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201 GeGeGe no Kitaro
202 The Familiar of Zero
203 Cromartie High School
204 Sakura Gari
205 Judge
206 All You Need Is Kill

Fantastic underrated manga series that is so good, it even inspired the 2015 movie "Edge of Tomorrow." If you haven't seen it, please do. It is so gripping, and the only thing I would say tips it is the somewhat anticlimactic ending. - MasonOcker

207 Vampire Princess Miyu

I really love this story. Vampire princess miyu is the reason why I kept on reading anime until now.

208 Houou Gakuen Misoragumi
209 Kitchen Princess

Great Story Line... Romance/Comedy/N Drama well balance enough To say... LOVE IT

Show me lots of and one thing I love cooking and it has it I think it is AWESOME the romance is a success for the main character and it is a slice of life and the drawings r awesome

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210 The Wallflower
211 Soil

A mystery of strange proportions with many layers of what.

Great manga, great storyline, can't believe it is missing in this list.

It takes a bit of reading to really appreciate the story's depth.

212 Freesia

The gore, sex and sketchy art probably put many readers off :( Anyway, it's a great manga set in a dystopian country at war where family members of murder victims are allowed to enforce vengeance killings on the murderer (s) who are released earlier than usual because of overfilled prisons. These killings can also be carried out by proxies, and thus there are a few agencies that offer assassins for hire to do these vengeance killings. The protagonist, Kano, gets a job at such an agency. He lives by sticking closely to a rigid pattern in his everyday life and by relying on his special abilities - a sixth sense and the power to camouflage extremely well. As the job begins, his routine gets interrupted, he loses control over his powers and starts hallucinating. The author manages to create a hopeless, dystopian, dark atmosphere throughout the entore manga. The vengeance killing victims are characterised very well in every arc, the reader starts to feel sympathy towards them, but they die ...more

The manga offers an extremely dark and twisted story with subject matters and visuals that are not for the faint of heart. The rough-sketchy art perfectly fits the atmosphere of the plot, and by the end of the brief tale, you'll have a lot of thinking to do.

213 Billy Bat

I haven't read Billy Bat yet but I can't believe an Urasawa work deserve to be down here.

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214 Yan Huang Xiao Yuan Mi Yin
215 Mirmo!

The cutest and best manga series I've ever come across! The characters are all so cute! Used to watch it every afternoon...

216 Azumanga Daioh

This anime reminds me of my school it is very funny and is sometimes cute cause when everyone tries to do something it always ends up funny - minanaru

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217 Black Bird

I love that book so much. The plot kept me on my feet the entire time, I can't wait for the next volume and chapters to come out

218 Togari

The author make it with realistic human psychology at least it makes us think how does bad and good really is, if you're searching for your meaning in life maybe this book can helps you its fun and the storyline was exciting making you wondering the nature of mind and heart.

219 Blade of the Phantom Master

Made me shed man-tears. I cried a waterfall at the end. With a brilliant blend of humor, angst, and tragedy, I thought this manga should at least be mentioned. Also, it was not dragged on like some mainstream manga and stayed classy.

220 Aria

If this world truly exist, I would give up everything in my life to live there. Such a beautiful setting with the most gentle and sweet stories ever. I read and watched this at least15 times

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