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41 The Lone Ranger

The most unfairly judged movie in a long time. I love The Lone Ranger. This is perfectly crafted entertainment. Great acting by Depp and Hammer, they have really good chemistry. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer is terrific and the cinematography is absolutely beautiful and cool. This movie contains some of the most impressive and exciting sequences seen this year. Such a treat to see and hear the theme music for The Lone Ranger used so brilliantly.

I just kept scrolling and scrolling till I found this movie. I loved it! It was action packed, hilarious and just a fun movie all together. Drop was amazing, funny and weird, just as always.

You bastards the lone ranger on number 31 it's awesome

I don't think it deserves 6 rating that on IMDB. it was a good movie. any movie that Johnny Deep acts, isn't a very bad movie. leaves something good - zxm

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42 The Place Beyond the Pines

This is movie magic! An incredibly well-made and gripping film from start to finish.The entire cast just shines and gives tremendous performances throughout. Beautiful cinematography and a dark, captivating and stunning soundtrack. The Place Beyond the Pines nails every aspect of gripping movie making.

How on earth is this not in the top 10? I think the reason is because all the nimrods who just like adrenaline packed action films with no character development and lackluster plots voted for movies like Fast 6, Pacific Rim, and Wolverine. Place Beyond the Pines has everything that is needed for a great movie.

Very, very underrated. Exceptional direction and beautiful cinematography with fantastic performances all around and one hell of a screenplay. Too bad it came out that early in the year, or it would've received much more attention from critics and movie goers.

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43 Spring Breakers

It was not necessarily the best of the lot..but still it's better than most of the films listed here, certainly better than scary movie 5...
Yes lot of you might think I am voting because of the sexy and erotic nature of the film, but trust me that's not it...i don't give a damn what selena gomez is up to..but the storyline was good in my humble opinion.
If you care to look for it you'll find that it was actually a decent movie...hopefully it will get more votes in the near future..even if it doesn't that doesn't make it a bad film. I see Before Midnight still struggling to make to top 90, The impossible at 87? Common guys, you can do better than that...

Perhaps not the biggest hit of 2013, but one of the most memorable for me. And after realizing that the whole movie is (maybe) a metaphor for Britney Spears' corruption, every element seems purposefully in place.

I'm not a huge fan of Selena Gomez, but I have to admit she's a very good actress

44 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

The Best versus the Best..

The movie was amazing. I did not like like I loved it.

That's a cool movie.

So dumb with the Bingo Song and dance.

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45 Warm Bodies

I unfairly judged it beforehand. But now after having seen it I absolutely loved it. It's a beautiful mix of all the good stuff. It has suspense, action, romance, humor and drama. Great performances from everyone involved and brilliant direction. The soundtrack is undoubtedly one of the year's best. Simply a really well-made and entertaining movie.

One of the best zombie movies I have ever seen alone with zombieland. I watched this and got my sister to watch it (Mind you shes like 24 and not into zombie movies) But after she watched it she said that the movie was one of the only good zombie movies she has ever seen. Some people think that the movie is a chick flick but really its not. - XxWeirdEmoChickxX

Loved this movie. Not the best of 2013, that would be "12 Years A Slave" but this is too low.

This is my favorite movie

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46 Mud

This deserves a place in the top 10. Matthew McConaughey is a true star. he is a maniac and this is what is good about him. but the true star of this movie is Tye Sheridan. he has certainly overpowered everybody in the film. it will keep you intact the whole time.

Great performances all round. Should be in at least top 10.

Is this movie released in 2012 or 2013. anyway this movie was an average movie - zxm

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47 The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

I saw the trailer and my mum fell in love with it at first sight, it was not because the movie was great it was because the main actor was really handsome. Awkward!

I think it ranks so low because most people who've seen it read the book and don't like the differences

I though the movie was perfect. I adored the cast. Only if they kick Jamie Bower away and pick a better actor for the second movie it'll be A PERFECTION. I loved the movie, I saw it 4-5 times in the cinema and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE SECOND ONE!

I fell in love with that movie.. I can't wait for the 2

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48 Pain & Gain

A pretty damn entertaining movie. Yes, the true story of it is horrific but then again this is a movie, not a factual documentary, so my thoughts stays separate. Now, the cast is just spot on and everyone gives a terrific performance. Really loved the casting a lot.
Ferociously funny and consistently energetic, Pain & Gain is a darkly comedic and stylish movie with a magnificent soundtrack.

Sure it was based on a true story and the movie is a comedy, but it was a very memorable movie, it never stopped to throw in pointless dialogue, action and comedy were blended in perfectly, a lot of other movies on this list are just overrated but this one is underrated, this deserves at least top ten

49 The Internship

About two guys that lose a job, but get an internship for google

This should be at least in top 20! This movie is completely unique and fun. A must see movie!

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson together... who wouldn't love it?

It is literally the best 2013 movie ever - TopTenListmaker

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50 Turbo

Good I saw my friends mum asleep

For people loving to race with TRUE confidence and sprit

Zoom zoom Ryan Reynolds zoom zoom

51 Olympus Has Fallen

This is the best action movies that I have ever seen
I know that the story line is not possible in the real
But this movie looks really really excellent

Movies like Warm bodies and super hero movies are at the top of this list. Realism doesn't matter anymore if so then maybe we should all hate on the Avengers the Wolverine and Pacific Rim. This was a great movie as was iron man 3 man of steel and many others this year that let you imagine.

This should be in the top ten for the reason it's such a good story line. Morgan Freeman did very good in it and the CGI, acting, and actors were top notch and in better condition than Catching Fire. - mpdaley99

Number 1 film not 44 this is an amazing movie in my top 10 of all time

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52 Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

This movie is hilarious watch it

82... Why isn't this movie up in the top ten, or near it

53 Side Effects

A Disturbing Atmospheric Twisty Thriller. One of Soderbergh's better pictures, and worth much more recognition then it has recieved. - beasthound

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54 A Haunted House

One of the Best Parody I ve ever seen deserves to be in at least top 20

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55 Identity Thief
56 Epic

Second time round I enjoyed it but first time I was bored

Epic is Epic! Epic is Epic! Epic is Epic!

It's Epic! Trust Me!

57 Beautiful Creatures

Far far better than twilight... Kinda adorable love story!

58 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Okay, first of all, whoever said the thing about "it's a movie, not a video game, are you stupid? ", I have something to say to you. You are actually the idiot in this situation, because if you knew anything about film, then you would know that CGI (computer generated imagery) is what people sometimes call graphics. So unless you think that the hippocampus was real, graphics were a big part of that movie.

Back to the movie.
It was pretty good just as a movie, but if you read the book, you would know that they screwed it up. KRONOS DOES NOT RISE UNTIL THE VERY LAST ONE! I officially despise Hollywood. (Oh, and to the person who said the Son of Hades comes (actually came) out Oct. 8 was wrong. ITS THE HOUSE OF HADES GET IT RIGHT PEOPLE.

Sequel to the Lightning thief. Certain things were improved like Annabeth's hair colour... Didn't quite stick to the book plot but great graphics.

Great graphics? It's a movie, not a video game, are you stupid? Anyways I found the movie entertaining, and who cares if it's not exactly like the book, it's what makes it different that makes it watchable, if you've read the book, then I'm sure you'd have less of a chance of entertainment if it was the same exact thing

Cheese fest with monsters which look terrible

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59 The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
60 Lone Survivor

The movie stays true to the book, which was authored by the main character. Its more than a war movie. Generates lots of emotion: anticipation, fear, anger, love, hate.

WHY IS this in number 80 this was by far one of the best movies I have seen it had a great story line. It should at least make the top 10

One of the best movies of the year. very stupid that it is this low in the list

One of the greatest movies I've ever seen

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