Top Ten Best Metal Drummers

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1 Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment) Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment) Michael Portnoy is an American drummer primarily known as the former drummer, backing vocalist, and a co-founder of the progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater. Known for his technical skill as a drummer, Portnoy has won 30 awards from the Modern Drummer magazine.

People who think Lars Ulrich is the best probably don't even know who Mike Portnoy is. If you haven't listened to Dream Theater you definitely should.

It is such an amazing feeling to click on a best metal drummers list and see your favourite at number 1. Mike has done so much for me in my personal life (in his work and perseverance in Dream Theater and how much Dream Theater has done for me) and in my drumming, I would be nowhere near as good as I am now without Mike, his drumming inspired me not only to play drums but to enjoy it. Every time I play Octavarium, yes the whole thing on the drums there is just something about it which is just incredible. His drumming and personality has so much energy and flamboyance that without him, Dream Theater were never the same. I love Mike Manginis playing but he lacks that extra element that Mike Portnoy brang to the band. Absolutely number 1 - benreidy100

The Best Metal Drummer EVER.

There is no need to explain. And don't think he is here just cause he is fast, he can also play some pretty crazy technical stuff. - TheRealBeOne

2 Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Testament) Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Testament) David "Dave" Lombardo is a Cuban American drummer, best known as a co-founding member of the American thrash metal band Slayer.

SLAYER isn't as mainstream as the bands above them, which is why I believe lombardo is all the way down here, if slayer was more mainstream lombardo would be on top, but not being mainstream makes them SLAYER.

And Dream Theater is even less mainstream but Mike Portnoy is number 1.Dave deserves second though - Lord28

By far the best should be number 1 just listen to spill the blood


The god of double bass, he outbeats any drummer

3 Gene Holgan (Death, Dark Angel, Testament, Dethklok, Strapping Young Lad)

an insanely fast, but still groovy and precise drummer that played in several important bands

The worst thing about him, he's a self learner...

Gene Hoglan's intense and accurate playing means that he can play extreme metal, and record it in two or three takes. That's a drummer. Most of the above are as sloppy and you could get, excluding Portnoy. But then, Hoglan is ten times better. Listen to any Strapping Young Lad song, Laser Cannon Death Sentence or Biological Warfare.

People vote for Lars and Jimmy The Rev Sullivan are stupid and don't know anything about drums, Joey jordison is just madness. Gene is accurate, fast and most importantly he can play at any tempo, he is a god when it comes to sudden tempo change

4 Danny Carey (Tool) Danny Carey (Tool) Daniel Edwin "Danny" Carey, born May 10, 1961 in Lawrence, Kansas, is an American drummer and instrumentalist best known for his work in American Grammy Award-winning progressive rock band Tool. He has also contributed to albums by and played with such artists as Zaum, Green Jellÿ, Pigface, Skinny more.

come on guys... a true musician. not just a drummer but a musician.. and creative as hell. just listen to some tool songs, and you'll see

Even four is a bit too low. I would say at least top 3! Personally I would say 2 - TheRealBeOne

One of, if not THE, best. Hands down.

The most creative drummer on this list to be sure. While he doesn't make a conspicuous effort to show off his technical ability and agility so much as Joey Jordison, his rhythms are far more intricate and versatile. Both are very fun and incredible to listen to, but most metal drummers' rhythms get old somewhat quickly, and it's up to the guitarists and vocalists to keep the music interesting and relevant. Tool is so driven by rhythm, and Carey's drumming is absolutely the driving force behind that.

5 George Kollias (Nile) George Kollias (Nile) Georgios "George" Kollias is a Greek heavy metal drummer and music teacher best known for his work with American technical death metal band Nile.

The fact that Lars Ulrich is even above George Kollias just proves that the people here don't know s! @$ about drumming.

God. No one can blast like this guy. No one else can do four different kinds of blast beats t the same time. Get them mainstream thrashers out of this list so the truth can unfold. - shoulderboythemetalhead

Seriously, George is only number 10? Do any of you have ANY idea about drumming? Do any of you even know half of these people? My hunch is you're all voting for your favorites, not for the 'best metal drummer'. George is absolutely insane. He can reach 280bpm (proven and recorded) which is badass, and his double bass is insane. His technique is flawless and I have to say he is like a god compared to half of these "number one drummers". I don't even like Nile.

Where is Derek? George, Derek, and Tomas are the best metal drummers. A lot in here aren't METAL!

6 Tomas Haake (Meshuggah) Tomas Haake (Meshuggah) Tomas Haake is a Swedish drummer and main songwriter of the experimental metal band Meshuggah. He is known for his polyrhythms and technical ability. In 2012, he was named the 5th best Modern Metal drummer by He was named the number one drummer in the "Metal" category, in the July 2008 more.

This man is so technical. Its mind blowing. There is no one more technical. Listen to Bleed before you press voting button.

I don't know about drumming, but I do know quite a lot about rhythms and rhythmical challenges, and I'll have to say: This man REALLY knows what he's doing. And it's not only the rhythmical stuff, but also the way he uses his set. Haake is excellent at bringing colour into the quite dense mix of Meshuggah, by utilizing all tools at his disposal. Not only is his drumming tighter than your elder sister's asshole, but it's also filled with details and a diversity hardly matched by other drummers in metal.

Haake's Mastery of of polyrhythms in 4/4 are almost unrivaled in the metal genre. He is also one of the most technically precise drummers I've ever heard.

He is not humen

7 Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden) Michael Henry "Nicko" McBrain is an English musician, best known as the drummer of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, which he joined in 1982.

The opening track of "Where Eagles Dare" famously displays McBrain's ability to use the single drum pedal very quickly just like double pedal. McBrain often employs the back end of his left hand drum stick to get more aggressive sound of the snare drum. He is able to play a variety of styles. the 7/8 riff which follows the second chorus of "Alexander the Great". The 7/4 riff on the song "Brighter Than a Thousand Suns" and the 14/8 riff that follows the second chorus on the song "The Longest Day" are other examples of his versatility.

This guy is one of the best drummers in general in the world not just metal. He should be number 1 of this list and at least in the top 10 in the greatest drummers of all time list

Iron Maiden rules and Nicko just keeps going! Great, heavy & hard hitting drummer. He's also the nicest of 'em all!

He’s one of the best drummers in general not just metal. - Solly

8 Chris Adler (Lamb of God) Chris Adler (Lamb of God) Christopher James Adler is an American drummer, best known as a member and founder of the groove metal band Lamb of God, and Grammy Award winning member of Megadeth.

Lars Ulrich on no. 4? haha whose voting here? little girls?

no one better than adler.. no one!

As much variations as Lars? Lars's songs only have variation because of what the rest of the band plays. The guy only knows 3 drum beats and can't even play them properly.

The fills are so basic that a 3 year-old could play them. - AdamDestructorJr.

chris might not as fast as several others but his foot technique with the double bass is awesome.

Chris You are a Magician!

No doubt chris is best metal drummer out there.!
all hail the god of drums.

9 Lars Ulrich (Metallica) Lars Ulrich (Metallica) Lars Ulrich is a Danish drummer and one of the founding members of the American thrash metal band Metallica.

His style has changed severely. His powerful double bass in "One" and his energetic bashing in "Fade to Black" shows how good he was in the past. "...And Justice for all" was the last album to really feature is amazing talent. "Hardwired... To self destruct" has some great drum beats, "Spit out the bone" is a wonderful example of his talent.' But Lars is getting old, he isn't what he used to be. All of Metallica are getting old. Kirk can shred but like the old days (Dave Mustaine has been doing really well with megadeth guitar wise) James s up the vocals in live shows by always adding "Yeahs" or "ohh" it really effects the power of the song (also... STOP SAYING ANYTHING ELSE OTHER THAN "FIX ME" in live performances of "Master of Puppets") Metallica is a fantastic band who can still put out material, but they need to make the material quality. I would rather have no albums after the black album up ...more - Redhood654

Influenced many to come. Just listen to Dyer's Eve and you will se why he is the best!

naahhh you guys are all wrong lars ulrich is pro. just listen to him in battery blackend and his bass pedals
wicked they are so fast

As a drummer he isn't even close to the best. But, as for writing, he is really high up there - TheRealBeOne

10 Joey Jordison (Slipknot) Joey Jordison (Slipknot) Joey Jordison, is an American musician, songwriter, and record producer, best known for his work as the former drummer and co-songwriter for the heavy metal band Slipknot as well as guitarist in the Horror-punk band Murderdolls. He is the co-founder and drummer for the Blackened Death Metal band Sinsaenum more.

I personally think Joey should be first. His playing is way more intense and technical than The Rev. Don't get me wrong I like both of em, but Joey is GOD and he is the reason why I started playing drums in the first place.

Really why is Joey jordison at the number 1 why is Joey jordison at number 10 he doesn't deserve be at 10 are you people mad he deserves to be at number 1 He is the God of speed his nickname should be called supersonic and do you why I call him supersonic because the speed he goes At Is Like a speeding military jet so no one on this earth cannot beat Joey jordison on this Planet he will always be at number 1 forever

I was scrolling down to find the Rev, who is possible at least top 3 greatest modern drummers, to vote for him until I saw Joey. Mike porntoy and Thomas Haake are also really good but listen to Killpop and All Out Life. He is able to keep such a tight beat and work along side the other percussionists. Everything he does ties in perfectly with the other instruments and he is somehow able to find a flawless beat with no issues. I don't know how he does it a robot couldn't keep a better beat than him.

Like the person said Joey Jordison master of the drums the speed of his legs are incredibly quick even the speed of the jets but Joey Jordison's
Legs are speeding up to 90,000 mph
But Christ how can he do it so quickly I bet his legs will be dead after all speeding.


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? Mick Harris Mick Harris

His work with Napalm Death is awesome - buntersnason

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11 Mario Duplantier Mario Duplantier Mario Duplantier is a French musician and artist best known as the drummer of technical death metal band Gojira.

Toxic Garbage Island, Heaviest Matter of The Universe, The Art of Dying.

Just listen to Heaviest Matter in universe or any gojira song a u will understand.

Mario is the best drummer in the world right now

Best modern metal drummer in the world! He is an innovator and a genius! No one touches him right now. The guy has studied jazz drumming for 6 years! How can you compete with that?

12 Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) William Thomas "Bill" Ward is an English musician and visual artist, best known as the original drummer for the British heavy metal band Black Sabbath.

I don't like metal but I sure love this guy's style

Flies kind of under the radar because of the other legends in his band, but Christ this man can drum. The Paranoid album has some of the best drumming ever, dude. - MetalPope

Thanks to all those who realize what an amazing drummer Bill Ward really was. He was the first true heavy metal drummer and created a sound that would not only change drumming but music itself. Easily could be #1.

Bill should be at least in the top 5, that guy was amazing, hell I don't even play drums but he is the only drummer that really got to me because he stand's out from the rest... Don't believe me? Listen to war pigs, beyond the walls of sleep or just about any Sabbath song.

13 Brann Dailor (Mastodon) Brann Dailor (Mastodon) Brann Timothy Dailor is an American drummer/singer best known as a member of the Atlanta, Georgia metal band Mastodon, in which he is the drummer, backing vocalist, lead vocalist and primary lyricist.

His drumming is absolutely awe-inspiring, especially the fills (Capillarian Crest). He is an energetic drummer who also possesses the versatility, a unique technique, and most importantly a good sense of control. In addition, he bears a calm and composed temperament, which simply makes him a quintessential role model for any youngsters out there. This guy really inspires me to begin drumming lessons at the earliest possible time and batter the heck out of the drums. - Arhaan95

One of the bests of all time. Listen to the fills on almost every song, he's one of the busiest drummers in the biz. He can change timings on a whim, and seems to always have the perfect fill.

No need to be upset - these lists are based on voting - so its pretty obvious the more famous band drummers would top the list - No wonder Lars is 5 th and Joey is 2nd
Mastodon is obviously not as popular as Metallica or a7x - Brann was bound to get less votes but that doesn't take away the fact he is one of the fastest and technically accurate drummers when it comes to rolls.
His style is unique and people covering his songs are known to loose pounds and pounds of weight in the process - you can imagine the effort he puts in every song. Definitely among the top 10 drummers of all time.

Danny Carey is my favorite and I really want to upvote him for a higher spot than 5, but Brann Dailor is criminally far down on this list. It really is sad that the fact that Mastodon isn't as well known as some of the other bands puts Brann at such a disadvantage. His drumming is DEFINETILY enough to place him higher on the list, but just to add he also has one of the greatest voices in the entire genre! Sometimes it's insane how he manages to sing while holding some insane beats and put in cool fills.

Brann and Danny should be up in the top 3 with Mike Portnoy. Mario Duplantier also deserves to be close up there!

14 Blake Richardson (Between the Buried and Me)

He's definitely number one in my opinion. Watch Telos demonstration on YouTube. Enough said!

Obviously the people voting here have never actually listened to any music let alone metal. There are very few men that can compare with Blake and the few that can are depressingly low on the list as well.

Watch 'Blake Richardson recording Obfuscation' on YouTube, you'll realise why he deserves a spot on this list!

Wow... Not one on here knows metal.

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15 Jimmy The Rev Sullivan (Avenged Sevenfold)

People saying he's getting sympathy votes, listen to Beast and the harlot drum solo, the song streets, his drumming AND singing on Critical Acclaim, and the quite insane intro on Chapter 4. He always was my idol, always will be. FoREVer - K_to-the_c_Reverend1

A Little Piece Of Heaven, his speed, the complexity of his work. He is at least first or second best at being a Drummer/Backing Vocalist, but he deserves the same for best drummer alone! Salute this talented, funny guy. God bless Rev! - EliHbk

"The Rev" is easily one of the greatest drummers ever... He's ability on the doubles isn't hugely impressive but he's feet and hand co-ordination is unbelievably accurate and he's easy ability to create an original flawless beat beats all other drummers hands down!

P.S. where's dave mcintosh(dragonforce) and virgil donati...

The best drummer of the world. Jimmy is wonderful with the drumsticks, praise for The Rev.


16 Mike Mangini Mike Mangini Mike Mangini is an American drummer. Since 2010, he has been a member of progressive metal band Dream Theater, following the departure of founding drummer Mike Portnoy.

Mangini kicks it off in the new 2012 Dream Theater album. With 4 World's Fastest Drummer Records, and his insane technical abilities, I think Mike Mangini deserves a spot in the Top 10. He preforms a mind-blowing keyboard-drum duet in 'Illumination Theory', and consistently finds a way to impress me more than even Rudess or Petrucci. Great start for Mike Mangini, and I expect that he'll continue to impress everybody.

Better than ulreich any day

One of the most musical drummers, with amazing rhythmic perception and a unique style of playing, other times subtle, other times in your face. Probably the most versatile and non-egoistic drummers in the metal world.

Dream Theater's new drummer is one of the fastest I have ever seen.

17 Vinnie Paul (Pantera) Vinnie Paul (Pantera) Vincent Paul Abbott, better known as "Vinnie Paul" (March 11, 1964 - June 22nd, 2018) was an American professional drummer and producer. Alongside his late brother Dimebag Darrell, he co-founded the Heavy Metal Bands Pantera and Damageplan, with whom he would find success with in the former. After the more.

I'm not sure who made this list but the only one in the top ten that should be there is Dave Lombardo! He should be #1 and what is the Rev and Jordison doing in the top 3? Drumming isn't just speed you fools! Watch Vinnie Paul play behind some of the heaviest riffs of all time, he plays some sick off beat licks that blend beautifully and turn on the speed when he needs to. Like Lombardo he doesn't just throw all together in a blurred mess they hit with intensity fast or slow that makes you rock your body. You need to give the right people the respect they have earned, this isn't a popularity contest! Work on your ear for music before you make a list like this! UNREAL!

18? This guy was a god! - benreidy100

Rebel Meets Rebel

I wouldn't say Vince is the greatest but to be able to back Dimebag isn't an easy task. He has a different approach to drumming. He doesn't gimmick around with fast and unnecessary beats. He keeps it simple but tight! No space for errors! He's sometimes fast like a machine gun too.
Above all, he's one badass killer drummer!

18 Pete Sandoval (Morbid Angel, Terrorizer)

More fastest and technical drummer! Morbid Angel it is one of the most brutal and technical band ever in METAL! They are one of the few death metal bands that influences most death metal bands in times! Summarizing they have great technical, heavier and fastest metal! Without Pete Sandoval in the band it's not the same! They to be back with old school metal they have before the last album! The album it's not bad but it is not MORBID ANGEL old shool!

He is one from best death metal drummers, try song from morbid angel drum check and after that you should know what I'm talking about

Yes. When I first heard him on Altars of Madness and Blessed Are The Sick/Wicked? (I forget), it was out of this world. It's one of those 'you had to see it to believe it' sort of things.

I definitely like some of these other guys but Pete is by by far my favorite. Its obvious through his music, he loves playing.

19 John Dolmayan (System Of a Down) John Dolmayan (System Of a Down) John Dolmayan is a Lebanese-born Armenian-American songwriter and drummer. He is best known as the drummer of System of a Down.

Every drummer in this Top Ten is amazingly good, without excepction. But If I had to vote in one of these it had to be on John just because he is the only drummer that I imagine to play in every genres of music. And to prove it you can listen to all the System of a Down and Scars on Broadway and you can see in al of his breaks are amazing and he insists of doing those challenges to himself in every thing he plays... John to the top 5 at least. As soon as you guys listen to Toxicity and I-E-A-I-A-I-O you know what I'm talking about.

I would probably have to say John is probably my drum idol, and his drum technique is my top 3, his drum lines in songs like revenga, chop suey and toxicity are legendary and recognisable by everyone, this man deserves to be higher!

One of the best drummers I have ever heard in my life, if you listen to the Toxicity album. I can guarantee you that you will understand why he by far one of the best drummers out there. He never miss a beat live

Amazing and abstract drumming

20 Matt Cameron (Soundgarden) Matt Cameron (Soundgarden) Matt Cameron is an American composer, and musician. He is mostly famous for being the drummer of the three grunge bands Soundagrden, Pearl Jam, and Temple of the Dog.

God, Avenged Sevenfold fans are really polluting the metal world. Yeah, we get it, he died young. Keith Moon and John Bonham died young, but that's not why they got all their respect. It was because they were amazing. Not dissing the Rev here, just dissing the stupid teenagers that vote for him because he's dead and he was in their favorite band. Anyway, HOW IS MATT THIS LOW? Seriously, he is top 20 at least, no questions asked. The only ones I can see besting him are Dave Lombardo and Danny Carey (Although I'm a fan of Scott Travis, Bill Ward, Nick Menza, Nicko McBrain, Brann Dailor, etc.).

Matt is like my Mum's Sunday dinner. Simplest ingredients, nothing fancy and most satisfying meal ever. Thanks Matt

Him is one of the best even better than the ones on the top numbers... GO MATT.. SOUNDGARDEN best of all voices

Probably the most underrated drummer of all time.

21 Mike Smith (Suffocation)

Suffocation’s first (and best, in my opinion) drummer. Definitely my favourite BDM drummer of all time. Just listen to his insane blasts and super-fast double bass kicks - absolutely masterful, especially in this genre’s infancy.

WANTED - great comments and mentions for brutal technical death metal's groove master,naysayers need not comment,cause there is nothing bad to say about him anyway.

22 Richard Christy (Death, Iced Earth, Control Denied)

Iced Earth - Wolf. enough Said!

This guy is a top 5 drummer easily. Listen to Death's "The Sound of Perseverance"... Any song will do... How about 'Scavenger of Human Sorrow? '. 'The Rev' and Ulrich and all the like... None of them could play that song. And in that creativity is tremendous feel, as well. The ONLY thing that drags him down is that in other projects he went for a more straightforward approach.

Extremely underrated drummer. He has a perfect blend of technique and creativity. He can play anything, and he is very creative about his use of more technical playing. Truly an amazing drummer, he'd very well end up at #1 on my list.

Helped define the death metal genre with "The Sound of Perseverance". Can't say I agree with this list, as some of these bands wouldn't exist with out his work with Death.

23 Abe Cunningham (Deftones)

AWESOME and Overlooked by most

Should be higher on this list!

Better Than Steve Asheim?

Caffine Beats, He has been able to adapted to all of Chino and Steph's different musical lines. He is so consistant.

24 Ariën van Weesenbeek (Epica)

Speed, power and unbelievable control. Along with some others that spring to mind he doesn't always get the recognition he deserves in this genre in my opinion. Also check out his work with MaYaN, it's seriously good. He deserves to be way higher on this list.

He makes honor to his nickname "The beast", it's totally amazing when you discover at the end of the a show that he is completely wet because of sweating. Is a real monster on stage and he shows tons of energy when he's playing.

Respect for this incredible drummer.

Not because of his energy in epica but also because of his work in Mayan. His touch is remarkable m/

Listen to Kingdom of Heaven on the album Design Your Universe. His drums are sick AND he's the one doing most of the grunts and growls. He's seriously underrated!

25 Gar Samuelsson (Megadeth)

36th PLACE! Come on people! This guy was a legend. He easily beats Lars and every other drummer here (minus Dave Lombardo and Neil Peart (Not metal, but who cares? )). Just listen to Killing is My Business... And Business is Good and Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? And you'll see what I mean.


This man merged trash metal with his strong jazz background. Unique style.

Very underrated. Listen to the drums in wake up dead and into the lungs of hell. He was crucial in making megadeth songs awesome in peace sells and so far so good albums

26 Paul Mazurkiewicz (Cannibal Corpse) Paul Mazurkiewicz (Cannibal Corpse) Paul Mazurkiewicz is an American drummer best known as a member for death metal band Cannibal Corpse.

He is my favorite

Who cares about speed and technic, Paul sounds better, a lot of CC songs wouldn't be without his sound.

Very amazing drummer... So talented... You will be shocked after hearing drum songs like:-Evisceration Plague, Priests Of Sodom, Hammer Smashed Face, Make Them Suffer, I Cum Blood, - nooreldeen

Pfff, this list sucks. - GREYBOYY

27 Francesco "Scythe" Paoli (Fleshgod Apocalypse)

Speed And Technicality!
Should be in the top 3... He obliterates most of these drummers!
Death Metal drummers rule!

He has to be the number 1, no question. The speed, skill and endurance is far above anyone else.

Please listen to their new album, the drums kick so much ass

He should be way above this...

28 Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy) Flo Mounier is the drummer of technical death metal band Cryptopsy. He has toured Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and the United States as a headlining act over the last 24 years, and combined record sales have reached over 300,000 copies to date.

Probably the most insane technical wizard I've ever heard behind the drum kit, in any genre. All the teenagers who think the Rev is the greatest metal drummer are working from a very small sample size in terms of their own metal knowledge.

Listen to te album "None So Vile and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Next too unheard of studio musicians this guy tops em all for speed, accuracy, and musical ability. The man is a machine.. Only downside is that he"s canadian

Probably one of the fastest drummers. I think is not so high, because I recognize that is a band cryptopsy hard to hear, but it's great!

29 Jürgen Reil (Kreator) Jürgen Reil (Kreator) Jürgen "Ventor" Reil is the long-time drummer for German thrash metal band Kreator. He is one of the only two original members left in the band, although he has left "at least twice" due to personal differences. Reil plays the double bass drum style prevalent in thrash and death metal.

What the hell... this guys should be at Top 20 at least... he did an amazing drumming on popular Kreator song such as Flag Of Hate, Pleasure To Kill, Awakening Of The God and Riot Of Violence ( in this song, he is the vocalist ).. especially on Flag Of Hate... One of the most underrated and talented thrash drummer... - JavaneseThrasher

This guy is great, I may even say he's as good as dave Lombardo, and seriously, the rev? Lars ulrich? Get outta here.

SAD! the people here vote for popularity and not for quality... the legend Ventor in place 41? this is a sick joke! he must be after Lombardo, Portnoy and Perl... by the way where is Gus Pyn form Sacrifice... yeah nobody know him, Ventor it's powerful and fast just take a breath and try to catch him knocking in your desktop; Unbelievable!...

One of those drummers that made me want to rewind the tape back and listen to what he was doing so skilfully without slippin' up.One of the elder statesmen of thrash metal drumming along with Hoglan,Lombardo,Ulrich,
Benante,Samuelson,Hunting and his fellow countryman Chris Witchunter (Sodom).

30 Matt Greiner (August Burns Red)

Your a fool if you think he doesn't belong in the top ten. Very creative, versatile, and technically proficient.

Adam Gray from Texas in July is another heavily underrated drummer that also belongs in the top ten, just look at some of his Instagram videos. Not human

Matt Greiner is the best drummer in the world, hands down. Look at the list above and try and tell me he isn't better than anyone up there. His speed, precision, and creativity beats everyone. Not that everyone on the list isn't great, it's just that Matt is better. Watch some of his live videos, it's beyond words

I am going to have to say Matt Greiner is Top 3 if not number one, he is an awesome devoted drummer, he has so much precision and passion. His beats are amazing and will make you go crazy. The guy who said to listen, to those three songs, don't do that, listen to all of their songs! Then you will have a new favorite band.

He should definitely be in the top 20 AT LEAST. Have you heard his how technical all the drumming to their songs are? And all his techniques live and in the studio. I think he is a lot better than plenty of the drummers on here. I think his skill definitely should get him up past judas priest for sure.

31 Scott Travis (Judas Priest) Scott Travis (Judas Priest) Mark Scott Travis is a Grammy Award winning American rock musician, best known as the drummer for the English heavy metal band Judas Priest and the American heavy metal band Racer X.

Listen to the intro of Painkiller. 'enough said.

The God of drum

Scott is a powerhouse, as his notorious solo on PainKiller will rip your face off, but he's also much more technical than many of the drummers on this list. Definitely in the top 10. (Anyone else confused why you have to go beyond the top 5 to find Judas Priest on any list? )

the starting solo in painkiller make he get in one of the top tree he is incredible

32 Mikkey Dee (Motorhead, Helloween, King Diamond, Dokken) Mikkey Dee (Motorhead, Helloween, King Diamond, Dokken) Micael Kiriakos Delaoglou, known better by his stage name Mikkey Dee, is a Greek-Swedish rock musician.

What? 30th easily top 10! Who made this list RHOF?...

Super drummer, fast and accurate, I don't understand why he's so low in this rating.

This guy has serious skill, I've watched a lot of metal music videos and listened to a lot of metal music and this guy stands out when he really gets going in my view.

best. drummer. ever listen to Hell Was Made In Heaven or any song he did with Motorhead -

33 John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) John Henry Bonham was born on May 31, 1948 in Redditch, United Kingdom. Bonham (nicknamed Bonzo) was a professional hard rock drummer who was best known for being the drummer in the band Led Zeppelin. Bonham was also one of the background singers in the band. His drumming is mainly displayed on the more.

He should be way higher up! Crazy fast movements in both his legs and arms - TheRealBeOne

Great drummer. Kept up a steady beat in many of Zeppelin's songs.

Come on! John should be number one! Who is voting? Lars? The rev?

28th on the list? John Bonham should be at the top! He was nothing less than amazing.

34 Franky Costanza (Dagoba)

When I listened to this band the first time ( and it wasn't too long ago maybe a few months) I was like who is this drummer, then I started listen to more songs and I gotta say this guy is a monster, technical simple power, love this band love the drummer.

Franky is an amazing Drummer with a big heart, drum is his passion and he shared this passion with the fans. Not just an amazing Drummer but an amazing person that's the reason Why I vote for Franky

Best drummer in the world. An animal on Stage, a SIR on Backstage. See him in Portugal with Epica and Dragonforce, a true gentleman under the "stage animal" skin. Franky Rules!

Franky is the best French hope for metal drummers! Everything about him has already been said and he will destroy the world with DAGOBA (without him, DAGOBA is nothing)

35 Steve Flynn (Atheist)
36 Chris Reifert (Autopsy)
37 Hellhammer (Mayhem)

Top 10

Simply beautiful. Also Fenriz should be on the list.

Listening at this guy playing is simply mind-blowing. Even if you don't like all of the projects/bands he has participated in you can't deny his playing is out of this world. Such speed, such technicality, power and everything. He is one of a kind and should be in the top-10 (instead of John Dolmayan).

I've seen hundreds of metal drummers live, including many of the names higher on this list. Easily the most impressive live performance behind the kit I've ever seen came from Hellhammer.

38 Michel Langevin (Voivod) Michel "Away" Langevin is a founding member and drummer for the Canadian metal band Voivod. He has been a constant member of the band since its formation in 1982.

Whether you love voiovd or not, this guy can come up with odder drum beats and is the best with the tom-tom drum rolls. Perhaps only beaten in the genre by thom Haake and Dave Lombaro.

Away... not fare to see you so underrated in this list... Voiced in the 80 and now in Target Earth and sound equally amazing!

The best!

39 Zbigniew Robert "Inferno" Prominski (Behemoth)

His drumming is epic

Legendary Drummer of All Time. Please Vote For Him

Seriously like why is he not on here? Song slaves shall serve he drums at 280bpm. Shemhamforash he clocks in at just under 290. Please I beg you if you like drumming look him and his band up on youtube.

Um, top 10. Fast isn't always best but he's extremely skilled. He should be many many many many many slots higher up on the list.

40 Alex Lopez (Suicide Silence)

He is just the best...

He's just a beast, enough said.

41 Dave Mackintosh (DragonForce)

He is my favorite not because of that he should be near the top ten and I also wonder, what does he use for bass drums in the studio for DragonForce. He also left DragonForce :(

88?! What? This man is a legend, his double bass is insane! Just listen to fallen worlds and tell me this man still deserves to be this low on the list?

Why isn't he topping this list?

To be able to keep up with the guitar work is a milestone all in itself.

42 Martin Axenrot

Most talented metal drummer of today... Should be in top 5 at least!

43 Martin Lopez (Opeth, Amon Amarth)

Amazing drummer. It's too bad he had to leave Opeth.
Oh and Lars Ulrich sucks.

Martin Lopez is great, and not many drummers from his time compare. I don't see how half of the drummers on this list made it here. Being popular should not be an indicator of a drummer's skill (Lars Ulrich, Christian Coma, Joey Jordison, etc. ). I love Metallica and Black Veil Brides, but their drummers just don't compare to Mr. Lopez.

Laugh out loud how is Lars Ulrich or even Joey above Martin Lopez, this guy can mix metal drumming with latin/jazzy feel, full of ghost notes, complexity and incredible feel, those 2 are mediocre against him...

Martin Lopez should be right up there with Carey, Haake, Jordison and Portnoy. I'm surprised to see just about every famous drummer above Lopez in this list. Please listen to Opeth. This guy plays what he plays by sheer instinct, and to play time with instinct is a big deal.

44 Shannon Lucas (The Black Dahlia Murder) Shannon Lucas (The Black Dahlia Murder)

This guy is a beast. Listen to Nocturnal (especially What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse) and I think you might vote for him.

I played in a band with shannon lucas called killing cycle and he is by far one of the best sickest drummer out there! John panzino

Best drummer out there, hands down. Stupid limit lololololol

Ignore the Black Dahla Murder crap and listen to Lucas on All That Remains album The Fall Of Ideals. Crazy footwork

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45 Jen Ledger (Skillet) Jen Ledger (Skillet) Jennifer "Jen" Carole Ledger is a English drummer mostly known for playing in the band and being the co-vocalist for Skillet since 2008 when Lori Peters decided to retire from the band. more.

Nice to see a woman on this list.

46 Matt Nicholls (Bring Me the Horizon)

Come on! He deserves to be put on the top 20 chart at least!

Matt is a terrible, generic drummer and BMTH is not metal, so he shouldn't really be here.

47 Trey Williams (Dying Fetus)

Very wicked drummer! Epic snare sound. Pretty much a master at death metal drumming.


48 Marco Minnemann

Fits in every music gender. What a great drummer!

He has playing with Necrophagist. Not metal?

He's not metal, but he's a machine.

The Aristocrats, KMB (Keneally/Minnemann/Beller), Steven Wilson, Joe Satriani.

49 Cozy Powell (Black Sabbath) Cozy Powell (Black Sabbath) Colin Trevor "Cozy" Powell was an English rock drummer, who made his name with many major rock bands and artists like The Jeff Beck Group, Rainbow, Robert Plant, Whitesnake and Black Sabbath.

Fantastic player one of the best... Period

His solos when he played with Rainbow blew my mind.

Top 5 drummer ever best work in rainbow and whitesnake cozy is a record holder he played 200 seperate drums in less than a minute beat that

@visitor - he played 400 and not 200 drums in less than a minute! And he did that on a live T.V. show! - Metal_Treasure

50 Tré Cool Tré Cool Frank Edwin Wright III, known professionally as Tré Cool, is a German-born American drummer, best known as the drummer for the American punk rock/pop punk band Green Day. He replaced the band's former drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990.

Green Day isn't metal - buntersnason

What, this is supposed to me Metal, not Alternative Rock - Gamefreak23788

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