Best Music Artist Fans of 2012

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1 E.L.F (Ever Lasting Friend)

Super junior's fan name is E.L. F, they have the biggest and truest fans everr! They desrve number 1

I know they aren't perfect but when you become an E.L. F it's doesn't matter if they aren't perfect or something else. You love their music and them. You know they aren't gods but they are humans that you respect for giving us this music. They have a place in our heart

We are the best fandom ever & our kings (super junior) the best band ever

Because we will stand with super junior for ever

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2 Little Black Stars

Avril Lavigne has Little Black Stars

Little Black stars...Love you all my crazy friends

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3 Marilyn Manson Fans
4 Stan (Eminem)

Come on guys eminem has the best fans and he is the best selling artist of the decade and has sold more than any other artist here in the list
And how in the world is avril lavinge number 1
Come on guys eminem has the best fans vote for him

Hell yeah! Eminem has fan base in almost every country in the world, he has the most number of fans than any one else now.

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5 Little Monsters

Little monsters rule the kingdom! We are the best fans in the world

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6 Selenators

Selena has the most fans of all teenagers in the whole entire world bitch

Selenators are the best. We love and support Selena. she is beautiful and very talented. - Insomniatic78


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7 Swifties Swifties

Best fandom ever taylor sing about love and life not drugs partying and getting drunk unlike some other singers. SWIFTIES RULE

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8 Linkin Park Underground
9 Beliebers

Beliebers are the best fans of the world and you all guys know power of beliebers... We can do any thing for our Justin... And haters back off - aashishthapa

Beliebers Rule The World Yes We All Rule We Should Be On number 1.

He is perfect he should be number 1

Justin Bieber has Beliebers

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10 Directioners Directioners

One direction have the best fan base because we support all 5 of them for ever... And ever... And ever! They know how to make us happy, and are the best thing that ever happened to us! When we're sad we listen to 1D when we're bored we listen to 1D! And to the people who don't like them everyone has there own opinion, and I bet once you loved something or someone as much as we love them! Go DIRECTIONERS!

One Direction deserve MORE THAN THIS those sex gods and us angels (very crazy loud, perverted angels) can do anything! We are crazy and we re proud! Vote vote vote vote

One Direction's fans are awesome but One Direction is AWESOMEST...!

What can I say this fandom is my life

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The Contenders

11 KatyCats

Katy Perry has KatyCats

12 Smilers

Miley Cyrus has Smilers

I love Miley so much

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13 Lovatics

Demi Lovato has Lovatics

14 Aliens
15 Rihanna Navy

Rihanna has Rihanna Navy

16 Sone - S1

SOne is one... Sone always belongs to SNSD... SNSD & SOne is 1, SNSD & Sone is the best... SNSD & SOne Fightind!

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17 Soldiers

Soldiers spend half of their time or more when listening to music on listening to Linkin Park.

Of course soldiersOnce a LP fan alwas a LP fan! (and also A7X once)

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18 Animals

Kesha has Animal (cannibals)

19 Ritabots (Rita Ora)

We may be small, but we're cool

20 Echelon

We Love 30 Seconds To Mars and we'll always do, and they also Love us, we're more than just fans, we are a family, we will fight to the end, to the edge of the earth, to prove that they have us, they have our support because they gave us the opportunity to believe in our Dreams

The Best family in the entire Universe, we Love 30 Seconds To Mars and they Love us.

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