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21 The Motherload The Motherload
22 High Road High Road
23 Blasteroid Blasteroid

This song gets very intense, very quickly. And that's why I love it

24 Chimes at Midnight Chimes at Midnight

Another amazing song by mastodon. Top twelve for sure

Probably ranked so low because it is still new..

25 Mother Puncher Mother Puncher

Jesus this song rips my body apart

This is probably the heaviest mastodon song. - Metalmaniakkk

26 The Motherload The Motherload

One of the best songs and lyrics of this band

Has one of the best bridges to a song ever.

27 Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife Cut You Up With a Linoleum Knife
28 Feast Your Eyes Feast Your Eyes
29 Stargasm Stargasm
30 Crystal Skull Crystal Skull

Deserves a rank in top 10 at least! 22nd is underrated for this song!

Fantastic song! Even 13th is too low for this one

31 Crusher Destroyer Crusher Destroyer

BEST MASTODON SONG, a true classic, play it 99 of the time live.. why? because its metal

32 We Built This Come Death We Built This Come Death
33 Diamonds In the Witch House

The album closer of their 2014 album, Once more 'Round the Sun. This song is very dark, yet epic.

One of the darkest yet most well written mastodon song and should at least be in the top five. Excellent song featuring additional vocals by Scott Kelly the frontman of heavy metal band Neurosis which gives it an even more eeire feel and sound. Let's get this to be in the top five!

34 Capillarian Crest Capillarian Crest

Yeah Capillarian Crest should not be this low. The crazy fast hybrid picking is awesome! Not to mention the drumming is excellent too! This songs makes you want to do some damage! Mastodon at their best and one of my favorite songs by them!

I cannot understand why this is so low. Greatest guitar work ever heard on a Mastodon song, hands down.

It's a shame... This song should be, at least, in the top 10! Amazing work on the drums for this song.

One of the best metal songs period. Perfect.

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35 Siberian Divide Siberian Divide
36 Seabeast Seabeast

What this is like the best mastodon song in my opinion.

The song is amazing, can't beat the guitars in this song!

Impossible to get that melody out of my head
Captain Ahab must have felt the same killing moby

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37 Tread Lightly

Not their best but it is awesome! Lets get this near the top 15

The brilliant opener for 'Once More 'Round the Sun'

38 Aqua Dementia Aqua Dementia
39 Pendulous Skin Pendulous Skin
40 Hunters of the Sky Hunters of the Sky

Great song how come no one knows it

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