Top 10 Best Disney Sequels

Disney has released many memorable movies. For some people, the sequels are a laughing stock. This is sad because Disney has actually created a few good sequels. They may not be like the original but they can be entertaining.
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1 The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

Yes, this movie does have its faults and there are continuity errors from the first film, but most of those can be explained by decent fan theories. It's shaky, but it's still understandable. But, considering how bad Disney Sequels usually are, and that this was a sequel to The Lion King, of all things, it's actually pretty good. The songs, animation, story, and characters are all good, except for maybe Rafiki's solo, but that's debatable, and they did feature more comic relief in here, but it's not overdone. It's spread out through certain parts of the movie just right. It's beautiful, funny, heart wrenching, badass, and terrifying. I love it. And the fact that most of the original voice actors reprised their roles in this is awesome. Good job Disney! Two thumbs up!

The Lion King trilogy as a whole is genius and inspired by none other than shakespeare. Who better to model a story after? The lion king focuses on Scar's attempt to be king and how it greatly affects Simba. The lion king 1.5 shows us more insight into what happened during Simba's years with Timone and Pumba ( who we also learn more about in a hilarious manor) and really puts everything into perspective: the lion king Is really about finding happiness. It's about Simba's journey to happiness and realization that what happened to Mufasa was not his fault. Simba deserves to be king, it's his right. This movie is arguable the best as far as romantic/drama in the series goes. It follows Simba's daughter as she falls in love with Kovu, from the out lands. It's very romeo-juliet and the soundtrack is epic, the animation is exceptionally modern, and the storyline is just.. Well, genius. No doubt that the lion king two is the most worthy for the number one spot on Disney sequels. Its instantly a classic and one of my all time favorite movies. Ever.

2 Toy Story 3

Okay, in all honesty, we all know that THIS is the best Disney sequel, but Simba's pride will remain the "best" because one, it's not from Pixar, and two, it's more relevant due to the fact that it was released during the time when Disney was dishing out crappy sequels, and Lion King 2 was the only good one.

Are you kidding me? How is this below Lion King 2?
This movie was much darker and emotional than the previous Toy Story movies (the part where Andy left was heartbreaking) and it brought a new meaning to the word 'Toy'.
It is quite simply, the pinnacle of animated movies, and the fact that it's not #1 is just infuriating.

The only one true to the form of the original. Creative, funny, and still heart clutching, with a better character arc than toy story 2. I daresay this one was better than the first and second.

3 Toy Story 2

I don't understand how toy story 2 isn't higher on this list! It's an incredible movie, and a big part of my childhood. it introduced new characters while also extending the story arcs of characters presented in the first movie. 10/10

I love that movie.

It's better then 3

4 The Return of Jafar

Whoever is saying Aladdin sucks, you could not be more wrong. Aladdin is the perfect balance of adventure and romance, and teaches very good life lessons about being happy with who you are, and love someone no matter if they are rich or poor. Jasmine didn't love Aladdin for anything except himself, and who he was as a person. She was a princess, so she wasn't impressed with flashy stuff, since that's what she was used to everyday. She wanted something different, and someone who did not want to marry her because she was a princess, but for what kind of person she is. Aladdin fell in love with Jasmine in the marketplace, not knowing she was a princess, because she was wearing street clothes. When he found out she was a princess, he wanted to be with her because he liked her for herself, not because she was rich or a princess. It just made him want to impress her, because he thought she deserved the best.

5 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

This sequel is not supposed to go with the story what happens after happily ever after which people don't really care about that. Cinderella 2 would be better if Cinderella and Charming had a kid who saves the castle from destruction or something like that just like The Little Mermaid 2. Or if there's a "bad" version of the Fairy Godmother and helps the stepmother destroy everything, that would be cool because it has a plot. But this sequel, it's the most original sequel I have ever seen. It goes through the story, what would happen under different circumstances and what happens if the happily ever after happens to the wrong person. Which is why I love this movie so much I can't stop being obsessed over it!

This movie was very surprising yet forgettable and underrated because, of course, Disney has had a clearly diminishing reputation with original sequels at the time, so why watch this movie, right? Turns out that this movie was actually well made. It's gotten positive feedback from both critics and audiences so in general terms, this is one of the few successful early Disney sequels.

6 Bambi II

I feel that this is a rare Disney sequel; one that captures the joys, beauty and character of the original while bringing forth a new perspective and plot that adds to and doesn't detract from the original plot. Bambi 2 is by far the best straight to DVD sequel with wonderful music, beautiful animation and incredible acting. This is also one of the few Disney movies that explores the father-son relationship and it does so flawlessly! The Great Prince begins very aloof with Bambi, but he gradually continues to grow closer to his son and understand him more. I feel that this movie captures your heart in more ways than one! It's such a precious movie!

Of all the Disney sequels I've seen, this is by far one of the few to actually try and capture the feel of the original in the artistry and feel. It also explores Bambi's relationship with his father and how the interactions between them and time spent together led Bambi to learn the skills that come into play when he becomes an adult. It also expands on his relationships with other characters, such as Faline and Ronno, and the inevitable love triangle that occurs between them. Sure, the story isn't really all that hard to figure out, but for what it's worth, I do love it for all of its strengths. I will never forget when I had an emotional breakdown after watching it the first time. 8/10

7 The Rescuers Down Under

This movie is seriously UNDERRATED, and should get more recognition. The characters, story line, animation, and the writing are all brilliant. It's superior to the original, and that is extremely RARE for a Disney sequel, which usually ranges from being 'just okay' to 'awful abomination' with MOST falling into the latter category.

Great movie. I prefer it over the original as I think it has a better storyline. The characters are very likeable and its quite the adventure. Even has a little romance.

The only bad thing about this underrated, touching masterpiece is the fact that Disney makes Australia a hideous place (otherwise, it's only used for entertainment).

8 Aladdin and the King of Thieves

Easily the best story of any Disney sequel (as long as you don't include Pixar). Also Robin Williams returned as the Genie, and he was brilliant. And while it was not as good as the original's music, the music in this movie was good.

King of thieves may just almost be better than the first movie. Not the best but it's great.

9 Mulan II

Mulan is my second favourite film of all time (second to Frozen) but I disliked the sequel. Mushu's personality was very exaggerated and Shang got angry much more easily then he should really have. The storyline was a little bit typical and not as interesting as the original film.

Okay, I'm just gonna say it. I liked this movie. Yes, it did have its problems, but I thought it was an alright movie. The first Mulan was easily one of the best animated movies of all time, but I still like this movie. It was fun.

I have watched the movie a few days ago. Really there was no way to continue the first movie. Though many people don't like the movie its outstanding. Who knows there can be a mulan 3 in progress. Mulan and shang are the best couple. You can watch the movie on a website called sockshare. Com

10 Lion King 1 1/2

Some say It's awesome because It's funny. Maybe I'm too immature or just forgot about the majority of the plot, but I can't recall laughing that much, minus the scenes with Timon's Uncle. Those were hilarious. Still an good movie, though.

I actually like this better then the lion king.

The Contenders
11 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure

This should be number one, this, Cinderella 3 and Little Mermaid 2 are all the best sequels I have ever witnessed in my whole life!

I didn't enjoy it 101 Dalmatians was good without a sequel. But I didn't really enjoy the first one either

Probably the most underrated Disney movie.

12 The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea

Honestly, I think this movie gets WAY TOO MUCH HATE. Is it better than the first movie, no, but it is decent in my opinion. The story isn't amazing but it is okay. What I like about this film is seeing how Ariel has become a mature mother, and (though it should have been stated) now understands how her father felt in the first film about wanting to keep their child safe while still being a good parent. Though keeping her mermaid life a secret from Melody caused a lot of the problems that happen in the movie, Ariel was willing to do what was necessary to make things right with her daughter. I also like that King Triton's explosive temper has been eliminated and now he has a much calmer demeanor, and he is finally accepting of humans.

Saw this movie on video when I was little- before I even saw the first one! I loved it though! Had to vote for it since it was one of the first Disney films I saw!

13 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Awesome story, awesome scenes, awesome music, and the Kraken is awesome. And the scene where the Kraken eats Jack is just... wow. Definitely one of the best Disney sequels.

14 Lady & The Tramp II - Scamp's Adventure

Scamp's Adventure is one of those rare instances where the sequel is better than the original. I loved it and the new characters, especially Angel! She was a real doll. This movie doesn't get the praise it deserves and probably packs the most important lesson of all; the importance and generosity of a caring family and staying close to your loved ones.

Very fluid and smooth animation, good dialogue and lovely characters top it off. While it may not be as charming as the original, it still stands strong and is a heartwarming watch nonetheless. I loved it when it came out when I was a kid and I can still pop it in the player and enjoy it just as much today as I did back then. All A's for Lady and the Tramp 2!

I still remember loving this movie as a child. Maybe nostalgia, but seeing as little me disliked a lot of disney sequels, I'd say the sentiment stands.

15 Monsters University

This was a movie that should have NOT been a prequel, I wanted to see Boo grown up and reunited with Sully. That would have been adorable, who cares about them in college?
Opportunity missed Pixar!

Why do you love this so much? Nobody asked for this!

This is better then the first!

16 Finding Dory

This is the best sequel ever! I Love it. There are no words to describe how good this movie is.

It's amazing to see how much disney has improved on sequels.

17 The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning

This movie was great, I loved seeing Ariel and her sisters interacting. However the villain was weak and the music not so good. However great story and great animation, loved this movie!

18 Fantasia 2000

This one is not even as perfect as the original. Yes, the original is the best movie ever. Best storyline, perfect animation, great music, and fantastic characters, especially Chernabog. Chernabog is the best villain of Disney (better than Scar or Frollo). This one is not even good. I mean, Fantasia doesn't need a sequel, but rather have its segments get remakes. Night on Bald Mountain is a perfect one that's coming up. The only good segment on Fantasia 2000 aside from the return of Sorcerer's Apprentice, is Pomp and Circumstance, but that's really about it.

19 Return to Never Land

People are upset because Wendy is now an adult so the Peter Wendy couple is no longer possible. But this would have been true either way. Peter doesn't leave neverland but returns to it at the end of peter pan 1. This is simply a fun way to keep Peter Pan's story alive. I am all for a third movie about Jane's daughter and Wendy's gran daughter also going to neverland. The movie was very good, it didn't even feel much like a sequal, but more of a movie of it's own. Jane was also a great character. More interesting then Wendy at least (to me). To me all sequals that star new characters are the better ones because they feel like original movies. (Lion king 2, little mermaid 2, lady and the tramp 2 and this one)

When I was little... I loved the peter pan movies. I used to want to marry peter pan. I used to ship wendy and peter but now I ship jane and peter... Peter would probably be an adult like wendy if he never grew up.

20 Frozen II

This movie is better than the original, Disney put so much effort into this.

I'm really suprised Frozen 2 didn't make it into the top. I usually hate disney sequels but I loved frozen 2.

Why isn't this number 1? This was awesome!

21 Tron: Legacy
22 Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas

How is this movie not higher on the list, it has got to be the best ever direct to video Disney sequel or to be specific midquel, I love this movie! Enough with the Lion King people, all three of those films are terrible.

A lot of people hate this movie but I love it! I used to watch this as a child and I loved it. "Stories" was one of my favorite songs from Disney movies.

I LOVE this movie. Watched it so much when I was little. There's a very interesting villain, some sweet songs, and charming new characters.

23 The Incredibles 2

This movie is truly the best Pixar sequel behind Toy Story.

So many twists I love it!

Should be much higher!

24 Tarzan & Jane
25 Ralph Breaks the Internet

Best Disney sequel, really hilarious and totally heartbreaking. I cried!

Ralph went too far

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