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Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner (1967-2001) was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, best known as the founder and vocalist, guitarist and bassist of the American heavy metal band Death. He is considered the most influential figure in Death Metal, with some publications referring to Chuck more.


Chuck is better than more of the guitarists here, I bet all the ones that vote are posers. He is the master of shredding, the pioneer of death metal, because of him, there would be no actual guitarists. Like seriously, Slash? What does that mean? Dimebag Darrel? Dimebag was a good guitarist, but he isn't at Chuck's level, like seriously. I bet all the people voting are posers. He could scratch his nose while playing a solo and he didn't even cared. His guitar technique is probably one of the greatest in metal history.

The father of death metal deserves to be there in the top 10. A great musician who constantly progressed and evolved changing his style with every new album. From the rough and brutal LEPROSY to the technically brilliant HUMAN to the progressive masterpiece SYMBOLIC and finally to the hyper melodic THE SOUND OF PERSEVERANCE. His skills were really unmatched, his complex fast shredding and technical playing would embarrass most of the overrated modern guitarists.

If Schuldiner had done a collaboration with Marty Friedman, then that would be the most melodic thing that the world had ever heard. Chuck had a sense of melody that very few others have (Friedman is the only one that comes to mind), and the fact that he could change keys easily only goes to show that he was on par, if not above, most of the guitarists in the top ten. Also, my favorite quality of his was that he could make his own sound out of sweep picking, instead of just (Friedman's words) blBLOOP bloop, blBLOOP bloop. If there is any guitarists to compete with Schuldiner, then Friedman is the only one. Both were badass enough to no care about what key they play in when they're in a jam session. Long live Death!

This whole website is basically a popularity contest. Slash, Kirk, Mustaine, and James Hetfield all above chuck? Really? Chuck is much better than all of them. I think that he should at least be in the top 5. The only two I'd say that the only guitarists that are even close to him are Dime and Alexi Laiho. 1. Chuck 2. David Davidson-Revocation 3. Alexi Laiho 4. Dimebag 5. John Gallagher-Dying Fetus

This guy deserves the number 1 spot, he'll give all these guitarists a run for their money, RIP chuck, no one can do it as well as what he could, the world will still be talking about him for hundreds of years to come. The death albums will always have that edge that no other band will ever have.

This is a guy who could bang out riffs left and right whenever he wanted. His leads are like little melodic paradises after a desert of shredding. The songs he wrote from Human and on are EXTREMELY complex and progressive. And to do it while singing? A true master.

The father of Death Metal is not in the top ten? And look that emo kid Synyster Gates is at no.4, who is voting here? 10 year old girls?
Synyster Gates is the most amateur composer ever. His solos have no maturity and direction at all.

THE LEGEND-PLAIN AND SIMPLE-anyone who voted and has never taken the time to listen to the absolute masterful work of Chuck has no right voting until they do. Listen and know that Chuck IS on another level. Seriously, pure artistry and soul that no other metal guitar player before or after can match-musical genius!

What?! Chuck schuldiner's shredding maybe not the fastest thing ever, but for god's sake the spirit in his playing and the genuisness! If you don't believe me then listen to the voice of the soul, he composed it all! At least he should be in the top ten AT LEAST

He was the best... Hahaha Syn? I like avenged, but he is the Malmsteen copy. Who is Munky? And Herman Li live is such an idiot... Chuck for ever. He isn't a shredder, but what a soul! It should be in the top 10.

Funny to see Synyster Gates on the 4th place. Just listen to his solos, they are like melodies coming from a 10 year old kid with no composition, no perfection and absolutely no maturity. Plus he has zero rhythm work. Chuck is a legend.

Chuck all the way! For me his precision, and technicality for rhythm it's not even close. His shredding skills were off the charts as well.

Easily in top 5! How his playing evolved from Scream Bloody Gore to the last! True pioneer massive talent and not only got better by album but with each song! He managed to combine melody and hardcore death rhythms like no one before and no one has done it since!

Rhoads and Schuldiner were the best metal guitarists ever, and the only reason people don't know Schuldiner is because he wasn't in an immensely famous band with Ozzy Osbourne (not hating on Rhoads though, since he and Chuck would most likely tie in a guitar battle). Plus, how many of these guitarists single-handedly created a whole new and different genre (Iommi and Darrell excluded)?

Plain and simple, Chuck is the innovator of Death Metal. The riffs and solos he's written are equally superb and there is really no way for most guitarists to match what he has done.

Should be higher here, I voted mustaine because I think he is the best but I would say chuck needs to be at least top three. One of the most incredible writers and guitarist ever. RIP

Definitely the greatest. His solos are diverse, versatile, and artistic. He was the literal GODFATHER OF DEATH METAL. Why is he at number eight?

The Father of Death Metal is out of top ten(even top 20)?
Whats wrong with you people?
EvilChuck forever! Vote him up to the number 1!

RIP, Chuck, May your metal live on forever

Chuck was a genuine artist man. his guitar sounds sad and deep and HEAVY!

Father of Technical skill and he's not number 1, stop voting someone because he's famous and not skillful. - GREYBOYY

Chuck deserves to be way higher up, he was a genius and had the worlds first official death metal band.

Chuck Is hands down number 1. All others shown here are great an most of my favorite's but, Chuck Is Metal! Chuck Is Boss to me!

Should be among the top ten. Saw a few names there that don't deserve the top ten position

The guy's a god. His knack for song writing is amazing. RIP Chuck