Best Lesser Known Linkin Park Songs

This is a list full of songs that are lesser known to the masses by Linkin Park.

The Top Ten Best Lesser Known Linkin Park Songs

1 Don't Stay

How does no one know about this song? It is epic!

Don't stay is a frikin awesome song that should
1 have a video
2 be in the rock charts and be at the top
Made meteora.

2 Pushing Me Away

This is one of their best songs I don't know why more people don't know it!

This one should be higher. Not only does it sound great but you should here the live piano version, Chester sound amazing in it. - lukestheman4

3 With You
4 Points of Authority

This song rocks. It has an awesome beat throughout the whole thing and might even rival some of Linkin Park's better known songs. I don't know anyone who wouldn't like it. - lukestheman4

This is such an underrated song! If you listen to it a few times you'll like it. I'd even put it in the regular top ten LP songs...

5 And One

This is a really old song, Linkin Park's first to be exact. It had an awesome beat to it, the music was slammin, the lyrics were touching, and the rapping was so cool. - lukestheman4

This song should be recognize.. this is the original roots of Linkin Park...
Chester's vocals here is like a beast! And mike's rap verses at the end made the song great!.. lp rocks

6 Wretches and Kings
7 Figure.09

It The Best RapRock Song For Linkin Park It's Not Well Known

It's The Best Rap~Rock Song For Them & Nu-Metal Song It's Strange Name So It's not Well Known Just Listen To It! It The Best Song For Them!

Have Fun Guys Hope For You Nice Day

Best Altren~Rock ~ Best RapRock% Best Nu-Metal
Best Songs For Them In Meatora Album I Hope It Become Known
If It Well Known

8 In My Remains
9 What We Don't Know
10 A Place for My Head

Their best song by far with a great build up at the end. - chickasawcaleb

Chester brings out all his emotions so well that it makes me go absolutely crazy!

I'm sure a sick song like this deserves a better place than 10th!
The rapping,the screaming,and the opening!
Really this is my favorite song in LP

The Contenders

11 Blackout
12 Qwerty

QWERTY- A name no other band has come up with. And the song sounds as great as the name! Chester's screams sound pretty epic; the guitar is dirty (the way I like it! ), and complete with a sick beat. THIS is the TRUE sound of Rock!

My answer is this song, should be higher

13 A-Six
14 Nobody's Listening

epic mix of alternative rock and hip hop/rap

15 Carousel
16 Homecoming
17 Across the Line

This song is amazing, but most Linkin Park fans don't even know it exists! It's a bonus track on Minutes to Midnight, if you didn't know. It fits in well with the album, and it's so dark and beautiful. It helped me through seventh grade.

This song is awesome!


18 Hit the Floor

Here, Chester's vocals is awesome!
He can sing in many different ways!
I love it when he shouts..
He makes me feel thet I want to scream like

19 When They Come for Me
20 Hands Held High
21 She Couldn't
22 The Little Things Give You Away


23 Easier to Run
24 No More Sorrow
25 Reading My Eyes
26 By Myself

This song has the best lyrics and the strongest meaning of almost all of their songs.

27 The Messenger

This song was when I realized how endowed Chester Bennington's vocals were. Up until I heard this song, I listened to them because of Shinoda's sick (and clean) rhyming, Chester's screams, and the epic track that they produced. But with most of the instrumental sounds stripped from The Messenger, Chester's voice takes front stage. And it is amazing. After this song, I gained a newfound appreciation for Chester's vocal talent, and I have wanted to attend a LP concert ever since then.

28 In Pieces
29 Forgotten - Linkin Park

This has to be one of the best songs Linkin Park has ever created!

30 A Line in the Sand


31 Runaway
32 Robot Boy
33 Hunger Strike
34 Dedicated
35 Cure for the Itch
36 Keys to the Kingdom
37 I'll Be Gone
38 Blackbirds
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