Best Left 4 Dead 2 Melee Weapons

These in my opinion the best one from top to bottom, vote what you think is the best.

The Top Ten Best Left 4 Dead 2 Melee Weapons

1 Katana

The rarest one but it is very useful! - garretthernandez

2 Fire Axe

This thing is the best you can take down a charger with one hit with this thing. - garretthernandez

3 Chainsaw

Only flaw is that you have to pump it up every time you pull it out. - garretthernandez

4 Crowbar
5 Machete
6 Cricket Bat
7 Baseball Bat
8 Electric Guitar
9 Nightstick

I do like how they drop off the SWAT team zombies after you kill them. - garretthernandez

10 Frying Pan

Only use it when I'm absolutely desperate for a melee weapon - garretthernandez

The Contenders

11 Gnome Chompski
12 Golf Club
13 Foam Finger
14 Combat Knife
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