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21 Identity Disorder

"i can't tell which part of me is in the right with two different people inside of me fighting for my life! "

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22 Product of a Murderer

This song is pretty intense, gets me in the mood and I can literally sleep to this stuff. I love all of their songs but this one of one of the best out of the album to me

This song deserves to be in the top ten. Austin's screams are perfect in this song.. ! The beat is catchy and the lyrics are amazing

I totally agree this song should be in the top 10s, it's actually I really good song

We have this song's breakdown as one of our sideline beats in marching band. - ckets4769

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23 Glass Hearts

This is my favorite song from them. It doesn't matter whatever mood I'm in, I always go to this song. It expresses exactly how I feel every day and even if you're not into the lyrics, the instrumentals will blow you away.

Really powerful song! Aaron's part is amazing, and executed well. I'm surprised it's ranked up so high!

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24 John Deux Trois

Totally badass and awesome tune, that definitely puts me in a good mood

25 Something to Hide

I'm sorry why is this not already on this list?! This IS their best song!

26 I'm a Monster

This song gets me so pumped up every time I listen to it. If you ever get in a fight this is the song to play

27 Pain

Admittedly, I only found out about this band yesterday, and so I have barely heard any of their stuff, but out of the ones I have listened to Pain is the only one I've liked, really.

I LOVE the Korn feel here, however it’s not their best, but it’s hell good - Mixer

This is one of there absolute greatest of their songs!
The screaming and guitar makes this the best track on their new album.
Move this to the first page.

28 The Great Hendowski

This has a powerful meaning and a catchy chorus. It's definitely my favorite of all time by them!

Most powerful song to me as far as emotion goes. Great message saying no matter how tough life gets, you can make it. Truly speaks to me on a whole nother level this song kicks fuggin ass

29 Never Giving Up

I always listen to it! every day! legginess!

How the hell is this 21? Needs to be the #1!

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30 Seven Thousand Miles for What
31 Westbound & Down

This song always reminds me of how good Shayley was in OM&M! Such an emotional and brilliant song

32 Those in Glass Houses

Everyone just plays this song so well. The drumming is insane, the guitar is insane, the screaming is insane, and Shay's clean vocals are just as good as the rest.

33 The Ballad of Tommy Clayton & the Rawdawg Millionaire

The guitar is EPICCC! And it is so emotion packed :') and shay let's vocal abilities are best portrayed in this song. I find it so crazy that it isn't at a higher rank

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34 Break Free

First song I've heard by them it's amazing!

35 No Really, It's Fine
36 Repeating Apologies

This song should definitely be higher this song really is about how people are hypocrites and sinners in relationships. Making mistakes should be forgiven and the partners can kiss and make up but when that other person makes mistakes and isn't sorry... Repeating Apologies

Everything about this song is amazing, you can feel how much effort and passion they're putting in to making this song as amazing as it is.

37 Farewell to Shady Glade
38 Ben Threw V 2 Comments
39 Space Enough to Grow

This is the most underrated Of mice and men song ever. People just don't know it cause it's at the end of restoring force and most people don't listen to that whole album. This songs hauntingly beautiful and everyone should listen to it.

Beautiful and incredibly underrated.

40 They Don't Call It the South for Nothing

This is hard, love it

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