Best Lloyd Banks Songs

The Top Ten

1 Where I'm At
2 Till the End

Agree this is a top song...but this list is to commercial.

3 Warrior
4 Hands Up
5 Karma

Still bumping in 2015

6 I'm So Fly
7 On Fire
8 I Don't Deserve You
9 Beamer, Benz, or Bentley

This should be at least at #5

The beat is SICK!

10 Home Sweet Home

This song is one of Banks' lyrical best

The Contenders

11 South Side Story
12 Any Girl
13 Work Magic
14 Rotten Apple
15 Nobody Believes Me
16 Start It Up
17 So Forgetful
18 When the Chips Are Down
19 You Know the Deal
20 Failures No Option
21 You Already Know
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