Best Monkey Majik Songs

Monkey Magic is the best pop rock band in Japan and this is my favorite songs from them.

The Top Ten

1 Sunshine

This is the most awesome and amazing song of the band monkey majic I've discovered this song because of the anime movie nura: rise of the yokai clan I really love it...

I really love this song as it contains different types of music and this song shows of the voices of the talented vocalists AND ITS IN Japanese OH MY GOOD! HALLELUJAH

It's an awesome song which made blaise plant sound different and is the opening song for the popular anime nurariyahon no mago.

Hands down the best song by Monkey Majik! :D The first word gives me chills! Its just amazing!

2 Aishiteru

This is one of my favorite song. I'm so inlove with this song

A very calm and graceful song
The calm begining of the musing and later mild rock song can be compared to iridescent from Linkin Park

Heart touching..

This song rocks me so hard dudes!
I really wish this would be included in the top ten!

3 Around the World

The combination of the two brothers in this song was amazing

4 Sakura

You've got to hear this
it touched my heart
has a very calm and soothing beat at start and is a very beautiful song afterwards
I could just feel it in my whole body
Everyone should hear this
(by the way
the song is completely in Japanese)

This song is very wholesome, describing the road of live

Quite a good song, should be higher on the list LMAO

5 Fly

Such an amazing song and the song sound similar to American pop

This. Make. You. Really. Fly.

I very love this song

6 Change

In my opinion it had the best showcase of the vocalist's skill. It had a different feel from most of their song, which I really liked. Maynard did one of his best works on this song.

Maynard singing was awesome and Blaise rapping was unexpected but it was amazing

This is such an amazing song. The Shamisen beginning is so powerful and amazing! The rap was pretty mumbled but everything else was amazing. Lyrics could do better but the Shamisen trumped it all.

7 If

This song really touching my heart, to see two best friend become apart really make me sad. like my story and my friend. But, this so is wonderful

8 I Miss You
9 Picture Perfect
10 Open Happiness

Personally this was my favourite song until I heard sunshine

Makes me Feel Giddy ~ Love it <3
For me This One's the Best ~!

The Contenders

11 Fast Forward

Fast forward really is my favorite songs of all times! It makes me feel great. Hearing this song, I don't know but it makes me feel kinda weird. Awesome weird. So, guys, I hope you feel the same too and I hope that 'Fast Forward' will surpass the most famous songs today. Specially anime songs.

I think Fast Forward should be on the top list. Why? If it weren't for this song, Monkey Majik's songs won't be discovered (at least some). Am I right? Well, anyway, it's just an opinion

Its awesome and I like the words and its moving in the most down times.

The 1 st opening for the popular anime nurariyahon no mago and Blaise voice in this song is awesome and different

12 Headlight

This song makes me lift my head up, dream and reach towards the skies.

Not just among Monkey Majik songs, among all the songs ever heard, it is one of the best.

This the best by far

HEADLIGHT, I love it too. monkey majik daisuki

13 Story

This song should be at the Top10.

14 Sotsugyo, Soshite Miraihe.

The combo of monkey magic and seamo was outstanding

15 Wait

This song showed a bit of rock at certain parts and it was cool

16 Tada, Arigatou

Many fans rate this as number one because it is such an amazing song

Love listing to your voice

17 Forever

This lyric & song is amazing..


18 Together

The lyrics are so beautiful and the tune is so catchy. definitely one of my favorites!

19 Mahou No Kotoba

A very sentimental song, once you hear it, you'll simply love it!

The meaning of magic... now that is so true...

20 Red Dress

This song is more like jazz but I love it a lot as the strumming of the guitar was beautiful in this song

21 U.F.O.

It takes me up above the stars... Its cool listening to it at night watching the night sky

22 Monster

The most underrated Monkey Majik song for sure, the second rap stanza is immense.

23 The Mistakes I've Made

It is a good song, makes me feel very emotional and I can relate to the purpose of the song

24 Forever Young
25 The Apprentice

Heard it at J Melo show after Gazette's Performance, love this song too much.

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