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61 Clouds Over California - DevilDriver

Love this Band, Love This Song. Great Drums, Great Riffs, Awseome Vocals, and Very Nicely Done Song Structure, I cannot Believe Devildriver is not That Popular, It deserves more than it has

62 Godspeed Hellbound - Black Label Society
63 Through My Eyes - Threat Signal
64 December Flower - In Flames
65 All These Things I Hate - Bullet for My Valentine

Why only avenged sevenfold is in this list.. Bullet For My Valentine should be also there... There all songs are best... Avenged sevenfold is also good I also like them but this song is more deserving than afterlife, nightmare, bat country and other avenged sevenfold songs... This should be in number 1 than tears don't fall and then awake and alive of skillet...
Then avenged sevenfold songs should be in 4, 5, 6

66 Coming Down - Five Finger Death Punch
67 Shadow Moses - Bring Me the Horizon

Incredible song, amazing drop at the beginning, singing is excellent, drumming is hardcore and guitar & keyboards are just plain badass.

68 The End of the Line - Metallica

Yep, we need to put ALL the Death Magnetic songs on this list.

69 All Hope is Gone - Slipknot
70 Bury Me Alive - We are Fallen
71 The Sound of Truth - As I Lay Dying
72 Still Fly - The Devil Wears Prada
73 Forsaken - Dream Theater
74 Two Weeks - All That Remains


The beging guitar thou

75 Second Heartbeat - Avenged Sevenfold V 1 Comment
76 In Waves - Trivium

Just getting into Trivium... This is my favorite song right now

Pull harder and In waves are top ten songs, No doubt!

This list is invalid with this song at 88

77 All Rise - Wovenwar

While the lineup is basically As I Lay Dying minus Lambesis, the singer from Oh, Sleeper definitely gives a more polished sound while nicely complimenting Hippa's guitar. In some ways I feel like this could be a song to Lambesis, letting him know there is redemption and forgiveness of he steps ups and rises to the occasion.

78 Cirice - Ghost B.C.
79 I Stand Alone - Godsmack
80 Monuments of Ash - Kingdom of Sorrow
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