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21 Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World is spectacular! It's visually stunning and contains some of the most amazing sequences to grace the screen this year. Marvelous first-rate action, superb soundtrack and terrific acting by everyone. Loki was fantastic and I found him to be at his best in this movie and it was really nice to see Frigga showcase a fierce warrior side in one of the best scenes. Great and menacing villains. I was hooked right from the beginning to the end. Loved everything about Thor 2. It truly delivers on all fronts.

It is the best movie I've seen. Everyone should watch it.

Might be the best Marvel movie so far, barring The Avengers

I love both movies - zxm

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22 American Hustle

Impeccably acted, gripping and immensely entertaining. American Hustle showcases great humor, terrific dialogue and a cameo that is absolutely perfect. Such a cool and stylish film. Consistently captivating with plenty of well-made and fascinating characters. And the soundtrack is just superb, it's perfect. American Hustle is of the highest quality on every level. A film I can't wait to watch again.

This movie has a spectacular cast, a truly great script and is consistently entertaining. Definitely needs to be higher

I watched this on the plane to New York so I didn't have the best experience watching this. But from what I watched and heard this is an brilliantly acted, amazingly written with a surprisingly funny script. Top marks to amy Adams, Bradley cooper and jennifer Lawrence, who gives such a brillant, funny and moving performance, easily stealing the show, as ever

This movie was quite good. and good story about crime business - zxm

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23 We're the Millers

A very funny and nice movie must be withing the top 10

Does not deserve 26th its better than monsters university all fun and jennifer and the guy from horrible bosses they make me LAUGH - arnold68081

This movie should be in top 10, I can't believe I am seeing millers at 20th position. this movie give a hell of things to laugh... in my opinion this is one of the best comedy movies of 2013

Really good film. It's better than The Wolf of Wall Street. I think this doesn't deserve a 47% on RT - AlphaQ

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24 Prisoners

This film left me exhausted! Rarely does a thriller of this magnitude come along. I sat through the end credits in awe and I bought the blu-ray as soon as it came out. The performances are exceptional, just astonishing. The editing, soundtrack and the cinematography by Roger Deakins are absolutely stunning. The story is told masterfully. It's a dark, gritty, suspenseful, disturbing and incredibly immersive viewing experience. Gyllenhaal's detective character is one of the most fascinating of its kind and portrayed beautifully along with the rest of the cast. I couldn't find a single flaw in any of the performances. Superbly made and acted. Favorite film of the year for sure.

This list shouldn't exist yet because excellent films like Prisoners and Captain Phillips have just come out and wont get very high because they are so recent, anyway Prisoners was the best movie of the year so far because it was brutal and gritty and had brilliant acting like a British crime drama.

I take it that the only reason this is so far down is because it was only released one week ago. But honestly, as a man person who watches movies on a daily basis. This is the best movie you could ask to see all year! You won't regret watching it!

One of the best movies of 2013. it should be at least in top 10. the story was very good - zxm

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25 Oz the Great and Powerful

I Love This Movie The Magical And Fantasy Effects Plus There's A Song There Which Voiced Like Mariah Carey The Song Was Beautiful I don't Know If That Was Mimi

Its production design is awesome. And we can watch it for james franco and the visual effects are too good.

It's a great film, but let down by Mila munis ( pre witch ) Michelle Williams cheesiness ( but she was good) and a few script errors.

Oz the cheesy and boring

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26 Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 is awesome! I find it really hard to understand the negative reactions from some, but to each his own. I had a great time with this movie. So many great characters and performances. Loved Jim Carrey's Colonel Stars and Stripes and wished to see more of him, the entire movie is entertaining and satisfying nonetheless. Great humor, terrific action sequences and emotional. One of my favorites of the year and I will surely watch it multiple times.

Are you kidding? 41? Right above Movie 43? Really? This is one of the best movies of the year. It's unbelievably underrated. So much action in this movie. Go see this because you probably haven't.

I think it was a lot better than people are making it out to be. Maybe not as good as the first, but still one of the best movies of 2013.

If you're looking for action and comedy this is the right movie for you

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27 The Great Gatsby

The most dazzling film of the year and one of the most impressive. The Great Gatsby is an incredibly gorgeous and exceedingly entertaining film. Phenomenal performances from everyone involved, especially Leonardo Dicaprio, making this one of his best work. The music is just perfect. A truly remarkable piece of cinema. Loved every single minute.

14th? Laugh out loud and laugh out loud and laugh out loud... It must be at top 5!

I am sick and tired of super heroes and action movies. The great gatsby is a great book and I love lurhmann's movie. Great direction, acting, music! Dicaprio never disappoint us...

Great cast, gotta love Leonardo DiCaprio!

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28 The Hangover Part III

Very funny, this movie has to be in the top 10

Not the best of the trilogy, but a really good conclusion, definitely deserves to be in top ten

It was a great movie, should be in the top 10 - yatharthb

Alan is brilliant in this. Great funny film. 9/10 - AlphaQ

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29 Dallas Buyers Club

I have never seen better actors in my life. So committed to their work. The story is also mind-blowing. Now THOSE should be the representers of fighters.

Sensational acting, great story, VERY WELL ACTED!

Under man of steel and grown up 2... Where's the world going to

This is one of the best movies of all time of you ask me.

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30 Rush

Brilliantly crafted and wonderfully acted. Rush is remarkably entertaining and emotional. Stunning cinematography and Zimmer's electrifying, pulse-pounding and beautiful soundtrack compliments the film perfectly. Bruhl and Hemsworth gave exquisite performances along with the rest of the cast. Pulsating race sequences and hard-hitting drama. Undoubtedly one of the best of the year and I will surely watch it countless times.

I suppose this movie is far down the list because most people who have no interest in F1 think this is not worth watching. But that statement could not be more wrong.

Fantastic movie whether you like F1 or not and some sensational acting by Bruhl and Hemsworth.

How is this 90? This movie may be about driving cars but it made me reconsider it to be a sport and is truly one of the best movies I have ever seen. -Written by an anti-formula 1 female-

One of few movies of the decade that were inspiring and based on a true story, shoul be ranked higher than this. - yatharthb

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31 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

Anchorman enough said definitely a top 10

This film is just plain hilarious and got me laughing every minute. One of my favourite squeals. - Mumbizz01

One of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I had tears in my eyes watching it in the theater.

So funny I laughed all the way through

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32 The Croods

I like this movie, insipirational and good graphics.

This motion picture inspired me to save Pennsylvania from a giant tsunami of gispacho in the 18th century. Thank you.

The best animated movie

A decent nic cage movie finally

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33 42

Oh come on 42 is no 56 this movie was funny interesting and all true - dkrulz

People don't have any taste. Iron man's for 5 year olds.

Now how is Iron Man for 5 year olds? I'm sorry but you sound like a 11 year old saying that. - Mumbizz01

People need to take a trip to the brain store 42 is way better then iron man 3!

42 gives me goosebumps when I watch it, best film of the year.

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34 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Actually, I love this great movie and it is same from the first part.
But, this is more better than the first.

Heartwarming movie, spectacular just like the first one.

Sony annoys me but I liked this one

When they are trying to get the living strawberry to give the BSUSB back, the strawberry would keep on saying "eeewooo? " Then, at one time, Flint said "yes! Eewoo! " trying to get it to calm down and stop running from them. Now, whenever my little brother is playing a game with himself, whenever there is supposed to be some sort of small animal, he would say things to make it happy, then all-of-a-sudden say "Yes! Eewoo! " it annoys me how much he uses things from movies. - username34

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35 Her

I don't know if I care enough to be bothered that an outright masterpiece is ranked 44 spots below Iron Man 3 (considering I also love guilty pleasures like Iron Man 3 and Fast 6)... But I do know that you're all missing out on something staggeringly good. Don't do that to yourselves, folks. Watch Her. It's the best film of the year, hands down. It might be the best in as many years. - maxlamb1

I can't believe Her is at 40th place! And Iron Man 3 is first! (Not that I don't love Iron Man. I do love it, but I love Her even more). There is NOT a BETTER STORY than Her. I haven't seen such an awesome and different movie in such a long long time. Sad that it is in 40th place. :(

This movie is below Grown Ups 3? Oh god..

Please do yourselves a favor and watch Her. I came out overwhelmed, and couldn't stop crying. this movie is beautiful, and I feel like anyone who's been in love can relate to it and find beauty in it somewhere. It's art. - Gamecubesarecool193

This only being 32 makes me doubt this site's users like intelligent films

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36 Ender's Game

This movie is by far awesome, it was also considered to be one of the most emotional movies of all time. This movie involves Ender Wiggin who is being bullied by students at battle school and its up to him to take responsibility for his actions. When unexpectedly, a man in the name of Colonel Hyrum Graff takes Ender to Battle School to fight for his family. Ender is also considered to be smart and courageous and takes matters into his own hands. When his sister Valentine cares for him and Peter (Ender's older brother) is aggressive when it come to his brother.

Incredibly faithful to a very good book.

More Emotionally involved than any movie you will see until the sequal

I liked the movie, but if compared to the book, it was very very different. - username34

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37 Saving Mr. Banks

This was a very touching film that connects what we have in modern days and how it was puzzled together so many years ago.

Brill film. You don't have to be a mary poppins fan. emma is wonderful. tom hanks, always practetly perfect in every way. I bet you all will be singing the song at the end. I did xx

38 Elysium

Elysium is an incredible film! The visuals are spectacular, making it such a joy to watch. It's one of the most interesting films that I've seen in a while. Cool characters, awesome soundtrack and great action. It also contains one of the best villains in Kruger this year. Elysium is without a doubt an extremely well-made movie and surely one of the best to be released in 2013.

My brother told my that this is the best movie he saw in his life so I watched it so...
Its now 1 of my favorite movies to!
Elysium is better than desbicaple me 2 and fast and furious 6.

Fully entertaining. Must to be on the top 10s.

An engaging film, depicting a future where the boss is money (it also occurs nowadays), showing how we are cretins while heroes when we want to live.

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39 Grown Ups 2

I can't wait to see it

It was a lot better than 32nd: maybe not top 10 but 32nd? Really?

Not the top ten but should be higher.. it deserves at least in the top 20's

GREAT STUFF. This is funnier than the 1st one. 7/10 - AlphaQ

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40 The Smurfs 2

(La la la la la la sing a happy song) I like baker, jokey, clumsy, papa, gutsy.

This film should have a much higher spot it is better than most of the film's that are above it - joseph.chidlow.9

People. The Smurfs deserves to be higher than 50. Seriously, you'll rate cloudy and a chance of meatball higher than this.


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