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161 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull - Nuke-Proof Refridgerator
162 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back - Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader
163 Phone Booth - Confession
164 Being There - Final Scene
165 Midnight Cowboy - Final Scene
166 Air Dogfight - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This was best future air dogfight scene ever. The batlle is on planet that is similar to death star. Whats cool about it is rebelians need to stop Imperial s lazer cannon before it charges and fires at their planet. Also x-wing is reworked

167 Chester Cuts a Telephone Pole In Half With a Chainsaw - Foodfight!
168 The Host - Hee-bong defends his son Gang-du

Gang-du's siblings Nam-il and Nam-joo criticize their brother's narcolepsy and their father, Hee-bong, defends Gang-du, explaining that he was malnourished due to abandonment as a child and never had the right nutrition, explaining why, as an adult, he nods off at inopportune moments and comes off as lazy as a result.
This shows Hee-bong's regret for having not been a better parent, and his love for his children being equal, not loving one above the other.

169 Pineapple Express - The Car Chase

Dale being locked in the back of a police car still isn't much help when Saul's driving with slushie over the windshield, much less when Saul gets his foot stuck in a hole in the glass trying to kick it apart so he can see.

170 Seven Samurai - Heihachi's Funeral

The composition of movement is incredible in the scene. The way Kikuchiyo's movement ripples among the crowd, first when he kneels down, then the peasants follow. There's still a sense of movement, of the wind blowing, even when people are standing still. Then Kikuchiyo gets up and the camera follows him. Each shot tells a story and each shot changes the direction from the previous one.

All the time, the wind uses the movement of Heihachi's flag to cut smoothly to a different shot.

The emotion of the scene is vital, too. Previously, Kikuchiyo and Heihachi were constantly at odds. Heihachi teased and mocked Kikuchiyo more than the others, and Kikuchiyo couldn't do anything but lash out verbally or give him dirty looks. The one time they agreed on anything was when Heihachi inadvertently said something that upset Rikichi.

Heihachi's flag had six circles and a triangle, the triangle representing Kikuchiyo. So even though he was shamed by that triangle, because he ...more

171 The Master - No Blinking
172 Duck, You Sucker! - Juan Raids the Bank

Brilliantly paced scene where Juan is tricked into thinking that there was really money inside that bank. - SourNote2014

173 The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - Tuco Argues With His Brother Pablo

While preparing to leave his brother's monastery, Tuco stops by to say hello to his priest brother Pablo, whom he hasn't seen since 1853. But Pablo's welcome is less than warm, and he brings Tuco some upsetting news... - SourNote2014

174 Airplane Roar - Godzilla (2014) V 1 Comment
175 The Deer Hunter - The First Russian Roulette Scene
176 The Deer Hunter - Final Scene
177 The Parallax View - The Parallax Audition Film
178 The Dark Knight - Restaurant scene with Harvey, Rachel, and Bruce
179 Rashomon - Tajomaru meets the couple in the woods

Tense music, beautifully photographed scenes with a lot of chiaroscuro, emotions expressed only through the eyes... and best of all, Toshiro Mifune at his sexiest. - SourNote2014

180 Airport Scene - Captain America: Civil War V 1 Comment
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