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201 Bryan 'Monte' Money

To hell with you guys just listen to THIS WORLD IS OURS..!
Best solo and vocals goddamit..!

202 Troy Van Leeuwen

Please! This man played like a alternative metal guitar boss in A Perfect Circle 's debut album. Give credit to the man who played rhythm guitar in one of the best alternative metal bands around. Also check him out in Lullabys to Paralyze by Queens of the Stone Age and some of his work with Orgy.

203 David Valdes

Amazing skills, melodies.. All that needs to be to get on the list. Go and listen paradise lost in youtube!

204 Lincoln
205 Commodore Redrum

Fast that's all there is to him and a good dose of technique

206 Jimi Bell
207 Tim Skold
208 George Thorogood
209 Rony Janecek

Check out his video on YouTube. He's young & new but he is an amazing guitarist. He reminds me of Yngwie. He's not well know yet but he will be.

210 Tommy Victor
211 David T. Chastain
212 Jacky Vincent

Better than 179 definitely

213 Robert Flynn

I'll vote for him for his frenetic Bay Area thrash rifforama on Vio-Lence albums only.

214 Mark Heylmun
215 Sascha Paeth
216 Ronni Le Tekrø

Most people here don't know these amazing guitar player from Norway

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217 Phil Campbell
218 JB Brubaker

Oh come on come on guys - why is JB not in the top 20 let alone not on the list

219 Leda Ex-Deluhi

Awesome guitaris, you must listen song revolver blast, hybrid truth, the farthes etc

220 Nick Hipa
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