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1 Scar Scar Scar is the main antagonist of Disney's 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King. He was the second son of Ahadi and Uru — who were, at one time, King and Queen of the Pride Lands — the younger brother of Mufasa, and the uncle of Simba.

He's so adorable and easily my favorite villain of all time. He's relatable and likable. He's just that misunderstood villain who doesn't care about or like anyone. He's just so amazing. I love Scar with all my heart.

Scar is easily my favourite Disney villain. He's really relatable and has that evil feel to him.

I love scar he has something different than every other Lion King character his song is easily my favorite in the movie it is so good scar is an amazing singer. He has a very very flamboyant personality is sarcastic and sassy and is the most expressive character in that movie in my opinion

I'm playing scar in a musical I'm doing( the lion king don't know if you've heard of it) and am super excited... wish me luck

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2 Mufasa Mufasa Mufasa is a major character in Disney's 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King. He is Simba's father, Sarabi's mate, Scar's older brother, and was King of the Pride Lands until his death.

To tell you the truth, I honestly don't like this guy.

His voice is iconic whether he's Vader or Mufasa!

There won't be Simba without Mufasa

He is an extremely wise leader and father and as we can see, would do anything for his family.

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3 Simba Simba Simba is a fictional character who appears in Disney's The Lion King franchise. Introduced in Walt Disney Animation's 32nd animated feature film The Lion King (1994), the character subsequently appears in its sequels The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998) and The Lion King 1½ (2004).

Simba is adorable as a cub and handsome as a adult. He has a big heart but he also learns to be carefree and open. I love Simba!

Simba is so cute and he is brave. He was hurt a lot and got past it and found his inner strength

He's my favourite. Cute as a cub, majestic as hell as a lion

He should be number 1!

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4 Timon Timon

Timon is adorable and has such a fun personality. He makes me laugh and he is a great loyal friend to simba and pumba

He is the best - Bizcut4life

Who doesn't love this wisecrack? - JasePowers


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5 Nala Nala Nala is a fictional character who appears in Disney's The Lion King franchise and is introduced in the animated film The Lion King in 1994.

She is so cute

She and shenzi should be at the top! They are much better than mufasa! - girly-dog-girl

I think if it were not for her they would die with scar as king


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6 Rafiki Rafiki

Rafiki should be #1! It's because of him that Simba learned from his mistakes, withdrew his spirit and fought for his land!

"I played Rafiki in a school play and I had so much fun with it. He is wise, crazy, serious, what's not to like? Rafiki makes every one smile and pretty much, he taught Simba that he's the real king. So technically the movie wouldn't have been a thing without Rafiki."

Rafiki is the most unique character. Dude lives his life seeking to educate and inspire. This is beautifully represented in most of the movies posters as he is the one holding Simba up to the light for all to see. Witty, wise, & wacky. Easily the most respectable character.

Rafiki is so underrated as a character. He/she (Rafiki is female in the musical) is funny, wise, and a great character! Rafiki is my favorite character in Lion King, even though I LOVE Timon and Pumbaa. Rafiki was made a she for the musical because Julie Taymor, the director, wanted a strong female lead. A.K.A. Nala really shouldn't be above Rafiki. Rafiki is the best part in the show. 'enough said

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7 Kovu Kovu

Kovu is my favorite lion king character. My second is Scar, because Scar was blamed for Uru's death and got clawed across the eye by his father, which is half the reason why Scar turned evil. My third favorite is Nuka. Nuka was a character that wanted nothing more than to be loved by his mother.

I wouldn't say he had the best character arc, that goes to Simba. But he's one of the most relatable TLK characters, especially if you've ever felt like an outcast or a disappointment, not really belonging anywhere. And Kovu manages to stay kind and calm in those times, even though he's not very strong (neither phisically or emotionally). He's flawed, and he's fragile. If you ever felt the same, Kovu will definitely give you hope and make you feel less alone with, of course, the standard "be yourself" message, just done in a more serious manner.

He is the best character in lion king 2.

His mom told him to take over Pride Rock but he changed.

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8 Pumbaa

Smarter then Timon

He's totally the best character and totally adorable! He is funny and kind-hearted plus a great father for little Simba (plus, a great singer). I don't think he should be number one because that one belongs to Simba, but at least number two! Vote if you agree! Also, it kinda upsets me to see him and Timon so far away from each other in this top ten. They are inseparable.


I love Pumba I got Pumba as a part in my dance show he is the main with Simba because they are best friends my friend is getting bullied by someone about the part she got she got Timon and is getting bullied about it but timon is one is best parts

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9 Kiara Kiara

Kiara as a character gets WAY too much crap from the fans, I swear. She's generally a very happy type of person, friendly, caring of her pride, energetic, usually very kind (But knows when to be serious), and she risked her life to save Simba's life while still being a child-at heart. What's not to love about that?

Please don't hate me..but I HATE Kiara

Why is she not higher?

She should be much higher she is such an interesting character

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10 Shenzi Shenzi

The hyena trio BETTER not die in the live-action remake! If any of them do, that'll probably be the MOST disliked moment in the movie. I want the hyenas to be let back in again by Simba after Scar is defeated. I don't want them to die (the trio, that is); that would be awful. Otherwise, I think the remake will be good. Or maybe great. Who knows? We have to see the movie to find out! God Bless you all!

I like her in the 2019 one especially. She is smarter in that one and more dangerous, but either way I still think she's awesome

I always loved the Hyenas. Shenzi's not my favorite, but second favorite. (My favorite's Banzai! ) I felt like the Hyenas' motivations were good. They were starved, and they needed food! When endless food's right across the border, why not go for it? - ClovertheAverageCat

Shenzi is one of my favourite characters. She's cute and funny her accent is so cool!

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11 Ed

The hyenas were the best part of the movie.

I was Ed in a school production of The Lion King recently! The hyenas are my favorite characters in the movie! Let's just pray to God that the trio don't die in the remake! LOVE ALL IN JESUS' NAME! AMEN! SIGN OF CROSS


Ed is the best! He's the most funniest thing ever and so sweet.

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12 Zazu Zazu

Zazu is well played and realistic as an advisor while also putting up with so much torment and abuse that you have to feel bad for him.

He is so funny in the song Oh I Just Can't Wait To Be King

I just got Zazu in the lion king and I am so exited!

Rowan Atkinson is hilarious, even if he's just voice-acting an animated bird! - Knucklewood

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13 Banzai

I’m his first biggest fan ever he should be higher and in fact I was actually banzai in a lion king play so he should be on the top ten! - Firegirl110

My favorite

People think he's the meanest but he was just the most starving so he needed food the most. I really love banzai he's awesome and adorable

Not my favourite character (that's kiara) but I really like him

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14 Sarabi Sarabi

Sarabi is amazing. I can't see why she isn't number one! She is so determined and her feminism turns me on!

She is one of the best I had trouble picking my favorite so I picked her!

I like Sarabi. She's friendly, cool, calm, outspoken, and is not afraid to stand up to herself. She was the only lioness that stood up to Scar. Her voice is low and sounds a little bit like Adele. She is very brave. I think she's a wonderful character.

Ps: don't listen to that rude person that say Timon and Pumbaa are dumb. They are actually unlikely heroes.

I love her sooo much. She is kind, loving, devoted, fierce and such a good mother. The school play at my school this year is the lion king... and of course I’m sarabi

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15 Vitani Vitani

She is awesome

She is NOT Nala's daughter! - Vancedapurpleguy

Dude, Vitani is the best character ever! Hands down!

The best character

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16 Zira Zira

She wants to reunite with scar how kind she remembers him even though scar is dead how kind I will rate her number 4.

I choose her 2nd because she is so cool because she wants revenge she practically send war against the pridelanders but got knocked of by kiara so that's why I choose zira as 2nd.

Scars mate and Kovos Mother.


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17 Kopa

Why does everyone thinks he dies seriously. It's probably because at the end of the first movie everyone thought it was him but no that was kiara Disney has no intention on adding kopa and everyone thinks that was him in the first movie now if they make a movie about kopa that would be great so we would finally know what happens but the writer of lion king said he was not going to let kopa be a Disney character so we may never know what happens plus why does everyone want him to die why don't they say he survives grows up and comes back or something like that


Everyone thinks Kopa dies, he doesn't... Those are just fake stories. Disney hasn't revealed a real story about Kopa


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18 Tiifu Tiifu Tiifu is a young lioness cub from Disney Junior's 2016 series "The Lion Guard". She is best friends with Kiara, Zuri, and Thurston and is voiced by Sarah Hyland in "Return of the Roar", season 1, and "The Rise of Scar" and was replaced with Bailey Gambertoglio for the rest of season 2. She has been more.

I love her

I love this character - AwesomeJawson

She's such a brat.

I know! She can be number 1, yeah what are we thinking putting her all the way down here, just above Zuri, by a few which I agree totally with, we should reverse it, she should be even higher than Kion and Scar even and etc She should be number one, for the WORSE TLK CHARACTER IN HISTORY!

19 Jasiri Jasiri Jasiri is a spotted hyena cub who appears in the Disney Junior show "The Lion Guard". She is an ally to the Lion Guard and is the closest to Kion. She helped him fight Janja and his clan and the guard against the Outsiders. She is voiced by Maia Mitchell. She has been described as "friendly", "spunky", more.
20 Nuka Nuka

I love Nuka he is underrated I wish we could know more about his backstory

Personally, I think his death is much sadder than mufasa. He just wanted his mother to love him, and he didn't even get that until his last few seconds of life. He is jealous of kovu for very relatable reasons. I also feel bad for him, because he doesn't have a cannon mate. Everyone in his family does. Mufasa died knowing he was respected by his family. Nuka died knowing he would never be as superior as kovu, in the eyes of his mother. And, he was actually really close to killing simba! But no, he had to bite the dust. He was such an interesting character. But I don't like comments on this like "eww he's infected" because no, he is only in that physical state because he has so much more on his mind, that he doesn't even pay attention to his body.

"Well. I finally got your attention, didn't I? "
I swear to God this comment he makes is probably the best last words I have ever heard.

I always felt so bad for him. If he had a better mother, he'd have easily been the favorite. - ClovertheAverageCat

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21 Uru

Uru is the wife of ahadi and mum of mufasa and scar.

22 Sarafina Sarafina

She needs more love and respect. After all, without her, Nala would have never been born!

I love sarafina she is my favourite lioness from the pridelands.
She is not in the movie much but I steel love sarafina she is a good mother to nala.

23 Zuri Zuri Zuri is a young lioness cub from Disney Junior's "The Lion Guard". She is best friends with Tiifu and Kiara and is always by their side. She is voiced by Madison Pettis. She has been described as "prim", "sassy", and "melodramatic".

Yep. She is my favourite her quotes are funny and she is way more better than Tiifu who is just overaly attacked towards Kiara, who she only she's as the future queen Zuri on the other hand is more genuine towards Kiara and is more funnier as well. 😀

24 Kion Kion Kion is the main protagonist of the 2016 Disney Junior The Lion King spin-off series "The Lion Guard". He is a lion cub who is the youngest child of Simba and Nala and is the younger brother of Kiara. He is the leader and fiercest member of the Lion Guard as well as prince of the Pride Lands. He is more.

How is he all the way down here. - AwesomeJawson

He's not cool and not so very loving or friendly!

25 Janja Janja Janja is the main antagonist of the first season and later became one of the three secondary antagonists (behind Scar) of the second season of Disney Junior animated series The Lion Guard.
26 Baby Simba Baby Simba

He appeared the lion king (2019) trailer

Well, baby Simba IS Simba so why is he separate when it’s the exact same character

27 Ahadi


28 Chumvi

Chumvi is Nala's best friend in the book Nala's Dare.
Chumvi looks like Kovu and Simba.

29 Tojo

Tojo is one of the cubs who listens to Mufasa as he talks about the Great Spirit. Tojo doesn't seem to believe too strongly in the Great Spirit and says that he doesn't watch over him well, since he gets injured quite a bit and has a sprained ankle. Simba suggests that maybe the Great Spirit has a purpose for Tojo's injury.

Later in the story, Simba becomes the "mother" of orphaned blue birds because he takes care of them. Tojo meets up with Simba and begins making wings out of leaves to teach the birds how to fly. Simba leaves Tojo alone with the birds while Tojo is preparing the wings. Upon returning, Simba finds that Tojo has bonded with the birds and has made his own set of false wings, showing that the Great Spirit had a reason for Tojo's injury after all.

30 Ma
31 Chaka

He is canon. Kion is not.

32 Kula Kula
33 Ono Ono Ono is the quinary protagonist of the 2016 Disney Junior show "The Lion Guard". He is a cattle egret who is voiced by Atticus Shaffer who serves as the keenest of sight in the Lion Guard. He is the only non-mammalian animal in the guard being a bird and is the only one who can fly. He has been described more.
34 Tau

Who is Tau?

35 Koda
36 Dhahabu Dhahabu
37 Uncle Max

This is timon's uncle who is so crazy!

38 Mheetu

I think it would be cool if he gets written into The Lion Guard.

Mheetu was supposedly Nala's younger brother in The Lion King, but did not appear in the film due to time constraints little is known about what role he would have played in the film other than his relation to Nala. He was cut out of the film, so nothing happened to him in the movie universe storyline - he was simply not part of it in the final outcome. If mheetu was in the movie he whuld Be simba's friend.

39 Malka

Malka - The Lion King

Malka is a lion who makes his first and only appearance in Simba's New Brother. He is a friend. He is a cute and silly lion.

40 Tama

I like tama she is in the book.
Tama looks like viani.
Tama likes tojo

41 Kuzimu

Kuzimu killed His wife and son.

Kuzimu is the Best he is way Evil then Scar. Zira's Father is Kuzimu.

42 Mohatu

He was the first king

43 Azra

She's a fan made character, so no! Anyways check out Chaka guys, he isn't a fan made character because he was made by the actual makers but he was deleted from the lion king 2 and is in places of Kopa, Kiara's older brother.

She is scars daughter and if you want to learn about her go on Savus work. Shes just absuletly amazing CHECK HER OUT NOW. I want more people to know about Azra. She is so important.

44 Bunga Bunga Bunga is the honey badger deuteragonist of the 2016 Disney Junior show "The Lion Guard". He is Kion's best friend and is the bravest member of the Lion Guard. He is voiced by Joshua Rush. He is the adoptive nephew of Timon and Pumbaa. Bunga has been described as "bold", "jocular", and "reckless".
45 Full Full Fuli is the tritagonist of the 2016 Disney Junior The Lion King spin-off series "The Lion Guard". She is a young cheetah who is one of Kion's friends and serves as the fastest member of the Lion Guard and is the only and first female to join. She is voiced by Diamond White. She has been described as more.
46 Beshte Beshte Beshte is the quaternary protagonist of the 2016 Disney Junior series "The Lion Guard". He is a hippo who is voiced by Dusan Brown and is the strongest member of the Lion Guard. He has been described as "happy-go-lucky", "compassionate", and "honest".
47 Chungu Chungu
48 Cheezi Cheezi
49 Ni

€ he is cool I wonder if he is Nala’s Dad. “ maybe he will appear in a Lion Guard Episode Maybe I don’t know ". “Also What Happened to him people say he died before or after nala was born Well we need Disney to tell his story

50 Starehe
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