think it accurately portrays what Lecrae's mission is.

14 Sidelines
15 Co-Sign, Pt. 2

YEEE! This is the best Lecrae song by far!

16 Joyful Noise
17 Fanatic
18 Rebel Intro

Rebel sums up my life as a rogue christian. Everyday I break stereotypes about teenage guys my age because I live counter-cultural.

19 Gravity
20 I'm a Saint
21 Beautiful Feet

One of his best songs conceptually - dhjin2

22 I Know
23 Take Me As I Am

Tells how you need to just go to Jesus and let him change you and not to do on your own but go to Him.

24 Messengers
25 Boasting

This one should be #1

26 Say I Won't
27 Give In
28 Fear

Such an honest song about how, despite his status, he still struggles with the same anxieties that everyone else does

29 Children of the Light
30 Timepiece
31 Higher
32 Sell Out

That song you just drop your jaw on... Incredible.

33 Killa
34 Believe

Most underrated song on the CC2 mixtape, incredible unconventional beat and catchy lyrics make it his greatest song ever.

35 Far Away
36 Fakin'
37 Broken
38 Runners
39 Welcome to America

Can't believe this wasn't on this list yet!

40 Dirty Water
41 Outsiders
42 Cruising
43 Can't Do You
44 Fuego
45 Identity

Nicely done wit datruth and jr

46 Free from It All
47 Cray Button (Family Force 5)
48 Lucky Ones
49 Round of Applause
50 New Shalom
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1. Background
2. Boasting
3. Fanatic
1. Fear
2. Sidelines
3. Timepiece
1. Misconception, Pt. 2
2. All I Need is You
3. Co-Sign, Pt. 2

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