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1 Songs About Jane

I mean, it was before they became ridiculously famous, so they weren't afraid to take risks with their lyrics, and they were more on the rock side than the pop. All I know is that it really was their best album, and may be one of the best of the 21st century.

The best songs on this album are the less popular ones. While everyone loves This Love, She Will be Loved, and Sunday Morning, Must Get Out and The Sun always make me cry. I wish more than anything that I could go back in time and see Maroon 5 on tour with this album.

This album has a bunch of great songs: This Love, Harder to Breath, She will be Loved, Sunday Morning, Must Get out, how can't it be #1

Obviously Songs About Jane is the best Maroon 5 album.

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2 It Won't Be Soon Before Long

Songs About Jane may be slightly better, but this album is a perfect mix of modern and older Maroon 5. It also helps that this album carries the most influence from The Police of any album, including my favorite song "Won't Go Home Without You".

My #2 favorite Album. I like the main ones like Wake up Call, Makes Me wonder, and Good night Goodnight; however, I always jam out to Can't stop, Little of your time, Back at your Door, and Wont Go home without you

This album is highly underrated. If you dig deep into the album, you'll find some influence from bands like The Police or The Outfield. Great album.


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3 Overexposed

Wait. Daylight, Payphone, One More Night and MORE! Why is this the 4th?

It's a good album but for me it's my 4th favorite. I only really like Lucky strike and One more night

Why is this last on the list? Personally this is probably my favourite

Love the album

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4 Hands All Over

Best Maroon 5 Album: Hands All Over Hands Down!

In MY opinion, Hands All Over is Maroon 5's absolute BEST album ever, with the more bluesy Songs About Jane following right behind. With their versatility of their sound over the years, I feel this was the era of their perfection. This album is just pure musical genius. Each track on this album is extremely catchy and if given the chance would definitely top the charts. They're very memorable and enjoyable to listen to. From the upbeat ear-worms "Give A Little More," "Don't Know Nothing," "Get Back in My Life," "Stutter," "Never Gonna Leave This Bed," and "I Can't Lie," to the emotional beauty of "How," "Runaway," and "Just A Feeling," Hands All Over is truly spectacular.

How anyone could dislike this album is completely beyond my comprehension. The deluxe album is definitely worth getting- it includes "Last Chance", and ...more

Smooth, sexy, and soulful sounds dominate this Maroon 5 effort, an album which is primarily driven by snappy pop experimentation and intricate electronica. - JR302

This Album deserves #3. It has great songs like Misery, and moves like Jagger. But I also jam to songs like Hands all over, Give a little more, and Never gonna leave this Bed

First three albums are very good, and the last three are total garbage

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5 V

Yeah Maroon 5? Screw you. You said this album was going to have a darker feel like Songs About Jane. Um... if you actually think this is like Songs About Jane you have something wrong with your head. This is actually the farthest you've ever got from SAJ sound. Now let me just say I don't hate overexposed. It's... okay. It has good catchy melodies. My favourite songs from it are Beautiful Goodbye, Daylight and Payphone. But V? Haha. Only about 4 of the songs have good melodies. I remember lots of songs from Overexposed. This album is just so unmemorable. I can only remember about 5 songs from it. Maps is a good song though. It sounds like something from Hands All Over. It Was Always You and Sugar are ok. I dislike Animals. And the rest of the songs... pretty unmemorable and bad. In Feelings, when adam sings the chorus. It sounds like someones pushing a sharp pencil in his side. Hopefully maroon 5 will split up and the other guys of maroon 5 will start their own band without adam. I ...more - SammySpore

This album isn't bad or that far of a cry from works they've done in the past. However, the sloppy and sometimes profane lyrics and instrumentation on songs like "Feelings" (the worst song they've ever done), "Animals", "New Love" and "This Summer's Gonna Hurt" (which would've been a cooler song with a less try-hard chorus) are pretty big turn offs. However, gems like "Coming Back For You", "Maps" (which has influence from another one of mine and Maroon 5's favorites, The Police) and "It Was Always You" still hold true to a unique Maroon 5 sound and could've sat alongside a few tracks on their second album It Won't Be Soon Before Long (heck, so could "Sugar" or "In Your Pocket"). Overall a good album, but it's their worst/most disappointing one to date. Hope the next one from my favorite modern band is better.

I will give my opinion from all of the songs from this terrible, terrible album.

Maps - Reminds me of the Overexposed days, great lead single.

Animals - Decent single, but really messed up and nothing without J. Cole.

Sugar - Pretty good, but RIDICULOUSLY overplayed. Also he is WAY too loud on the chorus.

This Summer's Gonna Hurt - Awful, terrible song with pointlessly profane lyrics.

Feelings - The fact that this became a single last month shows Maroon 5 don't know what they're doing anymore. Screeching vocals, one of the weakest choruses in history, and trying to hard to be edgy, which is nullified by the bubblegum beat.

It Was Always You - Easily the best on the album.

Unkiss Me - The lyrics aren't bad, but the fact that the production and instrumentation are possibly the worst I've ever heard brings it to my least favorite on the album.

New Love - Great electronic feel and good lyrics, a highlight.

S&C - What is this? ...more - WonkeyDude98

The best songs are sugar maps animals thise summer

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6 Singles
7 1.22.03.Acoustic
8 The B-Side Collection

Good album, I think it should be a bit higher up. I love miss you love you, and infatuation


Overall Great!

Story and The Way I was are amazing
Figure it out and until you're over me and Losing my mind are great as well
Miss you love you and Infatuation are least favorites but they're still good

9 Live Friday the 13th

This album is awesome! It's all the songs from Songs About Jane but they have longer guitar solos, they are more complex, and there is an early version of Wasted Years! - SammySpore

10 Call And Response: The Remix Album

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11 Red Pill Blues

It's more popish than any other but I feel like in their next album they will tune it down a bit. Kinda fits the the category of super-catchy white people music but it introduced me to Maroon 5 so the first is my favorite.


The deluxe edition is assamome

I love this album! I don't know what everyone is talking about saying this sucks. I absolutely love this album so everyone who says they hate it, then you suck for not seeing how great this is.

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12 Live from SoHo
13 Live from Le Cabaret
14 The Fourth World - Kara's Flowers

Honestly, this is at the very core of it a Maroon 5 album, just with a different and more youthful approach, but honestly I love it for that. This is Maroon 5 in their teenage years, making childish and angsty Pop Punk, Power Pop music, on par with the likes of Green Day, Blink-182, New found Glory and Weezer. Though it wasn't as popular of an album, this album could more than compete in terms of enjoyability with any number of those artists albums and even Maroon 5's entire proceeding catalogue.

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