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241 Kurdt Vanderhoof

Yes. Metal Church's first two albums were so fantastic because of Vanderhoof. But I couldn't get past David Wayne leaving. If they stuck together, Metal Church would have been giants.

Great guitarist from Metal Church!

242 Frank Blackfire

He Plays Guitar in Sodom and Kreator. He Plays very fast and brutal and he was guitarist on the Album Agent Orange. (best Album)

243 Luc Lemey

He was one of the pioneers for technical death metal, his riffs are fantastic weather it's his clean intros our pounding distortions, his skill is far beyond many modern and so called "talented" guitarists. If you haven't listened to gorguts you're missing out on the best of a genre.

244 Paul Quinn

Just listen to saxon, thils guy can play guitar for fun and in my opinion is one of the best out there,
Up the saxon's

245 Eric Hoffman

Best fastest lead guitarist ever

246 Brian Warner (Marilyn Manson)
247 Wes Borland Wes Borland Wesley Louden "Wes" Borland is an American rock musician and artist. He is best known as the current guitarist and backing vocalist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit and as the lead vocalist of the industrial rock band Black Light Burns.

A great guitarist who deserved to be in a better band.

248 William Green

One of the worst diveboming teachers ever but amazing at every thing else

249 Val Allen Wood

He's the guitarist for Theocracy, who I can honestly say, are one of the best Power Metal bands out there right now, but no one knows who they are because they're a Christian band, so most metal fans won't listen to them, and they're Power Metal, so most Christians won't listen to them. But this guy can play.

250 Jeordie White
251 Rick Derringer
252 Bill Kelliher Bill Kelliher Bill Kelliher is a musician from Atlanta, Georgia, best known as rhythm guitarist of heavy metal band Mastodon.
253 Angel Vivaldi

Relatively unknown, but listen to his Universal Language EP., that's good.

254 Krys Escobar
255 Jouni Hynynen

I think he should be #1 on the list. Just listen to his solos for example the one that's in the ending of the song "Tuonelan koivut". Just breathtaking.

256 Ben Moody Ben Moody Benjamin Robert "Ben" Moody is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and actor.
257 Chris Holmes

No guitarist is more metal than Chris Holmes of WASP.

It's about damn time I found Chris Holmes on this list. I have been looking for him everywhere on here! But of course, this list goes by popularity, not skill, influence, or talent. He is my heavy metal hero and deserves a hell of a lot more credit than he gets. He can play the most incredible guitar solos and he writes some of the most iconic metal guitar riffs of all time. Just listen to the songs "Sleeping (in the fire)" "L.O.V.E. Machine" "Mean Man" or "Forever Free" by W.A.S.P. Truly a classic metal guitarist and very underrated. Long live the Blonde Bomber, the Mean Man, the Manimal, Chris Holmes!

258 Fred Gorhau

Outstanding mixture of melodic rock and interesting lead guitar!

259 Steffen Kummerer Steffen Kummerer Steffen Kummerer (born June 1, 1985) is a German guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is the leader, main songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist for the (technical) death metal band Obscura as well as the black metal band Thulcandra.
260 Stephen Carpenter

He is one of the best, the lead guitarist of Deftones. He plays 6, 7, and 8 string guitars

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