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81 The Spectacular Now
82 The Act of Killing
83 47 Ronin

I enjoy this movie because the movie contains ancient incident of real life!

84 After Earth

Will smith is the man, enjoy all his movies, father and son working together, teaching the young one how to do it right

A bird somehow hasn't adapted to the cold after years of being exposed to it. So dumb.


You watch this movie and you want to leave. But you are drawn towards it like a force. I wanted to leave the room because I watched it at home. I said to myself "would it be worth it if I stay or is it beneficial if I leave"
I wanted to see what happened at the end. But what I saw was an almost 2 hour movie which is boring and useless. My god. Will smith was useless and so was Jayden smith. I wasted my time on a film which was anticipated to me

This movie is so boring! - zxm

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85 Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

A very touching and inspiring period drama chronicling the life of legendary Indian athlete Milkha Singh. With excellent direction and brilliant acting, this movie is a must watch for everyone, and especially for sports movies enthusiasts!

Inspirational movie... Journey of an army man to be to be titled as the 'Flying Sikh'

I would say best movie in bollywood and also one of the best movies ever made in bollywood.

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86 Gangster Squad

An incredibly underrated movie. Gangster Squad is visually stunning and well-acted with a lot of excellent sequences. A fun and very entertaining throwback to the classic gangster flicks. Exhilarating action, great acting and a superb soundtrack.

I truly love this movie. Perfection. - CurteousGemini

Top of the favorite gangster movies

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87 Frances Ha
88 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

This so deserves to be number 1! It was so cool! The weapons they had were awesome I loved that crossbow! It had an amzing storyline, a lot of action and also some romance. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

This is the best movie of all time! Why isn't it on the top of the list?

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89 The Butler

98th! This should be in the top 5

90 The Grandmaster
91 Dark Skies

One of the best films I've seen!

92 The Hunt V 2 Comments
93 Nymphomaniac: Volume I
94 Last Vegas
95 We Are What We Are
96 Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

NEVER criticize Muslims. ONLY Christians.. and Jews, a bit.

97 Blue Jasmine
98 The Great Beauty
99 The Lego Movie

Awesome movie but wasn't this out on 2014 this is the best movies of 2013. Just putting it out

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100 Fruitvale Station
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